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#!/usr/bin/env perl
# ====================================================================
# Written by Andy Polyakov <> for the OpenSSL
# project. The module is, however, dual licensed under OpenSSL and
# CRYPTOGAMS licenses depending on where you obtain it. For further
# details see
# ====================================================================
# SHA256/512 block procedure for PA-RISC.
# June 2009.
# SHA256 performance is >75% better than gcc 3.2 generated code on
# PA-7100LC. Compared to code generated by vendor compiler this
# implementation is almost 70% faster in 64-bit build, but delivers
# virtually same performance in 32-bit build on PA-8600.
# SHA512 performance is >2.9x better than gcc 3.2 generated code on
# PA-7100LC, PA-RISC 1.1 processor. Then implementation detects if the
# code is executed on PA-RISC 2.0 processor and switches to 64-bit
# code path delivering adequate peformance even in "blended" 32-bit
# build. Though 64-bit code is not any faster than code generated by
# vendor compiler on PA-8600...
# Special thanks to for providing HP-UX account.
$flavour = shift;
$output = shift;
open STDOUT,">$output";
if ($flavour =~ /64/) {
$LEVEL ="2.0W";
$SIZE_T =8;
$SAVED_RP =16;
$PUSH ="std";
$PUSHMA ="std,ma";
$POP ="ldd";
$POPMB ="ldd,mb";
} else {
$LEVEL ="1.0";
$SIZE_T =4;
$SAVED_RP =20;
$PUSH ="stw";
$PUSHMA ="stwm";
$POP ="ldw";
$POPMB ="ldwm";
if ($output =~ /512/) {
@sigma0=(1, 8, 7);
@sigma1=(19,61, 6);
} else {
@Sigma0=( 2,13,22);
@Sigma1=( 6,11,25);
@sigma0=( 7,18, 3);
$FRAME=16*$SIZE_T+$FRAME_MARKER;# 16 saved regs + frame marker
# [+ argument transfer]
$XOFF=16*$SZ+32; # local variables
$XOFF+=$FRAME_MARKER; # distance between %sp and local variables
$ctx="%r26"; # zapped by $a0
$inp="%r25"; # zapped by $a1
$num="%r24"; # zapped by $t0
$a0 ="%r26";
$a1 ="%r25";
$t0 ="%r24";
$t1 ="%r29";
@X=("%r1", "%r2", "%r3", "%r4", "%r5", "%r6", "%r7", "%r8",
"%r9", "%r10","%r11","%r12","%r13","%r14","%r15","%r16",$inp);
sub ROUND_00_15 {
my ($i,$a,$b,$c,$d,$e,$f,$g,$h)=@_;
_ror $e,$Sigma1[0],$a0
and $f,$e,$t0
_ror $e,$Sigma1[1],$a1
addl $t1,$h,$h
andcm $g,$e,$t1
xor $a1,$a0,$a0
_ror $a1,`$Sigma1[2]-$Sigma1[1]`,$a1
or $t0,$t1,$t1 ; Ch(e,f,g)
addl @X[$i%16],$h,$h
xor $a0,$a1,$a1 ; Sigma1(e)
addl $t1,$h,$h
_ror $a,$Sigma0[0],$a0
addl $a1,$h,$h
_ror $a,$Sigma0[1],$a1
and $a,$b,$t0
and $a,$c,$t1
xor $a1,$a0,$a0
_ror $a1,`$Sigma0[2]-$Sigma0[1]`,$a1
xor $t1,$t0,$t0
and $b,$c,$t1
xor $a0,$a1,$a1 ; Sigma0(a)
addl $h,$d,$d
xor $t1,$t0,$t0 ; Maj(a,b,c)
`"$LDM $SZ($Tbl),$t1" if ($i<15)`
addl $a1,$h,$h
addl $t0,$h,$h
sub ROUND_16_xx {
my ($i,$a,$b,$c,$d,$e,$f,$g,$h)=@_;
_ror @X[($i+1)%16],$sigma0[0],$a0
_ror @X[($i+1)%16],$sigma0[1],$a1
addl @X[($i+9)%16],@X[$i],@X[$i]
_ror @X[($i+14)%16],$sigma1[0],$t0
_ror @X[($i+14)%16],$sigma1[1],$t1
xor $a1,$a0,$a0
_shr @X[($i+1)%16],$sigma0[2],$a1
xor $t1,$t0,$t0
_shr @X[($i+14)%16],$sigma1[2],$t1
xor $a1,$a0,$a0 ; sigma0(X[(i+1)&0x0f])
xor $t1,$t0,$t0 ; sigma1(X[(i+14)&0x0f])
$LDM $SZ($Tbl),$t1
addl $a0,@X[$i],@X[$i]
addl $t0,@X[$i],@X[$i]
$code.=<<___ if ($i==15);
extru $t1,31,10,$a1
comiclr,<> $LAST10BITS,$a1,%r0
ldo 1($Tbl),$Tbl ; signal end of $Tbl
$code.=<<___ if ($SZ==8);
.WORD 0x428a2f98,0xd728ae22,0x71374491,0x23ef65cd
.WORD 0xb5c0fbcf,0xec4d3b2f,0xe9b5dba5,0x8189dbbc
.WORD 0x3956c25b,0xf348b538,0x59f111f1,0xb605d019
.WORD 0x923f82a4,0xaf194f9b,0xab1c5ed5,0xda6d8118
.WORD 0xd807aa98,0xa3030242,0x12835b01,0x45706fbe
.WORD 0x243185be,0x4ee4b28c,0x550c7dc3,0xd5ffb4e2
.WORD 0x72be5d74,0xf27b896f,0x80deb1fe,0x3b1696b1
.WORD 0x9bdc06a7,0x25c71235,0xc19bf174,0xcf692694
.WORD 0xe49b69c1,0x9ef14ad2,0xefbe4786,0x384f25e3
.WORD 0x0fc19dc6,0x8b8cd5b5,0x240ca1cc,0x77ac9c65
.WORD 0x2de92c6f,0x592b0275,0x4a7484aa,0x6ea6e483
.WORD 0x5cb0a9dc,0xbd41fbd4,0x76f988da,0x831153b5
.WORD 0x983e5152,0xee66dfab,0xa831c66d,0x2db43210
.WORD 0xb00327c8,0x98fb213f,0xbf597fc7,0xbeef0ee4
.WORD 0xc6e00bf3,0x3da88fc2,0xd5a79147,0x930aa725
.WORD 0x06ca6351,0xe003826f,0x14292967,0x0a0e6e70
.WORD 0x27b70a85,0x46d22ffc,0x2e1b2138,0x5c26c926
.WORD 0x4d2c6dfc,0x5ac42aed,0x53380d13,0x9d95b3df
.WORD 0x650a7354,0x8baf63de,0x766a0abb,0x3c77b2a8
.WORD 0x81c2c92e,0x47edaee6,0x92722c85,0x1482353b
.WORD 0xa2bfe8a1,0x4cf10364,0xa81a664b,0xbc423001
.WORD 0xc24b8b70,0xd0f89791,0xc76c51a3,0x0654be30
.WORD 0xd192e819,0xd6ef5218,0xd6990624,0x5565a910
.WORD 0xf40e3585,0x5771202a,0x106aa070,0x32bbd1b8
.WORD 0x19a4c116,0xb8d2d0c8,0x1e376c08,0x5141ab53
.WORD 0x2748774c,0xdf8eeb99,0x34b0bcb5,0xe19b48a8
.WORD 0x391c0cb3,0xc5c95a63,0x4ed8aa4a,0xe3418acb
.WORD 0x5b9cca4f,0x7763e373,0x682e6ff3,0xd6b2b8a3
.WORD 0x748f82ee,0x5defb2fc,0x78a5636f,0x43172f60
.WORD 0x84c87814,0xa1f0ab72,0x8cc70208,0x1a6439ec
.WORD 0x90befffa,0x23631e28,0xa4506ceb,0xde82bde9
.WORD 0xbef9a3f7,0xb2c67915,0xc67178f2,0xe372532b
.WORD 0xca273ece,0xea26619c,0xd186b8c7,0x21c0c207
.WORD 0xeada7dd6,0xcde0eb1e,0xf57d4f7f,0xee6ed178
.WORD 0x06f067aa,0x72176fba,0x0a637dc5,0xa2c898a6
.WORD 0x113f9804,0xbef90dae,0x1b710b35,0x131c471b
.WORD 0x28db77f5,0x23047d84,0x32caab7b,0x40c72493
.WORD 0x3c9ebe0a,0x15c9bebc,0x431d67c4,0x9c100d4c
.WORD 0x4cc5d4be,0xcb3e42b6,0x597f299c,0xfc657e2a
.WORD 0x5fcb6fab,0x3ad6faec,0x6c44198c,0x4a475817
$code.=<<___ if ($SZ==4);
.WORD 0x428a2f98,0x71374491,0xb5c0fbcf,0xe9b5dba5
.WORD 0x3956c25b,0x59f111f1,0x923f82a4,0xab1c5ed5
.WORD 0xd807aa98,0x12835b01,0x243185be,0x550c7dc3
.WORD 0x72be5d74,0x80deb1fe,0x9bdc06a7,0xc19bf174
.WORD 0xe49b69c1,0xefbe4786,0x0fc19dc6,0x240ca1cc
.WORD 0x2de92c6f,0x4a7484aa,0x5cb0a9dc,0x76f988da
.WORD 0x983e5152,0xa831c66d,0xb00327c8,0xbf597fc7
.WORD 0xc6e00bf3,0xd5a79147,0x06ca6351,0x14292967
.WORD 0x27b70a85,0x2e1b2138,0x4d2c6dfc,0x53380d13
.WORD 0x650a7354,0x766a0abb,0x81c2c92e,0x92722c85
.WORD 0xa2bfe8a1,0xa81a664b,0xc24b8b70,0xc76c51a3
.WORD 0xd192e819,0xd6990624,0xf40e3585,0x106aa070
.WORD 0x19a4c116,0x1e376c08,0x2748774c,0x34b0bcb5
.WORD 0x391c0cb3,0x4ed8aa4a,0x5b9cca4f,0x682e6ff3
.WORD 0x748f82ee,0x78a5636f,0x84c87814,0x8cc70208
.WORD 0x90befffa,0xa4506ceb,0xbef9a3f7,0xc67178f2
$PUSH %r2,-$SAVED_RP(%sp) ; standard prologue
$PUSHMA %r3,$FRAME(%sp)
$PUSH %r4,`-$FRAME+1*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r5,`-$FRAME+2*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r6,`-$FRAME+3*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r7,`-$FRAME+4*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r8,`-$FRAME+5*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r9,`-$FRAME+6*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r10,`-$FRAME+7*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r11,`-$FRAME+8*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r12,`-$FRAME+9*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r13,`-$FRAME+10*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r14,`-$FRAME+11*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r15,`-$FRAME+12*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r16,`-$FRAME+13*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r17,`-$FRAME+14*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH %r18,`-$FRAME+15*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
_shl $num,`log(16*$SZ)/log(2)`,$num
addl $inp,$num,$num ; $num to point at the end of $inp
$PUSH $num,`-$FRAME_MARKER-4*$SIZE_T`(%sp) ; save arguments
$PUSH $inp,`-$FRAME_MARKER-3*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
$PUSH $ctx,`-$FRAME_MARKER-2*$SIZE_T`(%sp)
blr %r0,$Tbl
ldi 3,$t1
andcm $Tbl,$t1,$Tbl ; wipe privilege level
ldo L\$table-L\$pic($Tbl),$Tbl
$code.=<<___ if ($SZ==8 && $SIZE_T==4);
ldi 31,$t1
mtctl $t1,%cr11
extrd,u,*= $t1,%sar,1,$t1 ; executes on PA-RISC 1.0
b L\$parisc1
$LD `0*$SZ`($ctx),$A ; load context
$LD `1*$SZ`($ctx),$B
$LD `2*$SZ`($ctx),$C
$LD `3*$SZ`($ctx),$D
$LD `4*$SZ`($ctx),$E
$LD `5*$SZ`($ctx),$F
$LD `6*$SZ`($ctx),$G
$LD `7*$SZ`($ctx),$H
extru $inp,31,`log($SZ)/log(2)`,$t0
sh3addl $t0,%r0,$t0
subi `8*$SZ`,$t0,$t0
mtctl $t0,%cr11 ; load %sar with align factor
ldi `$SZ-1`,$t0
$LDM $SZ($Tbl),$t1
andcm $inp,$t0,$t0 ; align $inp
for ($i=0;$i<15;$i++) { # load input block
$code.="\t$LD `$SZ*$i`($t0),@X[$i]\n"; }
cmpb,*= $inp,$t0,L\$aligned
$LD `$SZ*15`($t0),@X[15]
$LD `$SZ*16`($t0),@X[16]
for ($i=0;$i<16;$i++) { # align data
$code.="\t_align @X[$i],@X[$i+1],@X[$i]\n"; }
nop ; otherwise /usr/ccs/bin/as is confused by below .WORD
for($i=0;$i<16;$i++) { &ROUND_00_15($i,@V); unshift(@V,pop(@V)); }
nop ; otherwise /usr/ccs/bin/as is confused by below .WORD
for(;$i<32;$i++) { &ROUND_16_xx($i,@V); unshift(@V,pop(@V)); }
bb,>= $Tbl,31,L\$rounds ; end of $Tbl signalled?
$POP `-$FRAME_MARKER-2*$SIZE_T`(%sp),$ctx ; restore arguments
$POP `-$FRAME_MARKER-3*$SIZE_T`(%sp),$inp
$POP `-$FRAME_MARKER-4*$SIZE_T`(%sp),$num
ldo `-$rounds*$SZ-1`($Tbl),$Tbl ; rewind $Tbl
$LD `0*$SZ`($ctx),@X[0] ; load context
$LD `1*$SZ`($ctx),@X[1]
$LD `2*$SZ`($ctx),@X[2]
$LD `3*$SZ`($ctx),@X[3]
$LD `4*$SZ`($ctx),@X[4]
$LD `5*$SZ`($ctx),@X[5]
addl @X[0],$A,$A
$LD `6*$SZ`($ctx),@X[6]
addl @X[1],$B,$B
$LD `7*$SZ`($ctx),@X[7]
ldo `16*$SZ`($inp),$inp ; advance $inp
$ST $A,`0*$SZ`($ctx) ; save context
addl @X[2],$C,$C
$ST $B,`1*$SZ`($ctx)
addl @X[3],$D,$D
$ST $C,`2*$SZ`($ctx)
addl @X[4],$E,$E
$ST $D,`3*$SZ`($ctx)
addl @X[5],$F,$F
$ST $E,`4*$SZ`($ctx)
addl @X[6],$G,$G
$ST $F,`5*$SZ`($ctx)
addl @X[7],$H,$H
$ST $G,`6*$SZ`($ctx)
$ST $H,`7*$SZ`($ctx)
cmpb,*<>,n $inp,$num,L\$oop
$PUSH $inp,`-$FRAME_MARKER-3*$SIZE_T`(%sp) ; save $inp
if ($SZ==8 && $SIZE_T==4) # SHA512 for 32-bit PA-RISC 1.0
b L\$done
@V=( $Ahi, $Alo, $Bhi, $Blo, $Chi, $Clo, $Dhi, $Dlo,
$Ehi, $Elo, $Fhi, $Flo, $Ghi, $Glo, $Hhi, $Hlo) =
( "%r1", "%r2", "%r3", "%r4", "%r5", "%r6", "%r7", "%r8",
$a0 ="%r17";
$a1 ="%r18";
$a2 ="%r19";
$a3 ="%r20";
$t0 ="%r21";
$t1 ="%r22";
$t2 ="%r28";
$t3 ="%r29";
@X=("%r23","%r24","%r25","%r26"); # zaps $num,$inp,$ctx
sub ROUND_00_15_pa1 {
my ($i,$ahi,$alo,$bhi,$blo,$chi,$clo,$dhi,$dlo,
my ($Xhi,$Xlo,$Xnhi,$Xnlo) = @X;
$code.=<<___ if (!$flag);
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+1)%16)`(%sp),$Xnhi
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+1)%16)+4`(%sp),$Xnlo ; load X[i+1]
shd $ehi,$elo,$Sigma1[0],$t0
add $Xlo,$hlo,$hlo
shd $elo,$ehi,$Sigma1[0],$t1
addc $Xhi,$hhi,$hhi ; h += X[i]
shd $ehi,$elo,$Sigma1[1],$t2
ldwm 8($Tbl),$Xhi
shd $elo,$ehi,$Sigma1[1],$t3
ldw -4($Tbl),$Xlo ; load K[i]
xor $t2,$t0,$t0
xor $t3,$t1,$t1
and $flo,$elo,$a0
and $fhi,$ehi,$a1
shd $ehi,$elo,$Sigma1[2],$t2
andcm $glo,$elo,$a2
shd $elo,$ehi,$Sigma1[2],$t3
andcm $ghi,$ehi,$a3
xor $t2,$t0,$t0
xor $t3,$t1,$t1 ; Sigma1(e)
add $Xlo,$hlo,$hlo
xor $a2,$a0,$a0
addc $Xhi,$hhi,$hhi ; h += K[i]
xor $a3,$a1,$a1 ; Ch(e,f,g)
add $t0,$hlo,$hlo
shd $ahi,$alo,$Sigma0[0],$t0
addc $t1,$hhi,$hhi ; h += Sigma1(e)
shd $alo,$ahi,$Sigma0[0],$t1
add $a0,$hlo,$hlo
shd $ahi,$alo,$Sigma0[1],$t2
addc $a1,$hhi,$hhi ; h += Ch(e,f,g)
shd $alo,$ahi,$Sigma0[1],$t3
xor $t2,$t0,$t0
xor $t3,$t1,$t1
shd $ahi,$alo,$Sigma0[2],$t2
and $alo,$blo,$a0
shd $alo,$ahi,$Sigma0[2],$t3
and $ahi,$bhi,$a1
xor $t2,$t0,$t0
xor $t3,$t1,$t1 ; Sigma0(a)
and $alo,$clo,$a2
and $ahi,$chi,$a3
xor $a2,$a0,$a0
add $hlo,$dlo,$dlo
xor $a3,$a1,$a1
addc $hhi,$dhi,$dhi ; d += h
and $blo,$clo,$a2
add $t0,$hlo,$hlo
and $bhi,$chi,$a3
addc $t1,$hhi,$hhi ; h += Sigma0(a)
xor $a2,$a0,$a0
add $a0,$hlo,$hlo
xor $a3,$a1,$a1 ; Maj(a,b,c)
addc $a1,$hhi,$hhi ; h += Maj(a,b,c)
$code.=<<___ if ($i==15 && $flag);
extru $Xlo,31,10,$Xlo
comiclr,= $LAST10BITS,$Xlo,%r0
b L\$rounds_pa1
push(@X,shift(@X)); push(@X,shift(@X));
sub ROUND_16_xx_pa1 {
my ($Xhi,$Xlo,$Xnhi,$Xnlo) = @X;
my ($i)=shift;
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+1)%16)`(%sp),$Xnhi
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+1)%16)+4`(%sp),$Xnlo ; load X[i+1]
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+9)%16)`(%sp),$a1
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+9)%16)+4`(%sp),$a0 ; load X[i+9]
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+14)%16)`(%sp),$a3
ldw `-$XOFF+8*(($i+14)%16)+4`(%sp),$a2 ; load X[i+14]
shd $Xnhi,$Xnlo,$sigma0[0],$t0
shd $Xnlo,$Xnhi,$sigma0[0],$t1
add $a0,$Xlo,$Xlo
shd $Xnhi,$Xnlo,$sigma0[1],$t2
addc $a1,$Xhi,$Xhi
shd $Xnlo,$Xnhi,$sigma0[1],$t3
xor $t2,$t0,$t0
shd $Xnhi,$Xnlo,$sigma0[2],$t2
xor $t3,$t1,$t1
extru $Xnhi,`31-$sigma0[2]`,`32-$sigma0[2]`,$t3
xor $t2,$t0,$t0
shd $a3,$a2,$sigma1[0],$a0
xor $t3,$t1,$t1 ; sigma0(X[i+1)&0x0f])
shd $a2,$a3,$sigma1[0],$a1
add $t0,$Xlo,$Xlo
shd $a3,$a2,$sigma1[1],$t2
addc $t1,$Xhi,$Xhi
shd $a2,$a3,$sigma1[1],$t3
xor $t2,$a0,$a0
shd $a3,$a2,$sigma1[2],$t2
xor $t3,$a1,$a1
extru $a3,`31-$sigma1[2]`,`32-$sigma1[2]`,$t3
xor $t2,$a0,$a0
xor $t3,$a1,$a1 ; sigma0(X[i+14)&0x0f])
add $a0,$Xlo,$Xlo
addc $a1,$Xhi,$Xhi
stw $Xhi,`-$XOFF+8*($i%16)`(%sp)
stw $Xlo,`-$XOFF+8*($i%16)+4`(%sp)
ldw `0*4`($ctx),$Ahi ; load context
ldw `1*4`($ctx),$Alo
ldw `2*4`($ctx),$Bhi
ldw `3*4`($ctx),$Blo
ldw `4*4`($ctx),$Chi
ldw `5*4`($ctx),$Clo
ldw `6*4`($ctx),$Dhi
ldw `7*4`($ctx),$Dlo
ldw `8*4`($ctx),$Ehi
ldw `9*4`($ctx),$Elo
ldw `10*4`($ctx),$Fhi
ldw `11*4`($ctx),$Flo
ldw `12*4`($ctx),$Ghi
ldw `13*4`($ctx),$Glo
ldw `14*4`($ctx),$Hhi
ldw `15*4`($ctx),$Hlo
extru $inp,31,2,$t0
sh3addl $t0,%r0,$t0
subi 32,$t0,$t0
mtctl $t0,%cr11 ; load %sar with align factor
extru $inp,31,2,$a3
comib,= 0,$a3,L\$aligned_pa1
sub $inp,$a3,$inp
ldw `0*4`($inp),$X[0]
ldw `1*4`($inp),$X[1]
ldw `2*4`($inp),$t2
ldw `3*4`($inp),$t3
ldw `4*4`($inp),$a0
ldw `5*4`($inp),$a1
ldw `6*4`($inp),$a2
ldw `7*4`($inp),$a3
vshd $X[0],$X[1],$X[0]
vshd $X[1],$t2,$X[1]
stw $X[0],`-$XOFF+0*4`(%sp)
ldw `8*4`($inp),$t0
vshd $t2,$t3,$t2
stw $X[1],`-$XOFF+1*4`(%sp)
ldw `9*4`($inp),$t1
vshd $t3,$a0,$t3
my @t=($t2,$t3,$a0,$a1,$a2,$a3,$t0,$t1);
for ($i=2;$i<=(128/4-8);$i++) {
stw $t[0],`-$XOFF+$i*4`(%sp)
ldw `(8+$i)*4`($inp),$t[0]
vshd $t[1],$t[2],$t[1]
for (;$i<(128/4-1);$i++) {
stw $t[0],`-$XOFF+$i*4`(%sp)
vshd $t[1],$t[2],$t[1]
b L\$collected_pa1
stw $t[0],`-$XOFF+$i*4`(%sp)
ldw `0*4`($inp),$X[0]
ldw `1*4`($inp),$X[1]
ldw `2*4`($inp),$t2
ldw `3*4`($inp),$t3
ldw `4*4`($inp),$a0
ldw `5*4`($inp),$a1
ldw `6*4`($inp),$a2
ldw `7*4`($inp),$a3
stw $X[0],`-$XOFF+0*4`(%sp)
ldw `8*4`($inp),$t0
stw $X[1],`-$XOFF+1*4`(%sp)
ldw `9*4`($inp),$t1
my @t=($t2,$t3,$a0,$a1,$a2,$a3,$t0,$t1);
for ($i=2;$i<(128/4-8);$i++) {
stw $t[0],`-$XOFF+$i*4`(%sp)
ldw `(8+$i)*4`($inp),$t[0]
for (;$i<128/4;$i++) {
stw $t[0],`-$XOFF+$i*4`(%sp)
for($i=0;$i<16;$i++) { &ROUND_00_15_pa1($i,@V); unshift(@V,pop(@V)); unshift(@V,pop(@V)); }
for(;$i<32;$i++) { &ROUND_16_xx_pa1($i,@V); unshift(@V,pop(@V)); unshift(@V,pop(@V)); }
$POP `-$FRAME_MARKER-2*$SIZE_T`(%sp),$ctx ; restore arguments
$POP `-$FRAME_MARKER-3*$SIZE_T`(%sp),$inp
$POP `-$FRAME_MARKER-4*$SIZE_T`(%sp),$num
ldo `-$rounds*$SZ`($Tbl),$Tbl ; rewind $Tbl
ldw `0*4`($ctx),$t1 ; update context
ldw `1*4`($ctx),$t0
ldw `2*4`($ctx),$t3
ldw `3*4`($ctx),$t2
ldw `4*4`($ctx),$a1
ldw `5*4`($ctx),$a0
ldw `6*4`($ctx),$a3
add $t0,$Alo,$Alo
ldw `7*4`($ctx),$a2
addc $t1,$Ahi,$Ahi
ldw `8*4`($ctx),$t1
add $t2,$Blo,$Blo
ldw `9*4`($ctx),$t0
addc $t3,$Bhi,$Bhi
ldw `10*4`($ctx),$t3
add $a0,$Clo,$Clo
ldw `11*4`($ctx),$t2
addc $a1,$Chi,$Chi
ldw `12*4`($ctx),$a1
add $a2,$Dlo,$Dlo
ldw `13*4`($ctx),$a0
addc $a3,$Dhi,$Dhi
ldw `14*4`($ctx),$a3
add $t0,$Elo,$Elo
ldw `15*4`($ctx),$a2
addc $t1,$Ehi,$Ehi
stw $Ahi,`0*4`($ctx)
add $t2,$Flo,$Flo
stw $Alo,`1*4`($ctx)
addc $t3,$Fhi,$Fhi
stw $Bhi,`2*4`($ctx)
add $a0,$Glo,$Glo
stw $Blo,`3*4`($ctx)
addc $a1,$Ghi,$Ghi
stw $Chi,`4*4`($ctx)
add $a2,$Hlo,$Hlo
stw $Clo,`5*4`($ctx)
addc $a3,$Hhi,$Hhi
stw $Dhi,`6*4`($ctx)
ldo `16*$SZ`($inp),$inp ; advance $inp
stw $Dlo,`7*4`($ctx)
stw $Ehi,`8*4`($ctx)
stw $Elo,`9*4`($ctx)
stw $Fhi,`10*4`($ctx)
stw $Flo,`11*4`($ctx)
stw $Ghi,`12*4`($ctx)
stw $Glo,`13*4`($ctx)
stw $Hhi,`14*4`($ctx)
comb,= $inp,$num,L\$done
stw $Hlo,`15*4`($ctx)
b L\$oop_pa1
$PUSH $inp,`-$FRAME_MARKER-3*$SIZE_T`(%sp) ; save $inp
$POP `-$FRAME-$SAVED_RP`(%sp),%r2 ; standard epilogue
$POP `-$FRAME+1*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r4
$POP `-$FRAME+2*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r5
$POP `-$FRAME+3*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r6
$POP `-$FRAME+4*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r7
$POP `-$FRAME+5*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r8
$POP `-$FRAME+6*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r9
$POP `-$FRAME+7*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r10
$POP `-$FRAME+8*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r11
$POP `-$FRAME+9*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r12
$POP `-$FRAME+10*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r13
$POP `-$FRAME+11*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r14
$POP `-$FRAME+12*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r15
$POP `-$FRAME+13*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r16
$POP `-$FRAME+14*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r17
$POP `-$FRAME+15*$SIZE_T`(%sp),%r18
bv (%r2)
$POPMB -$FRAME(%sp),%r3
.STRINGZ "SHA`64*$SZ` block transform for PA-RISC, CRYPTOGAMS by <appro\>"
# Explicitly encode PA-RISC 2.0 instructions used in this module, so
# that it can be compiled with .LEVEL 1.0. It should be noted that I
# wouldn't have to do this, if GNU assembler understood .ALLOW 2.0
# directive...
my $ldd = sub {
my ($mod,$args) = @_;
my $orig = "ldd$mod\t$args";
if ($args =~ /(\-?[0-9]+)\(%r([0-9]+)\),%r([0-9]+)/) # format 3 suffices
{ my $opcode=(0x14<<26)|($2<<21)|($3<<16)|(($1&0x1FF8)<<1)|(($1>>13)&1);
$opcode|=(1<<3) if ($mod =~ /^,m/);
$opcode|=(1<<2) if ($mod =~ /^,mb/);
sprintf "\t.WORD\t0x%08x\t; %s",$opcode,$orig;
else { "\t".$orig; }
my $std = sub {
my ($mod,$args) = @_;
my $orig = "std$mod\t$args";
if ($args =~ /%r([0-9]+),(\-?[0-9]+)\(%r([0-9]+)\)/) # format 3 suffices
{ my $opcode=(0x1c<<26)|($3<<21)|($1<<16)|(($2&0x1FF8)<<1)|(($2>>13)&1);
sprintf "\t.WORD\t0x%08x\t; %s",$opcode,$orig;
else { "\t".$orig; }
my $extrd = sub {
my ($mod,$args) = @_;
my $orig = "extrd$mod\t$args";
# I only have ",u" completer, it's implicitly encoded...
if ($args =~ /%r([0-9]+),([0-9]+),([0-9]+),%r([0-9]+)/) # format 15
{ my $opcode=(0x36<<26)|($1<<21)|($4<<16);
my $len=32-$3;
$opcode |= (($2&0x20)<<6)|(($2&0x1f)<<5); # encode pos
$opcode |= (($len&0x20)<<7)|($len&0x1f); # encode len
sprintf "\t.WORD\t0x%08x\t; %s",$opcode,$orig;
elsif ($args =~ /%r([0-9]+),%sar,([0-9]+),%r([0-9]+)/) # format 12
{ my $opcode=(0x34<<26)|($1<<21)|($3<<16)|(2<<11)|(1<<9);
my $len=32-$2;
$opcode |= (($len&0x20)<<3)|($len&0x1f); # encode len
$opcode |= (1<<13) if ($mod =~ /,\**=/);
sprintf "\t.WORD\t0x%08x\t; %s",$opcode,$orig;
else { "\t".$orig; }
my $shrpd = sub {
my ($mod,$args) = @_;
my $orig = "shrpd$mod\t$args";
if ($args =~ /%r([0-9]+),%r([0-9]+),([0-9]+),%r([0-9]+)/) # format 14
{ my $opcode=(0x34<<26)|($2<<21)|($1<<16)|(1<<10)|$4;
my $cpos=63-$3;
$opcode |= (($cpos&0x20)<<6)|(($cpos&0x1f)<<5); # encode sa
sprintf "\t.WORD\t0x%08x\t; %s",$opcode,$orig;
elsif ($args =~ /%r([0-9]+),%r([0-9]+),%sar,%r([0-9]+)/) # format 11
{ sprintf "\t.WORD\t0x%08x\t; %s",
else { "\t".$orig; }
sub assemble {
my ($mnemonic,$mod,$args)=@_;
my $opcode = eval("\$$mnemonic");
ref($opcode) eq 'CODE' ? &$opcode($mod,$args) : "\t$mnemonic$mod\t$args";
foreach (split("\n",$code)) {
s/\`([^\`]*)\`/eval $1/ge;
$3>31 ? sprintf("shd\t%$2,%$1,%d",$3-32) # rotation for >=32
: sprintf("shd\t%$1,%$2,%d",$3)/e or
# translate made up instructons: _ror, _shr, _align, _shl
($SZ==4 ? "shd" : "shrpd")."$1$2,$2,"/e or
$SZ==4 ? sprintf("extru%s,%d,%d,",$1,31-$2,32-$2)
: sprintf("extrd,u%s,%d,%d,",$1,63-$2,64-$2)/e or
($SZ==4 ? "vshd$1," : "shrpd$1,%sar,")/e or
$SIZE_T==4 ? sprintf("zdep%s,%d,%d,",$1,31-$2,32-$2)
: sprintf("depd,z%s,%d,%d,",$1,63-$2,64-$2)/e;
s/^\s+([a-z]+)([\S]*)\s+([\S]*)/&assemble($1,$2,$3)/e if ($SIZE_T==4);
s/cmpb,\*/comb,/ if ($SIZE_T==4);
s/\bbv\b/bve/ if ($SIZE_T==8);
print $_,"\n";
close STDOUT;