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/* pb_common.h: Common support functions for pb_encode.c and pb_decode.c.
* These functions are rarely needed by applications directly.
#include "pb.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Iterator for pb_field_t list */
struct pb_field_iter_s {
const pb_field_t *start; /* Start of the pb_field_t array */
const pb_field_t *pos; /* Current position of the iterator */
unsigned required_field_index; /* Zero-based index that counts only the required fields */
void *dest_struct; /* Pointer to start of the structure */
void *pData; /* Pointer to current field value */
void *pSize; /* Pointer to count/has field */
typedef struct pb_field_iter_s pb_field_iter_t;
/* Initialize the field iterator structure to beginning.
* Returns false if the message type is empty. */
bool pb_field_iter_begin(pb_field_iter_t *iter, const pb_field_t *fields, void *dest_struct);
/* Advance the iterator to the next field.
* Returns false when the iterator wraps back to the first field. */
bool pb_field_iter_next(pb_field_iter_t *iter);
/* Advance the iterator until it points at a field with the given tag.
* Returns false if no such field exists. */
bool pb_field_iter_find(pb_field_iter_t *iter, uint32_t tag);
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */