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open-vcdiff is an encoder and decoder for the VCDIFF format, as described in
RFC 3284 : The VCDIFF Generic Differencing and Compression Data Format
A library with a simple API is included, as well as a command-line executable
that can apply the encoder and decoder to source, target, and delta files.
For further details, please refer to:
See INSTALL for (generic) installation instructions for C++: basically
./configure && make && make install
This should compile the unit tests as well as "vcdiff", a simple command-line
utility to run the encoder and decoder. Typical usage of vcdiff is as follows
(the "<" and ">" are file redirect operations, not optional arguments):
vcdiff encode -dictionary file.dict < target_file > delta_file
vcdiff decode -dictionary file.dict < delta_file > target_file
To see the command-line syntax of vcdiff, use "vcdiff --help" or just "vcdiff".
To call the encoder from C++ code, assuming that dictionary, target, and delta
are all std::string objects:
#include <google/vcencoder.h> // Read this file for interface details
open_vcdiff::VCDiffEncoder encoder(, dictionary.size());
encoder.Encode(, target.size(), &delta);
Calling the decoder is just as simple:
#include <google/vcdecoder.h> // Read this file for interface details
open_vcdiff::VCDiffDecoder decoder;
decoder.Decode(, dictionary.size(), delta, &target);
When using the encoder, the C++ application must be linked with the library
options -lvcdcom and -lvcdenc; when using the decoder, it must be linked with
-lvcdcom and -lvcddec.
To verify that the package works on your system, especially after making
modifications to the source code, please run the unit tests using
make check
For further details, please refer to: