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MP4v2 1.9.1 Release Notes
Table of Contents
1 What's New?
2 Breaking Changes
2.1 Top-level header file
2.2 Command-line utilities
Appendix A Changelog
A.1 Version 1.9
A.2 Version 1.6
Appendix B SCM repository details
1 What's New?
Welcome! This is the inaugural release of MP4v2.
This project's goal is to continue development of a C-library named
`libmp4v2' which was once a part of the (now defunct) MPEG4IP project.
That library, and some related command-line utilities were branched
from MPEG4IP version 1.6.1 to seed this project, MP4v2.
2 Breaking Changes
2.1 Top-level header file
This release is nearly 100% API compatible with MPEG4IP, however there
are some differences. Dependents of this library must now include the
top-level public header file as follows. This is the only supported
mechanism to include the library. We do not support attempts to include
any sub-level header files; such files are private implementation
details and their naming must not be relied upon.
#include <mp4v2/mp4v2.h>
2.2 Command-line utilities
The command-line utilities have been totally rewritten and enhanced.
Help usage has been made more consistent and enhanced, please invoke
the appropriate utility in this fashion for more details:
command --help
Appendix A Changelog
A.1 Version 1.9
1. Renamed public API top-level header to `<mp4v2/mp4v2.h>' and added
namespaces for implementation (private) symbols. Only public API
symbols are exported for dynamic (shared) or DLL libraries. All
other symbols are now private, notwithstanding static-library
2. Added initial AC3 support.
3. Added native Windows port. The port targets `WINVER 0x0500' which
is Windows 2000 or higher.
4. Added QuickTime and Nero chapter support. See `mp4chaps'
command-line utility.
Contributed by Ullrich Pollähne <>.
5. Enhanced `mp4art' to support multiple cover-art atoms.
6. Dropped `mp4dump' and replaced with `mp4file' which supports
general file operations.
7. Added `mp4track' with colr-box and pasp-box support.
8. Fixed corruption of atom during read-in.
9. Enhanced `mp4file --dump' to show hexdump-style canonical
hex+ASCII data.
10. Enhanced `mp4file --dump' to show human-readble value for tag
typeCode values.
11. Enhanced `mp4file --dump' to show human-readble value for
ISO-639-2/T language codes.
12. Added new public-API: MP4GetTrackLanguage().
13. Added new public-API: MP4SetTrackLanguage().
14. Added support for GCC precompiled-headers on various *nix
platforms to speed up builds as we are using quite a few C++
15. Enhanced `mp4track' to facilitate modification of { enabled,
inmovie, inpreview, altgroup, volume, width, height, language,
hdlrname, udtaname } properties.
16. Added new public-API: MP4GetTrackDurationPerChunk().
17. Added new public-API: MP4SetTrackDurationPerChunk() to override
default per-track chunk duration.
18. Added new public-API: MP4WriteSampleDependency().
19. Replaced (undocumented) public-API: MP4CreateEx() with
20. Added new public-API for iTMF Generic functionality.
A.2 Version 1.6
1. Branched libmp4v2 module from mpeg4ip project version 1.6.1.
Appendix B SCM repository details
uuid: 6e6572fa-98a6-11dd-ad9f-f77439c74b79
rev: 368
date: 2009-07-14 11:25:03 +1200 (Tue, 14 Jul 2009)
type: stable