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# Get the current local path as the first operation
LOCAL_PATH := $(call get_makefile_dir)
# include the CML2 configuration
include $(CFG_DIR)/
include $(CFG_DIR)/
# define some basic preprocessor conditionals that may be needed
# to get the pv_config.h file to be included
#Replace double qoutes, escape spaces and prefix -D to each flag.
XCONFIG_FLAGS:=$(call process_config_macros,$(strip $(CONFIG_FLAGS)))
# $(info config_flags = $(CONFIG_FLAGS), xconfig_flags = $(XCONFIG_FLAGS))
INCDIRS += -I$(SRC_ROOT)/oscl/oscl/config/$(BUILD_ARCH) -I$(SRC_ROOT)/oscl/oscl/config/shared
INCDEPLIST := $(SRC_ROOT)/oscl/oscl/config/$(BUILD_ARCH),$(SRC_ROOT)/oscl/oscl/config/shared