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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This script does two checks on the state of the copied chromium directories:
# 1. Ensure all files present are in their appropriate
# 2. Ensure all .h files with a corresponding .cc file in chromium have their
# .cc copied here.
# This should be run with your working directory at the root of the chromium
# clone.
# Usage: <ninja build dir> <chromium src directory>
# [run existence check]
# Both of the loops below will insert any files they want to add to a
# at the end of the first 'sources =' block in the file. It will insert it with
# only two spaces instead of four, so you can find files inserted by the script
# and adjust them as necessary.
function add_source_file() {
sed ":a;/sources = \[/bb;n;ba; :b;/^ \]/bc;n;bb; :c; s#^ \]# \"$1\",\n ]#; :d;n;bd" -i "$2"
# The following check can be skipped by not passing a path to gn to the script,
# since this operation is slow and can be considered more of a "clean up" than
# really iterative.
if [ $# -eq 3 ]; then
# Ensure all .h,.cc, and .c files under the directory xyz are in xyz/
# This helps ensure we don't have extra files laying around in directories
# that aren't tracked in the build files. Currently, base/ is an exception to
# this test because it is a submodule.
for d in build crypto net testing url; do
diff -u \
<(find $d -type f \
-name '*.h' -o -name '*.cc' -o -name '*.c' | sort | \
sed '/net\/third_party\/quic/d') \
<($gn_path desc $1 $d:\* sources | \
sed '/^\s*\/\//!d;s/^\s*\/\/third_party\/chromium_quic\/src\///' | \
# This loops tries to catch the simplest class of build errors: missing includes
# relative to the src directory and .cc files named identically to .h files.
# This will not catch things like:
# - Third-party dependencies which include things relative to their own source
# directory.
# - Platform-specific implementation files (e.g. xyz.h and
while :; do
# Ensure all .h files with a matching .cc in chromium are copied here and
# placed in xyz/ This helps eliminate some obvious linking errors.
for f in $(find crypto net testing url -name '*.h'); do
cc_file=$(echo $f | cut -f1 -d.).cc
[ ! -e $cc_file ] || continue
[ -e $chromium_dir/$cc_file ] || continue
mkdir -p $(dirname $cc_file)
d=$(echo $f | cut -f1 -d/)
cp $chromium_dir/$cc_file $(dirname $cc_file)
if [ -e $cc_file ]; then
echo "$cc_file >> $d/"
rel_file=$(echo $cc_file | cut -f2- -d/)
add_source_file "$rel_file" $d/
# Try to build what we have so far and fix any obvious include errors. If we
# were able to add an include to fix the error, we loop again to potentially
# add a new .cc file and try again.
output=$(ninja -C $ninja_dir)
if echo "$output" | grep -q "#include \""; then
f=$(echo "$output" | grep -m1 "#include" |\
sed 's/^.*#include "\([^"]\+\)".*$/\1/')
mkdir -p $(dirname $f)
echo $f
if cp $chromium_dir/$f $(dirname $f) || \
cp $chromium_dir/out/Default/gen/$f $(dirname $f); then
b=$(echo $f | cut -f1 -d/)/
echo "$f >> $b"
add_source_file "$(echo $f | cut -f2- -d/)" $b
echo -e "$output"
echo -e "$output"