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* Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Sistina Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2004-2008 Red Hat, Inc. All rights reserved.
* This file is part of LVM2.
* This copyrighted material is made available to anyone wishing to use,
* modify, copy, or redistribute it subject to the terms and conditions
* of the GNU Lesser General Public License v.2.1.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
#ifndef _LVM_CACHE_H
#define _LVM_CACHE_H
#include "dev-cache.h"
#include "dev-type.h"
#include "uuid.h"
#include "label.h"
#include "locking.h"
#define ORPHAN_VG_NAME(fmt) ORPHAN_PREFIX "_" fmt
/* LVM specific per-volume info */
/* Eventual replacement for struct physical_volume perhaps? */
struct cmd_context;
struct format_type;
struct volume_group;
struct physical_volume;
struct dm_config_tree;
struct format_instance;
struct metadata_area;
struct disk_locn;
struct lvmcache_vginfo;
* vgsummary represents a summary of the VG that is read
* without a lock. The info does not come through vg_read(),
* but through reading mdas. It provides information about
* the VG that is needed to lock the VG and then read it fully
* with vg_read(), after which the VG summary should be checked
* against the full VG metadata to verify it was correct (since
* it was read without a lock.)
* Once read, vgsummary information is saved in lvmcache_vginfo.
struct lvmcache_vgsummary {
const char *vgname;
struct id vgid;
uint64_t vgstatus;
char *creation_host;
const char *lock_type;
uint32_t mda_checksum;
size_t mda_size;
int lvmcache_init(void);
void lvmcache_allow_reads_with_lvmetad(void);
void lvmcache_destroy(struct cmd_context *cmd, int retain_orphans, int reset);
/* Set full_scan to 1 to reread every filtered device label or
* 2 to rescan /dev for new devices */
int lvmcache_label_scan(struct cmd_context *cmd, int full_scan);
/* Add/delete a device */
struct lvmcache_info *lvmcache_add(struct labeller *labeller, const char *pvid,
struct device *dev,
const char *vgname, const char *vgid,
uint32_t vgstatus);
int lvmcache_add_orphan_vginfo(const char *vgname, struct format_type *fmt);
void lvmcache_del(struct lvmcache_info *info);
/* Update things */
int lvmcache_update_vgname_and_id(struct lvmcache_info *info,
struct lvmcache_vgsummary *vgsummary);
int lvmcache_update_vg(struct volume_group *vg, unsigned precommitted);
void lvmcache_lock_vgname(const char *vgname, int read_only);
void lvmcache_unlock_vgname(const char *vgname);
int lvmcache_verify_lock_order(const char *vgname);
/* Queries */
const struct format_type *lvmcache_fmt_from_vgname(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *vgname, const char *vgid, unsigned revalidate_labels);
int lvmcache_lookup_mda(struct lvmcache_vgsummary *vgsummary);
/* Decrement and test if there are still vg holders in vginfo. */
int lvmcache_vginfo_holders_dec_and_test_for_zero(struct lvmcache_vginfo *vginfo);
struct lvmcache_vginfo *lvmcache_vginfo_from_vgname(const char *vgname,
const char *vgid);
struct lvmcache_vginfo *lvmcache_vginfo_from_vgid(const char *vgid);
struct lvmcache_info *lvmcache_info_from_pvid(const char *pvid, int valid_only);
const char *lvmcache_vgname_from_vgid(struct dm_pool *mem, const char *vgid);
struct device *lvmcache_device_from_pvid(struct cmd_context *cmd, const struct id *pvid,
unsigned *scan_done_once, uint64_t *label_sector);
const char *lvmcache_pvid_from_devname(struct cmd_context *cmd,
const char *dev_name);
char *lvmcache_vgname_from_pvid(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *pvid);
const char *lvmcache_vgname_from_info(struct lvmcache_info *info);
int lvmcache_vgs_locked(void);
int lvmcache_vgname_is_locked(const char *vgname);
void lvmcache_seed_infos_from_lvmetad(struct cmd_context *cmd);
/* Returns list of struct dm_str_list containing pool-allocated copy of vgnames */
/* If include_internal is not set, return only proper vg names. */
struct dm_list *lvmcache_get_vgnames(struct cmd_context *cmd,
int include_internal);
/* Returns list of struct dm_str_list containing pool-allocated copy of vgids */
/* If include_internal is not set, return only proper vg ids. */
struct dm_list *lvmcache_get_vgids(struct cmd_context *cmd,
int include_internal);
int lvmcache_get_vgnameids(struct cmd_context *cmd, int include_internal,
struct dm_list *vgnameids);
/* Returns list of struct dm_str_list containing pool-allocated copy of pvids */
struct dm_list *lvmcache_get_pvids(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *vgname,
const char *vgid);
/* Returns cached volume group metadata. */
struct volume_group *lvmcache_get_vg(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *vgname,
const char *vgid, unsigned precommitted);
void lvmcache_drop_metadata(const char *vgname, int drop_precommitted);
void lvmcache_commit_metadata(const char *vgname);
int lvmcache_pvid_is_locked(const char *pvid);
int lvmcache_fid_add_mdas(struct lvmcache_info *info, struct format_instance *fid,
const char *id, int id_len);
int lvmcache_fid_add_mdas_pv(struct lvmcache_info *info, struct format_instance *fid);
int lvmcache_fid_add_mdas_vg(struct lvmcache_vginfo *vginfo, struct format_instance *fid);
int lvmcache_populate_pv_fields(struct lvmcache_info *info,
struct physical_volume *pv,
int scan_label_only);
int lvmcache_check_format(struct lvmcache_info *info, const struct format_type *fmt);
void lvmcache_del_mdas(struct lvmcache_info *info);
void lvmcache_del_das(struct lvmcache_info *info);
void lvmcache_del_bas(struct lvmcache_info *info);
int lvmcache_add_mda(struct lvmcache_info *info, struct device *dev,
uint64_t start, uint64_t size, unsigned ignored);
int lvmcache_add_da(struct lvmcache_info *info, uint64_t start, uint64_t size);
int lvmcache_add_ba(struct lvmcache_info *info, uint64_t start, uint64_t size);
const struct format_type *lvmcache_fmt(struct lvmcache_info *info);
struct label *lvmcache_get_label(struct lvmcache_info *info);
void lvmcache_update_pv(struct lvmcache_info *info, struct physical_volume *pv,
const struct format_type *fmt);
int lvmcache_update_das(struct lvmcache_info *info, struct physical_volume *pv);
int lvmcache_update_bas(struct lvmcache_info *info, struct physical_volume *pv);
int lvmcache_foreach_mda(struct lvmcache_info *info,
int (*fun)(struct metadata_area *, void *),
void *baton);
int lvmcache_foreach_da(struct lvmcache_info *info,
int (*fun)(struct disk_locn *, void *),
void *baton);
int lvmcache_foreach_ba(struct lvmcache_info *info,
int (*fun)(struct disk_locn *, void *),
void *baton);
int lvmcache_foreach_pv(struct lvmcache_vginfo *vg,
int (*fun)(struct lvmcache_info *, void *), void * baton);
uint64_t lvmcache_device_size(struct lvmcache_info *info);
void lvmcache_set_device_size(struct lvmcache_info *info, uint64_t size);
struct device *lvmcache_device(struct lvmcache_info *info);
void lvmcache_make_valid(struct lvmcache_info *info);
int lvmcache_is_orphan(struct lvmcache_info *info);
int lvmcache_uncertain_ownership(struct lvmcache_info *info);
unsigned lvmcache_mda_count(struct lvmcache_info *info);
int lvmcache_vgid_is_cached(const char *vgid);
uint64_t lvmcache_smallest_mda_size(struct lvmcache_info *info);
void lvmcache_replace_dev(struct cmd_context *cmd, struct physical_volume *pv,
struct device *dev);
int lvmcache_found_duplicate_pvs(void);
void lvmcache_set_preferred_duplicates(const char *vgid);
int lvmcache_contains_lock_type_sanlock(struct cmd_context *cmd);