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OpenFst - Release 1.3
* Support for non-fatal exits on errors: (1.3.1)
* Added FLAGS_fst_error_fatal: FST errors are
fatal if true (default); o.w. return objects flagged as bad:
e.g., FSTs - kError
prop. true, FST weights - not a Member().
* Added kError property bit signifying bad FST
* Added NoWeight() method to FST weight requirements that returns
weight that is not a Member().
* Various improvements to the FAR extensions (1.3.1)
* a single FST is now a FAR type
* FLAGS_initial_symbols: Uses the symbol table from the
first FST in the archive for all entries"
* Input/output to standard input/output for some FAR and arc types
* --with-icu configuration option no longer needed (1.3.1)
* Improved flags usage esp. if use SET_FLAGS not SetFlags/InitFst (1.3.2)
* Added 'fst' as possible far writer type (1.3.2)
* phi matcher can now accept 0 as the phi label (1.3.2)
* Added ngram-fst extension (1.3.2)
* Improved performance of PDT composition (1.3.3)
* Memory-map support (1.3.3)
* Fixed cross-FST serialization issues (1.3.3)
* Fixed NGramFst off-by-one issue (1.3.3)
* farextract now allows one to specify a list of comma-separated keys,
including key ranges (1.3.3)
OpenFst - Release 1.2
* Added lookahead matching and filtering for faster composition
* Added EditFst for mutation of o.w. immutable FSTs
* Added script sub-namespace defining type FstClass - a non-templated
Fst<Arc> to hold the arc template type internally. This and FST
operations on it allow easier I/O and scripting at the cost of some
runtime dispatching.
* Added per-arc-iterator control of Fst caching.
* Added PowerWeight and Power Arc.
* Added SparsePowerWeight and SparsePowerArc (1.2.4)
* Added SignedLogWeight and SignedLogArc (1.2.4)
* Added ExpectationWeight and ExpectationArc (1.2.4)
* Added AStarQueue, PruneQueue and NaturalPruneQueue disciplines (1.2.6)
* Added Log64Weight and Log64Arc to FST library throughout, including
support throughout scripts/bins/dsos (1.2.8)
* Added delayed RandGenFst that outputs tree of paths weighted
by count (1.2.8)
* Added fstsymbols shell-level command
* Added total weight removal option to pushing
* Changed methods for symbol table mutation:
use MutableInputSymbols()/MutableOutputSymbols().
* Numerous efficiency improvements esp in composition, replace, and caching
* Made "fstmap" handle semiring conversion by adding "to_std", "to_log"
and "to_log64" as supported 'map_type' arguments (1.2.8).
* Made the destructive implementation of RmEpsilon skip over states
admitting no non-epsilon incoming transition (1.2.8).
* Fixed numerous bugs (1.2 through 1.2.9) including:
- improper types of some approximation deltas
- sub-optimal hashing functions
- issues in internal reuse of shortest distance
- hashing bug in FloatWeight
- bug in shortest path queue
- symbol table checksumming issues
- various C++ standards issues
- Visit() behavior when visitation aborted
- Decode() hash performance bug (1.2.1)
- EditFst::Copy(bool) method when the boolean parameter is true (1.2.7)
- SymbolTable memory leak in Invert() (1.2.8)
- Added escaping of " and \ in labels in fstdraw, needed for dot to
function properly (1.2.8)
- Fixed handling of final weight of start state in fstpush (1.2.8)
- Added FST_LL_FORMAT to fix 64-bit integer printf issues (1.2.9)
- Fixed missing <functional> includes (1.2.9)
- Fixed reused local variable names (1.2.9)
- Fixed passing string by reference in FstDraw args (1.2.9)
* Added extensions directories including:
- finite-state archive (FAR) utilities,
added stlist format supporting writing/reading to/from standard out/in
at the library-level (1.2.8)
- compact fsts
- lookahead fsts
- pushdown transducers (improved in 1.2.1 through 1.2.7).
* Added StateMap/StateMapFst; renamed Map/MapFst to ArcMap/ArcMapFst;
map/MapFst retained (but deprecated) (1.2.9)
* Deleted ArcSum() and ArcMerge; use StateMap w/ ArcSumMapper and
ArcUniqueMapper (1.2.9).
* Incremented version of ConstFst/CompactFsts to stop memory alignment
that fails on pipes. Made old version raises errors when read on
pipes (1.2.9).
* Improved determinize hash (1.2.9)
* Removed stdio uses (1.2.10)
* Fixed library ordering issues esp. with newer GNU build tools (1.2.10)
OpenFst - Release 1.1
* Added compat.h to src/include/fst to fix missing defines
* Fixed bug in acyclic minimization that led to non-minimal
(but equiv) results
* Fixed missing FST typedef in various matchers in matcher.h
so that they can be cascaded
* Opened file streams binary where appropriate
OpenFst - Release 1.0
Additions to beta version:
* Matcher class added for matching labels at FST states. Includes
special matchers for sigma (any), rho ('rest'), and phi ('fail')
labels. (see matcher.h)
* Composition generalized with arbitrary filters, matchers, and state tables.
Sequence and matching composition filters provided. (see compose.h,
compose-filter.h, matcher.h, state-table.h)
* Unique n-best (see shortest-path.h)
* Pruning in determinization and epsilon removal (see determinize.h,
* New Fst classes:
* Compact Fsts for space-efficient representation (see compact-fst.h)
* New Weight classes:
* MinMax
* Lexicographic
* Miscellaneous bug fixes