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* Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Sistina Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2004-2009 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of LVM2.
* This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
* modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
* of the GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#include "dev-cache.h"
#include "dev-type.h"
#include <limits.h>
* Config options that can be changed while commands are processed
struct config_info {
int debug;
int debug_classes;
int verbose;
int silent;
int test;
int syslog;
int activation;
int suffix;
int archive; /* should we archive ? */
int backup; /* should we backup ? */
int read_ahead; /* DM_READ_AHEAD_NONE or _AUTO */
int udev_rules;
int udev_sync;
int udev_fallback;
int cache_vgmetadata;
const char *msg_prefix;
const char *fmt_name;
uint64_t unit_factor;
int cmd_name; /* Show command name? */
mode_t umask;
char unit_type;
char _padding[1];
struct dm_config_tree;
struct profile_params;
struct archive_params;
struct backup_params;
struct arg_values;
struct config_tree_list {
struct dm_list list;
struct dm_config_tree *cft;
struct cmd_context_initialized_parts {
unsigned config:1; /* used to reinitialize config if previous init was not successful */
unsigned filters:1;
unsigned connections:1;
/* FIXME Split into tool & library contexts */
/* command-instance-related variables needed by library */
struct cmd_context {
* Memory handlers.
struct dm_pool *libmem; /* for permanent config data */
struct dm_pool *mem; /* transient: cleared between each command */
* Command line and arguments.
const char *cmd_line;
struct command *command;
char **argv;
struct arg_values *arg_values;
struct dm_list arg_value_groups;
* Format handlers.
const struct format_type *fmt; /* current format to use by default */
struct format_type *fmt_backup; /* format to use for backups */
struct dm_list formats; /* available formats */
struct dm_list segtypes; /* available segment types */
* Machine and system identification.
const char *system_id;
const char *hostname;
const char *kernel_vsn;
* Device identification.
struct dev_types *dev_types; /* recognized extra device types. */
* Initialization state.
struct cmd_context_initialized_parts initialized;
* Switches.
unsigned is_long_lived:1; /* optimises persistent_filter handling */
unsigned handles_missing_pvs:1;
unsigned handles_unknown_segments:1;
unsigned use_linear_target:1;
unsigned partial_activation:1;
unsigned degraded_activation:1;
unsigned auto_set_activation_skip:1;
unsigned si_unit_consistency:1;
unsigned report_binary_values_as_numeric:1;
unsigned metadata_read_only:1;
unsigned ignore_clustered_vgs:1;
unsigned threaded:1; /* set if running within a thread e.g. clvmd */
unsigned independent_metadata_areas:1; /* active formats have MDAs outside PVs */
unsigned unknown_system_id:1;
unsigned include_foreign_vgs:1; /* report/display cmds can reveal foreign VGs */
unsigned include_shared_vgs:1; /* report/display cmds can reveal lockd VGs */
unsigned include_active_foreign_vgs:1; /* cmd should process foreign VGs with active LVs */
unsigned vg_read_print_access_error:1; /* print access errors from vg_read */
unsigned lockd_gl_disable:1;
unsigned lockd_vg_disable:1;
unsigned lockd_lv_disable:1;
unsigned lockd_gl_removed:1;
unsigned lockd_vg_rescan:1;
unsigned lockd_vg_default_sh:1;
unsigned lockd_vg_enforce_sh:1;
* Filtering.
struct dev_filter *lvmetad_filter; /* pre-lvmetad filter chain */
struct dev_filter *filter; /* post-lvmetad filter chain */
struct dev_filter *full_filter; /* lvmetad_filter + filter */
int dump_filter; /* Dump filter when exiting? */
* Configuration.
struct dm_list config_files; /* master lvm config + any existing tag configs */
struct profile_params *profile_params; /* profile handling params including loaded profile configs */
struct dm_config_tree *cft; /* the whole cascade: CONFIG_STRING -> CONFIG_PROFILE -> CONFIG_FILE/CONFIG_MERGED_FILES */
struct dm_hash_table *cft_def_hash; /* config definition hash used for validity check (item type + item recognized) */
struct config_info default_settings; /* selected settings with original default/configured value which can be changed during cmd processing */
struct config_info current_settings; /* may contain changed values compared to default_settings */
* Archives and backups.
struct archive_params *archive_params;
struct backup_params *backup_params;
const char *stripe_filler;
* Host tags.
struct dm_list tags; /* list of defined tags */
int hosttags;
* Paths.
const char *lib_dir; /* cache value global/library_dir */
char system_dir[PATH_MAX];
char dev_dir[PATH_MAX];
char proc_dir[PATH_MAX];
* Buffers.
char display_buffer[NAME_LEN * 10]; /* ring buffer for upto 10 longest vg/lv names */
unsigned display_lvname_idx; /* index to ring buffer */
char *linebuffer;
* Others - unsorted.
const char *report_list_item_separator;
const char *time_format;
unsigned rand_seed;
* system_dir may be NULL to use the default value.
* The environment variable LVM_SYSTEM_DIR always takes precedence.
struct cmd_context *create_toolcontext(unsigned is_long_lived,
const char *system_dir,
unsigned set_buffering,
unsigned threaded,
unsigned set_connections,
unsigned set_filters);
void destroy_toolcontext(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int refresh_toolcontext(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int refresh_filters(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int process_profilable_config(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int config_files_changed(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int init_lvmcache_orphans(struct cmd_context *cmd);
int init_filters(struct cmd_context *cmd, unsigned load_persistent_cache);
int init_connections(struct cmd_context *cmd);
struct format_type *get_format_by_name(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *format);
const char *system_id_from_string(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *str);