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Welcome to OpenCORE
OpenCORE is the multimedia framework of Android
originally contributed by PacketVideo. It provides
an extensible framework for multimedia rendering and
authoring and video telephony (3G-324M).
The following is a brief overview of the directory
structure to make it easier to understand the organization.
Below is a list of the top-level directories along with a brief
note about the contents.
|-- android [Contains the components the interface OpenCORE with
| other parts of Android]
|-- baselibs [Contains basic libraries for data containers, MIME string
| handling, messaging across thread boundaries, etc]
|-- build_config [Contains top-level build files used to build the libraries
| outside of Android]
|-- codecs_v2 [Contains the implementations of PV's audio and video
| codecs as well as the OpenMax IL interface layer]
|-- doc [Contains the documentation required to interface with
| OpenCORE]
|-- engines [Contains the implementation of the player and author
| engines as well as a utility for metadata.]
|-- extern_libs_v2 [Contains 3rd-party libraries used by OpenCORE.
| Currently this directory contains header files
| defining the Khronos OpenMax IL interface]
|-- extern_tools_v2 [Contains 3rd-party tools used to build OpenCORE
| indpendently of the Android build system]
|-- fileformats [Contains the libraries for parsing a variety of
| fileformats including mp4/3gp,mp3,wav,aac.]
|-- modules [Contains build files for aggregating low-level libraries]
|-- nodes [Contains the OpenCORE framework "nodes", which is
| the abstraction used to implement independent multimedia
| processing units that can be connected in a flow graph]
|-- oscl [This is the Operating System Compatibility Layer which
| provides the mapping OS APIs as well as some basic
| data structures and utilities.]
|-- protocols [Contains parsers and composers for a variety of network
| protocols such as HTTP, RTP/RTCP, RTSP, and SDP]
|-- pvmi [Contains fundamental definitions that make up OpenCORE.
| The directory name is an abbreviation of PacketVideo
| Multimedia Infrastructure]
|-- tools_v2 [Contains tools used to build the libraries outside of Android]
Within each library the following directory structure, with a few exceptions,
to organize the files:
|-- build
|-- make <- makefile to build outside of Android is here
|-- doc <- directory for any documentation specific to this lib
|-- include <- header files that are part of the external interface go here
|-- src <- source and internal header files of the library
|-- test <- test code (follows a similar structure.
|-- build
|-- make
|-- include
|-- src