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Here is sort of an edit history for netcat, in forward cron order.
950915 or so
basic gethostpoop and doconnect layout established
950920 or so
timeout handlers, improvements to gethostpoop, read-stdin-args,
primitive select loop, and later the stdin-to-many saved-count thing
select loop is firm, connect and i/o works nicely
added listen mode
crocked in UDP and debugged how its back-connect works
unsnarled main a fair amount
got "udptest" working right
added HELP!! yow.
added exec-a-prog thing
cleaned up routine-header comments
signal catcher
close stdin when we won't need it [-z, etc]
inbound options hexdump finally works [forgot to preload "size" int]
951005 or so
added random mode, which necessitated more main() logic cleanups
hammered out exit-status stuff, final main() argv loop cleanup
massive readme cleanup pre-1.00 release
almost-1.00 release up for FTP, but not announced yet
added a couple of wrapper scripts
951012 -- 1.00
nc100 RELEASE, mailing-list spam, etc etc
doc tweak per cgull
webproxy/webrelay scripts came together. fuckin' yow.
added indication of *local* address in dolisten() connect handling
reset errno before dolisten msgs -- gethostpoop might have munged it
951028 -- 1.01
fixed exit status if -z on a single port -- was -1, is now 0 or 1
like it should be
put "sent/rcvd" typeout more places, still only if -v -v
Doc fix: It's *David* Borman, not Paul [aka Mr. Environment
Variables, this month...]
951106 -- 1.02
added h_errno strings and updated holler, gethostpoop to find them
Still slightly confused if gethostpoop() returns prematurely...
sys/select.h for them what needs it
wrote_txt and more calls to print sent/rcvd
try rnd-options, but setsockopt tosses them. Punt...
dumped "x.y" microtiming idea; seconds are granular enough for now
tweaked help text
951113 -- 1.03
added first-net-read skip to select loop if we have saved stdin, and
moved retry-count test ahead of this. Makes multimode work much more
fleshed out this here edit history
951204 -- 1.04
fixed duplication lameness with printing h_errno stuff
improved data.c; added xfer count and %r
rservice.c, an answer to mudge's k-rad script
port data.c to msloss, it might be useful
some doc slogging; particularly the telnet-wrapper idea
960120 -- 1.05
give totals even if we ^C out [that's what sigcatchers are *for*!]
cleaned up big LSRR explanation comment
960131 -- 1.06
flushed rndoption stuff
report of closing stdin fucking up Solaris. Not tried yet.
extra arg to rservice.c
documentation updates, added netcat-art and many udder tings
added Bela Lubkin's #ifdefs for SIGURG [SCO rel 5]
added ignoring SIGPIPE [lesson learned from webs.c]
genned up some more data dumps: pmap-mnt.d, showmount.d,
various others; into real tree
960217 -- 1.07
finally fixed stdin-read-args thing to retain and send leftover data
added version to help text
made ascii-art cuter
added "probe" script
added Nextstep systype
finally fixed data.c to run "forever"
created xor.c
960223 -- 1.08
if doconnect skt is 0 grab another one, don't dup(). [stupid solaris..]
threw in latest web scripts
threw in irc
more doc tweaks
stuck 1.08 prerelease up for FTP
hexdump in -- it's actually gonna be quite useful!
doc adds for hexdump; orig idea from dgaudet@wired
960229 -- 1.09
telnet-opts responder in; left as OPTIONAL chunk since it mucks
with the data stream.
-e disables -o hexdump; avoid zero-length file turds
960310 -- 1.09a goddamnit-I'm-gonna-release-REAL-soon
made -e work outbound, too
random final cleanups and doc updates ... pant pant ...
960320 -- 1.10
RELEASE version tested everywhere I could get to, up for FTP