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Version 1.02.109 -
Version 1.02.108 - 15th September 2015
Do not check for full thin pool when activating without messages (1.02.107).
Version 1.02.107 - 5th September 2015
Parse thin-pool status with one single routine internally.
Add --histogram to select default histogram fields for list and report.
Add report fields for displaying latency histogram configuration and data.
Add dmstats --bounds to specify histogram boundaries for a new region.
Add dm_histogram_to_string() to format histogram data in string form.
Add public methods to libdm to access numerical histogram config and data.
Parse and store histogram data in dm_stats_list() and dm_stats_populate().
Add an argument to specify histogram bounds to dm_stats_create_region().
Add dm_histogram_bounds_from_{string,uint64_t}() to parse histogram bounds.
Add dm_histogram handle type to represent a latency histogram and its bounds.
Fix devmapper.pc pkgconfig file to not reference non-existent rt.pc file.
Reinstate dm_task_get_info@Base to libdevmapper exports. (1.02.106)
Version 1.02.106 - 26th August 2015
Add 'precise' column to statistics reports.
Add --precise switch to 'dmstats create' to request nanosecond counters.
Add precise argument to dm_stats_create_region().
Add support to libdm-stats for precise_timestamps
Version 1.02.105 - 17th August 2015
Fix 'dmstats list -o all' segfault.
Separate dmstats statistics fields from region information fields.
Add interval and interval_ns fields to dmstats reports.
Do not include internal glibc headers in libdm-timestamp.c (1.02.104)
Exit immediately if no device is supplied to dmsetup wipe_table.
Suppress dmsetup report headings when no data is output. (1.02.104)
Adjust dmsetup usage/help output selection to match command invoked.
Fix dmsetup -o all to select correct fields in splitname report.
Restructure internal dmsetup argument handling across all commands.
Add dm_report_is_empty() to indicate there is no data awaiting output.
Add more arg validation for dm_tree_node_add_cache_target().
Add --alldevices switch to replace use of --force for stats create / delete.
Version 1.02.104 - 10th August 2015
Add dmstats.8 man page
Add dmstats --segments switch to create one region per device segment.
Add dmstats --regionid, --allregions to specify a single / all stats regions.
Add dmstats --allprograms for stats commands that filter by program ID.
Add dmstats --auxdata and --programid args to specify aux data and program ID.
Add report stats sub-command to provide repeating stats reports.
Add clear, delete, list, and print stats sub-commands.
Add create stats sub-command and --start, --length, --areas and --areasize.
Recognize 'dmstats' as an alias for 'dmsetup stats' when run with this name.
Add a 'stats' command to dmsetup to configure, manage and report stats data.
Add statistics fields to dmsetup -o.
Add libdm-stats library to allow management of device-mapper statistics.
Add --nosuffix to suppress dmsetup unit suffixes in report output.
Add --units to control dmsetup report field output units.
Add support to redisplay column headings for repeating column reports.
Fix report header and row resource leaks.
Report timestamps of ioctls with dmsetup -vvv.
Recognize report field name variants without any underscores too.
Add dmsetup --interval and --count to repeat reports at specified intervals.
Add dm_timestamp functions to libdevmapper.
Recognise vg/lv name format in dmsetup.
Move size display code to libdevmapper as dm_size_to_string.
Version 1.02.103 - 24th July 2015
Introduce libdevmapper wrappers for all malloc-related functions.
Version 1.02.102 - 7th July 2015
Include tool.h for default non-library use.
Introduce format macros with embedded % such as FMTu64.
Version 1.02.101 - 3rd July 2015
Add experimental support to passing messages in suspend tree.
Add dm_report_value_cache_{set,get} to support caching during report/select.
Add dm_report_reserved_handler to handle report reserved value actions.
Support dynamic value in select: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_DYNAMIC_VALUE.
Support fuzzy names in select: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_FUZZY_NAMES.
Thin pool trace messages show a device name and major:minor.
Version 1.02.100 - 30th June 2015
Add since, after, until and before time operators to be used in selection.
Add support for time in reports and selection: DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_TIME.
Support report reserved value ranges: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_RANGE.
Support report reserved value names: DM_REPORT_FIELD_RESERVED_VALUE_NAMED.
Add DM_CONFIG_VALUE_FMT_{INT_OCTAL,STRING_NO_QUOTES} config value format flag.
Add DM_CONFIG_VALUE_FMT_COMMON_{ARRAY,EXTRA_SPACE} config value format flag.
Add dm_config_value_{get,set}_format_flags to get and set config value format.
Version 1.02.99 - 20th June 2015
New dm_tree_node_set_thin_pool_read_only(DM_1_02_99) for read-only thin pool.
Enhance error message when thin-pool message fails.
Fix dmeventd logging to avoid threaded use of static variable.
Remove redundant dmeventd SIGALRM coded.
Version 1.02.98 - 12th June 2015
Add dm_task_get_errno() to return any unexpected errno from a dm ioctl call.
Use copy of errno made after each dm ioctl call in case errno changes later.
Version 1.02.97 - 15th May 2015
New dm_task_get_info(DM_1_02_97) supports internal_suspend state.
New symbols are versioned and comes with versioned symbol name (DM_1_02_97).
Version 1.02.96 - 2nd May 2015
Fix selection to not match if using reserved value in criteria with >,<,>=,<.
Fix selection to not match reserved values for size fields if using >,<,>=,<.
Include uuid or device number in log message after ioctl failure.
Install blkdeactivate script and its man page with make install_device-mapper.
Version 1.02.95 - 15th March 2015
Makefile regenerated.
Version 1.02.94 - 4th March 2015
Add dm_report_object_is_selected for generalized interface for report/select.
Version 1.02.93 - 21st January 2015
Reduce severity of ioctl error message when dmeventd waitevent is interrupted.
Report 'unknown version' when incompatible version numbers were not obtained.
Report more info from thin pool status (out of data, metadata-ro, fail).
Support error_if_no_space for thin pool target.
Fix segfault while using selection with regex and unbuffered reporting.
Add dm_report_compact_fields to remove empty fields from report output.
Remove unimplemented dm_report_set_output_selection from libdevmapper.h.
Version 1.02.92 - 24th November 2014
Fix memory corruption with sorting empty string lists (1.02.86).
Fix man dmsetup.8 syntax warning of Groff
Accept unquoted strings and / in place of {} when parsing configs.
Version 1.02.91 - 11th November 2014
Update cache creation and dm_config_node to pass policy.
Allow activation of any thin-pool if transaction_id supplied is 0.
Don't print uninitialized stack bytes when non-root uses dm_check_version().
Fix selection criteria to not match reserved values when using >, <, >=, <.
Add DM_LIST_HEAD_INIT macro to libdevmapper.h.
Fix dm_is_dm_major to not issue error about missing /proc lines for dm module.
Version 1.02.90 - 1st September 2014
Restore proper buffer size for parsing mountinfo line (1.02.89)
Version 1.02.89 - 26th August 2014
Improve libdevmapper-event select() error handling.
Add extra check for matching transation_id after message submitting.
Add dm_report_field_string_list_unsorted for str. list report without sorting.
Support --deferred with dmsetup remove to defer removal of open devices.
Update dm-ioctl.h to include DM_DEFERRED_REMOVE flag.
Add support for selection to match string list subset, recognize { } operator.
Fix string list selection with '[value]' to not match list that's superset.
Fix string list selection to match whole words only, not prefixes.
Version 1.02.88 - 5th August 2014
Add dm_tree_set_optional_uuid_suffixes to handle upgrades.
Version 1.02.87 - 23rd July 2014
Fix dm_report_field_string_list to handle delimiter with multiple chars.
Add dm_report_field_reserved_value for per-field reserved value definition.
Version 1.02.86 - 23rd June 2014
Make "help" and "?" reporting fields implicit.
Recognize implicit "selected" field if using dm_report_init_with_selection.
Add support for implicit reporting fields which are predefined in libdm.
Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_PERCENT: separate number and percent fields.
Add dm_percent_range_t,dm_percent_to_float,dm_make_percent to libdm for reuse.
Add dm_report_reserved_value to libdevmapper for reserved value definition.
Also display field types when listing all fields in selection help.
Recognize "help" keyword in selection string to show brief help for selection.
Always order items reported as string list field lexicographically.
Add dm_report_field_string_list to libdevmapper for direct string list report.
Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_STRING_LIST: separate string and string list fields.
Add dm_str_list to libdevmapper for string list type definition and its reuse.
Add dmsetup -S/--select to define selection criteria for dmsetup reports.
Add dm_report_init_with_selection to intialize report with selection criteria.
Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_SIZE: separate number and size reporting fields.
Use RemoveOnStop for dm-event.socket systemd unit.
Document env var 'DM_DEFAULT_NAME_MANGLING_MODE' in dmsetup man page.
Warn user about incorrect use of cookie with 'dmsetup remove --force'.
Also recognize 'help'/'?' as reserved sort key name to show help.
Add dm_units_to_factor for size unit parsing.
Increase bitset size for minors for thin dmeventd plugin.
Version 1.02.85 - 10th April 2014
Check for sprintf error when building internal device path.
Check for sprintf error when creating path for dm control node.
When buffer for dm_get_library_version() is too small, return error code.
Always reinitialize _name_mangling_mode in dm_lib_init().
Add tracking flag about implicitly added devices into dm_tree.
Stop timeout thread immediately when the last worker thread is finished.
Fix dmeventd logging with parallel wait event processing.
Reuse _node_send_messages() for validation of transaction_id in preload.
Transaction_id could be lower by one only when messages are prepared.
Do not call callback when preload fails.
Wrap is_selinux_enabled() to be called just once.
Use correctly signed 64b constant when working with raid volumes.
Exit dmeventd with pidfile cleanup instead of raising SIGKILL on DIE request.
Add new DM_EVENT_GET_PARAMETERS request to dmeventd protocol.
Do not use systemd's reload for dmeventd restart, use dmeventd -R instead.
Drop cryptsetup rules from 10-dm.rules - cryptsetup >= 1.1.3 sets them.
Version 1.02.84 - 20th January 2014
Revert activation of activated nodes if a node preload callback fails.
Avoid busy looping on CPU when dmeventd reads event DM_WAIT_RETRY.
Ensure global mutex is held when working with dmeventd thread.
Drop taking timeout mutex for un/registering dmeventd monitor.
Allow section names in config file data to be quoted strings.
Close fifos before exiting in dmeventd restart() error path.
Move printf format string directly into dm_asprintf args list.
Catch invalid use of string sort values when reporting numerical fields.
Version 1.02.83 - 13th November 2013
Consistently report on stderr when device is not found for dmsetup info.
Skip race errors when non-udev dmsetup build runs on udev-enabled system.
Skip error message when holders are not present in sysfs.
Use __linux__ instead of linux define to make libdevmapper.h C compliant.
Use mutex to avoid possible race while creating/destroying memory pools.
Require libpthread to build now.
Version 1.02.82 - 4th October 2013
Define symbolic names for subsystem udev flags in libdevmapper for easier use.
Make subsystem udev rules responsible for importing DM_SUBSYSTEM_UDEV_FLAG*.
Version 1.02.81 - 23rd September 2013
Tidy dmeventd fifo initialisation.
Version 1.02.80 - 20th September 2013
Detect invalid sector supplied to 'dmsetup message'.
Free any previously-set string if a dm_task_set_* function is called again.
Do not allow passing empty new name for dmsetup rename.
Display any output returned by 'dmsetup message'.
Add dm_task_get_message_response to libdevmapper.
Version 1.02.79 - 13th August 2013
Create dmeventd timeout threads as "detached" so exit status is freed.
Add DM_ABORT_ON_INTERNAL_ERRORS env var support to abort on internal errors.
Version 1.02.78 - 24th July 2013
Process thin messages once to active thin pool target for dm_tree.
Optimize out setting the same value or read_ahead.
Add DM_ARRAY_SIZE public macro.
Move syslog code out of signal handle in dmeventd.
Add DM_TO_STRING public macro.
Always return success on dmeventd -V command call.
Fix parsing of 64bit snapshot status in dmeventd snapshot plugin.
Add dm_get_status_snapshot() for parsing snapshot status.
Detecte mounted fs also via reading /proc/self/mountinfo.
Add dm_mountinfo_read() for parsing /proc/self/mountinfo.
Report error for nonexisting devices in dmeventd communication.
Prevent double free error after dmeventd call of _fill_device_data().
Update dmevent structure message_data to simplify/fix error path handling.
Validate passed params to dm_get_status_raid/thin/thin_pool().
Fix 'dmsetup splitname -o' to not fail if used without '-c' switch (1.02.68).
Add dm_config_write_{node_out/one_node_out} for enhanced config output.
Add dm_config_value_is_bool to check for boolean value in supported formats.
Fix config node lookup inside empty sections to not return the section itself.
Append discards and read-only fields to exported struct dm_status_thin_pool.
Fix segfault for truncated string token in config file after the first '"'.
Close open dmeventd FIFO file descriptors on exec (FD_CLOEXEC).
Fix resource leak in error path of dmeventd's umount of thin volume.
Automatically deactivate failed preloaded dm tree node.
Add DM_DISABLE_UDEV environment variable to manage dev nodes by libdm only.
Fix dm_task_set_cookie to properly process udev flags if udev_sync disabled.
Version 1.02.77 - 15th October 2012
Support unmount of thin volumes from pool above thin pool threshold.
Update man page to reflect that dm UUIDs are being mangled as well.
Apply 'dmsetup mangle' for dm UUIDs besides dm names.
Add 'mangled_uuid' and 'unmangled_uuid' fields to dmsetup info -c -o.
Mangle device UUID on dm_task_set_uuid/newuuid call if necessary.
Add dm_task_get_uuid_mangled/unmangled to libdevmapper.
Always reset delay_resume_if_new flag when stacking thin pool over anything.
Don't create value for dm_config_node and require dm_config_create_value call.
Check for existing new_name for dmsetup rename.
Fix memory leak in dmsetup _get_split_name() error path.
Version 1.02.76 - 7th August 2012
Add dm_vasprintf to libdevmapper.
Allow --noflush with dmsetup status and wait (for thin target).
Add dm_config_write_one_node to libdevmapper.
Support thin pool message release/reserve_metadata_snap in libdevmapper.
Support thin pool discards and external origin features in libdevmapper.
Add configure --enable-udev-rule-exec-detection to detect exec path in rules.
Use sbindir in udev rules by default and remove executable path detection.
Remove hard-coded paths for dmeventd fifos and use default-dm-run-dir.
Add configure --with-lvmetad-pidfile to remove hard-coded value.
Add configure --with-default-pid-dir for common directory with pid files.
Add configure --with-default-dm-run-dir to set run directory for dm tools.
Detect kernel_send() errors in cmirrord.
Add __attribute__ instrumentation to libdevmapper.h.
Print clean_bits instead of sync_bits in pull_state in cmirrord.
Add tests for errors from closedir(), close() in cmirrord.
Add documentation references in systemd units.
Remove veritysetup. Now maintained with cryptsetup.
Version 1.02.75 - 8th June 2012
Upstream source repo now git not CVS.
Remove unsupported udev_get_dev_path libudev call used for checking udev dir.
Set delay_resume_if_new on deptree snapshot origin.
Log value chosen in _find_config_bool like other variable types do.
Wait for dmeventd to exit after sending it DM_EVENT_CMD_DIE when restarting.
Append 'Used' to {Blk}DevNames/DevNos dmsetup report headers for clarity.
Add configure --with-veritysetup for independent veritysetup tool.
Properly support supplied dmevent path in dm_event_register_handler().
Remove dmeventd fifos on exit if they are not managed by systemd.
Use SD_ACTIVATION environment variable in systemd units to detect systemd.
Only start a new dmeventd instance on restart if one was already running.
Extend the time waited for input from dmeventd fifo to 5 secs. (1.02.73)
Version 1.02.74 - 6th March 2012
Check for multiply-mangled names in auto mangling mode.
Fix dm_task_get_name_unmangled to not unmangle already unmangled name.
Check whether device names are properly mangled on ioctl return.
Deactivation of failed thin check on thin pool returns success.
Version 1.02.73 - 3rd March 2012
Test _thread_registry list with holding mutex in dmeventd.
Add dm_tree_node_set_callback() for preload and deactivation hooks.
Drop unsupported TRIM message for thin pool.
Improve logging for fifo startup in dmeventd.
Better detection of missing dmeventd fifo connection (1.02.71).
Add a few pointer validations in dmsetup.
Support dm_task_get_driver_version() query without version string.
Log failure of pthread_join when cleaning unused threads in dmeventd.
Fix empty string warning logic in _find_config_str. (1.02.68)
Fix dm_task_set_name to properly resolve path to dm name (1.02.71).
Add dm_strncpy() function as a faster strncpy() replacement.
Version 1.02.72 - 23rd February 2012
Avoid memory reallocation for dm_asprintf.
Version 1.02.71 - 20th February 2012
Switch to using built-in blkid in 13-dm-disk.rules.
Add "watch" rule to 13-dm-disk.rules.
Detect failing fifo and skip 20s retry communication period.
Add DM_DEFAULT_NAME_MANGLING_MODE environment variable as an override.
Add dm_lib_init to automatically initialise device-mapper library on load.
Replace any '\' char with '\\' in dm table specification on input.
Add mangle command to dmsetup to provide renaming to correct mangled form.
Add 'mangled_name' and 'unmangled_name' fields to dmsetup info -c -o.
Add --manglename option to dmsetup to select the name mangling mode.
Add dm_task_get_name_mangled/unmangled to libdevmapper.
Mangle device name on dm_task_set_name/newname call if necessary.
Add dm_set/get_name_mangling_mode to set/get name mangling in libdevmapper.
Add configure --with-default-name-mangling for udev-friendly dev name charset.
Test for parsed words in _umount() dmeventd snapshot plugin.
Fix memory leak in fail path of parse_loop_device_name() in dmsetup.
Check for missing reply_uuid in dm_event_get_registered_device().
Check for allocation failure in dmeventd restart().
Add few missing allocation failures tests in dmsetup.
Fix potential risk of writing in front of buffer in _sysfs_get_dm_name().
Version 1.02.70 - 12th February 2012
Fix dm_event_get_version() check.
Add pointer test for dependency check in _add_dev().
Validate name and uuid params of dm_tree_add_new_dev_with_udev_flags().
Do not crash for dm_report_init() sort_key == NULL and behave like "".
Return error for failing allocation in dm_asprintf().
Add missing test for failing allocation in dm_realloc() code.
Add test for memory allocation failures in regex matcher code.
Simplify dm_task_set_geometry() and use dm_asprintf().
Set all parameters to 0 for dm_get_next_target() for NULL return.
Fix fd resource leak in error path for _udev_notify_sem_create().
Leave space for '\0' for readline() call in _sysfs_get_kernel_name().
Version 1.02.69 - 1st February 2012
Clean up dmeventd systemd unit ordering and requirements.
Version 1.02.68 - 26th January 2012
Reset all members of info struct in dm_tree_add_new_dev_with_udev_flags.
Add dmsetup wipe_table to replace table with one that uses error target.
Add 'blkdevname' and 'blkdevs_used' fields to dmsetup info -c -o.
Add 'blkdevname' option to dmsetup ls --tree to see block device names.
Add -o devno/blkdevname/devname to dmsetup deps and ls.
Add dm_device_get_name to get map name or block device name for given devno.
Remove empty devices when clearing left-over inactive tables in deptree.
Add dm_uuid_prefix/dm_set_uuid_prefix to override hard-coded LVM- prefix.
Improve dmsetup man page description of readahead parameter.
Use sysfs to set/get readahead if possible.
Fix lvm2-monitor init script to use normalized output when using vgs.
Add test for max length (DM_MAX_TYPE_NAME) of target type name.
Include a copy of kernel DM documentation in doc/kernel.
Improve man page style for dmsetup and mention more targets.
Fix _get_proc_number to be tolerant of malformed /proc/misc entries.
Fix missing thread list manipulation protection in dmeventd.
Add ExecReload to dm-event.service for systemd to reload dmeventd properly.
Add dm_config_tree_find_str_allow_empty and dm_config_find_str_allow_empty.
Fix compile-time pool memory locking with DEBUG_MEM.
Fix valgrind error reports in free of pool chunks with DEBUG_MEM.
Align size of structure chunk for fast pool allocator to 8 bytes.
Simplify some pointer operations in dm_free_aux() debug code.
Remove unused dbg_malloc.h file from source tree.
Cleanup backtraces for _create_and_load_v4().
Fix alignment warning in bitcount calculation for raid segment.
Allocate dm_tree structure from dm_tree pool.
Update debug logging for _resume_node.
Add functions to support thin provisioning target.
Improve libdm-config error path reporting.
Update dmsetup resume man with --addnodeonresume/create options.
Add dependency for dm man pages to man subdirectory make all target.
Add dm_tree_retry_remove to use retry logic for device removal in a dm_tree.
Add dm_device_has_mounted_fs fn to check mounted filesystem on a device.
Add dm_device_has_holders fn to to check use of the device by another device.
Add dm_sysfs_dir to libdevmapper to retrieve sysfs location set.
Add dm_set_sysfs_dir to libdevmapper to set sysfs location.
Add --retry option for dmsetup remove to retry removal if not successful.
Add dm_task_retry_remove fn to use retry logic for device removal.
Remove unused passed parameters for _mirror_emit_segment_line().
Add dm_config and string character escaping functions to libdevmapper.
Mark unreleased memory pools as internal error.
Version 1.02.67 - 19th August 2011
Add dm_tree_node_add_null_area for temporarily-missing raid devs tracked.
Version 1.02.66 - 12th August 2011
Release geometry buffer in dm_task_destroy.
Update udev rules to skip DM flags decoding for removed devices.
Add compile-time pool memory locking options (to debug shared VG structs).
Remove device name prefix from dmsetup line output if -j & -m or -u supplied.
Remove support for the original version 1 dm ioctls.
Add missing check for allocation failure _create_dir_recursive().
Add support for systemd file descriptor handover in dmeventd.
Fix memory leak in dmsetup _message() memory allocation error path.
Use new oom killer adjustment interface (oom_score_adj) when available.
Add systemd unit files for dmeventd.
Fix read-only identical table reload supression.
Version 1.02.65 - 8th July 2011
Remove dev name prefix from dmsetup line output if exactly one dev requested.
Report internal error if suspending a device using an already-suspended dev.
Report error if a table load requiring target parameters has none supplied.
Add dmsetup --checks and dm_task_enable_checks framework to validate ioctls.
Add age_in_minutes parameter to dmsetup udevcomplete_all.
Return immediately from dm_lib_exit() if called more than once.
Disable udev fallback by default and add --verifyudev option to dmsetup.
Report internal error if any table is loaded while any dev is known suspended.
Add dm_get_suspended_counter() for number of devs in suspended state by lib.
Fix "all" report field prefix matching to include label fields with pv_all.
Delay resuming new preloaded mirror devices with core logs in deptree code.
Accept new kernel version 3 uname formats in initialisation.
Version 1.02.64 - 29th April 2011
Require libudev >= 143 when compiling with udev support.
Use word alignment for dm_pool_strdup() and dm_pool_strndup().
Use dm_snprintf() to fix signedness warning in dm_set_dev_dir().
Use unsigned loop counter to fix signedness warning in _other_node_ops().
Fix const cast in dmsetup calls of dm_report_field_string().
Streamline /dev/mapper/control node code for common cases.
Use hard-coded dm control node device number for 2.6.36 kernels and above.
Improve stack debug reporting in dm_task_create().
Fallback to control node creation only if node doesn't exist yet.
Change dm_hash binary functions to take void *key instead of char *.
Fix uninitialised memory use with empty params in _reload_with_suppression_v4.
Lower severity of selabel_lookup and matchpathcon failure to log_debug.
Add test for failed allocation from dm_task_set_uuid() in dmeventd.
Add dm_event_get_version to dmeventd for use with -R.
Avoid dmeventd core dumps when handling request with unknown command ID.
Have dmeventd -R start up even when no existing copy is running.
Accept multiple mapped device names on many dmsetup command lines.
Fix dm_udev_wait calls in dmsetup to occur before readahead display not after.
Include an implicit dm_task_update_nodes() within dm_udev_wait().
Fix _create_and_load_v4 not to lose the --addnodeoncreate setting (1.02.62).
Add inactive table query support for kernel driver >= 4.11.6 (RHEL 5.7).
Log debug open_count in _node_has_closed_parents().
Add a const to dm_report_field_string() data parameter.
Version 1.02.63 - 9th February 2011
Reinstate DEBUG_MEM as it's part of the API. (1.02.62)
Version 1.02.62 - 4th February 2011
Add configure --with-device-nodes-on=create for previous behaviour.
Move creation of device nodes from 'create' to 'resume'.
Add --addnodeonresume and --addnodeoncreate options to dmsetup.
Add dm_task_set_add_node to libdevmapper to control dev node creation time.
Add dm_task_secure_data to libdevmapper to wipe ioctl buffers in kernel.
Log debug message when expected uevent is not generated.
Only compile memory debugging code when DEBUG_MEM is set.
Set DM_UDEV_DISABLE_OTHER_RULES_FLAG for suspended DM devices in udev rules.
Begin a new pool object for each row in _output_as_rows() correctly.
Version 1.02.61 - 10th January 2011
Add DM_COOKIE_AUTO_CREATE to libdevmapper.h.
Export DM_CONTROL_NODE_UMASK and use it while creating /dev/mapper/control.
Version 1.02.60 - 20th December 2010
Check for unlink failure in remove_lockfile() in dmeventd.
Use dm_free for dm_malloc-ed areas in _clog_ctr/_clog_dtr in cmirrord.
Use char* arithmetic in _process_all() & _targets() in dmsetup.
Change dm_regex_create() API to accept const char * const *patterns.
Add new dm_prepare_selinux_context fn to libdevmapper and use it throughout.
Detect existence of new SELinux selabel interface during configure.
Version 1.02.59 - 6th December 2010
Add backtraces to _process_mapper_dir and _create_and_load_v4 error paths.
Remove superfluous checks for NULL before calling dm_free.
Version 1.02.58 - 22nd November 2010
Fix _output_field crash from field_id free with DEBUG_MEM. (1.02.57)
Version 1.02.57 - 8th November 2010
Fix regex optimiser not to ignore RHS of OR nodes in _find_leftmost_common.
Add dmeventd -R to restart dmeventd without losing monitoring state. (1.02.56)
Fix memory leak of field_id in _output_field function.
Allocate buffer for reporting functions dynamically to support long outputs.
Version 1.02.56 - 25th October 2010
Return const pointer from dm_basename() in libdevmapper.
Implement dmeventd -R to restart without state loss.
Add dm_zalloc and use it and dm_pool_zalloc throughout.
Add --setuuid to dmsetup rename.
Add dm_task_set_newuuid to set uuid of mapped device post-creation.
Version 1.02.55 - 24th September 2010
Fix the way regions are marked complete to avoid slow --nosync cmirror I/O.
Add DM_REPORT_FIELD_TYPE_ID_LEN to libdevmapper.h.
Version 1.02.54 - 18th August 2010
Fix dm-mod autoloading logic to not assume control node is set correctly.
Add dmeventd/executable to lvm.conf to test alternative dmeventd.
Export dm_event_handler_set_dmeventd_path to override built-in dmeventd path.
Generate libdevmapper-event exported symbols.
Remove superfluous NULL pointer tests before dm_free from dmeventd.
Assume dm-mod autoloading support is in kernel 2.6.36 and higher, not 2.6.35.
Fix udev rules to support udev database content generated by older rules.
Reinstate detection of inappropriate uevent with DISK_RO set and suppress it.
Fix regex ttree off-by-one error.
Add --enable-valgrind-pool to configure.
Fix segfault in regex matcher with characters of ordinal value > 127.
Fix 'void*' arithmetic warnings in dbg_malloc.c and libdm-iface.c.
Wait for node creation before displaying debug info in dmsetup.
Fix return status 0 for "dmsetup info -c -o help".
Add check for kernel semaphore support and disable udev_sync if not available.
Version 1.02.53 - 28th July 2010
Revert failed table load preparation after "create, load and resume".
Switch dmeventd to use dm_create_lockfile and drop duplicate code.
Add dm_create_lockfile to libdm to handle pidfiles for all daemons.
Replace lookup with next in struct dfa_state & calculate states on demand.
Improve the regex matcher, reducing the number of charset nodes used.
Add dm_regex_fingerprint to facilitate regex testing.
Skip ffs(0) in _test_word in bitset functions.
Use "nowatch" udev rule for inappropriate devices.
Version 1.02.52 - 6th July 2010
Fix dmlosetup snprintf %llu compiler warning.
Add parentheses to some libdevmapper.h macro arguments.
Add printf format attributes to dm_{sn,as}printf and fix a caller.
Move dmeventd man page from install_lvm2 to install_device-mapper. (1.02.50)
Version 1.02.51 - 30th June 2010
Generate libdevmapper exported symbols from header file.
Version 1.02.50 - 23rd June 2010
Fix INTERNAL_ERROR typo in ioctl iface unknown task message.
Fix udev rules to handle spurious events properly.
Use C99 [] not [0] in dm_ulog_request struct to avoid abort when fortified.
Allow use of devmapper header file in C++ mode (extern "C" and __typeof__).
Add dmeventd man page.
Version 1.02.49 - 4th June 2010
Support autoloading of dm-mod module for kernels from 2.6.35.
Document 'clear' in dmsetup man page.
Fix semctl parameter (union) to avoid misaligned parameter on some arches.
Add dm_tree_node_set_presuspend_node() to presuspend child when deactivating.
Initial support for replicator target.
Version 1.02.48 - 17th May 2010
Use -d to control level of messages sent to syslog by dmeventd.
Change -d to -f to run dmeventd in foreground.
Do not print encryption key in message debug output (cryptsetup luksResume).
Fix dmeventd static build library dependencies.
Fix udev flags on remove in create_and_load error path.
Version 1.02.47 - 30th April 2010
Add support for new IMPORT{db} udev rule.
Add DM_UDEV_PRIMARY_SOURCE_FLAG udev flag to recognize proper DM events.
Also include udev libs in libdevmapper.pc when udev_sync is enabled.
Cache bitset locations to speed up _calc_states.
Add a regex optimisation pass for shared prefixes and suffixes.
Add dm_bit_and and dm_bitset_equal to libdevmapper.
Simplify dm_bitset_create.
Speed up dm_bit_get_next with ffs().
Version 1.02.46 - 14th April 2010
Change dm_tree_deactivate_children to fail if device is open.
Wipe memory buffers for dm-ioctl parameters before releasing.
Strictly require libudev if udev_sync is used.
Add support for ioctl's DM_UEVENT_GENERATED_FLAG.
Version 1.02.45 - 9th March 2010
Add --showkeys parameter description to dmsetup man page.
Add --help option as synonym for help command.
Version 1.02.44 - 15th February 2010
Add DM_UDEV_DISABLE_LIBRARY_FALLBACK udev flag to rely on udev only.
Export dm_udev_create_cookie function to create new cookies on demand.
Add --udevcookie, udevcreatecookie and udevreleasecookie to dmsetup.
Set udev state automatically instead of using DM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING.
Version 1.02.43 - 21st January 2010
Remove bitset, hash and pool headers superceded by libdevmapper.h.
Fix off-by-one error causing bad cluster mirror table construction.
Version 1.02.42 - 14th January 2010
Add support for the "snapshot-merge" kernel target (2.6.33-rc1).
Introduce a third activation_priority level in dm_tree_activate_children.
Version 1.02.41 - 12th January 2010
If DM_UDEV_DISABLE_CHECKING is set in environment, disable udev warnings.
Add dm_tree_add_dev_with_udev_flags to provide wider support for udev flags.
Add --noudevrules option for dmsetup to disable /dev node management by udev.
Fix 'dmsetup info -c -o all' to show all fields.
Return errors if dm_tree_*_children functions fail.
Fix coredump and memory leak for 'dmsetup help -c'.
Disable udev rules for change events with DISK_RO set.
Version 1.02.40 - 19th November 2009
Fix install_device-mapper Makefile target to not build dmeventd plugins.
Support udev flags even when udev_sync is disabled or not compiled in.
Remove 'last_rule' from udev rules: honour DM_UDEV_DISABLE_OTHER_RULES_FLAG.
Add dmsetup --inactive support.
Add dm_task_query_inactive_table to libdevmapper for kernel driver >= 4.16.
Fix hash lookup segfault when keys compared are different lengths.
Version 1.02.39 - 26th October 2009
Remove strict default permissions for DM devices from 95-dm-notify.rules.
Add dmsetup udevflags command to decode udev flags in given cookie value.
Support udev flags in libdevmapper incl. dm_tree_add_new_dev_with_udev_flags.
Make libdm ABI consistent when built with/without selinux support.
Version 1.02.38 - 25th September 2009
Export DM_DEV_DIR_UMASK, the default umask for /dev directories created.
Handle any path supplied to dm_task_set_name by looking up in /dev/mapper.
Add several examples to 12-dm-permissions.rules.
Add splitname and --yes to dmsetup man page.
Fix _mirror_emit_segment_line return code.
Fix dmeventd _temporary_log_fn parameters. (2.02.50)
Version 1.02.37 - 15th September 2009
Add dmsetup manpage entries for udevcomplete_all and udevcookies.
Check udev is running when processing cookies and retain state internally.
Add y|--yes option to dmsetup for default 'yes' answer to prompts.
Fix tools Makefile to process dmsetup sources separately.
Restore umask when device node creation fails.
Check kernel vsn to use 'block_on_error' or 'handle_errors' in mirror table.
Add dm-log-userspace.h to tree for cmirrord builds.
Version 1.02.36 - 6th August 2009
Add udevcookies, udevcomplete, udevcomplete_all and --noudevwait to dmsetup.
Add libdevmapper functions to support synchronisation with udev.
Version 1.02.35 - 28th July 2009
Use log_error macro consistently throughout in place of log_err.
Version 1.02.34 - 15th July 2009
Use _exit() not exit() after forking to avoid flushing libc buffers twice.
Rename plog macro to LOG_LINE & add LOG_MESG variant for dm_dump_memory_debug.
Change plog to use dm_log_with_errno unless deprecated dm_log_init was used.
Add dm_log_with_errno and dm_log_with_errno_init, deprecating the old fns.
Fix whitespace in linear target line to fix identical table line detection.
Add device number to more log messages during activation.
Version 1.02.33 - 30th June 2009
Don't fallback to default major number: use dm_task_set_major_minor. (1.02.31)
Do not fork daemon when dmeventd cannot be found.
Add crypt target handling to libdevmapper tree nodes.
Add splitname command to dmsetup.
Add subsystem, vg_name, lv_name, lv_layer fields to dmsetup reports.
Make mempool optional in dm_split_lvm_name().
Version 1.02.32 - 21st May 2009
Only generate libdevmapper.a when configured to link statically.
Export dm_tree_node_size_changed() from libdevmapper.
Propagate the table size_changed property up the dm device tree.
Detect failure to free memory pools when releasing the library.
Fix segfault when getopt processes dmsetup -U, -G and -M options.
Version 1.02.31 - 3rd March 2009
If kernel supports only one dm major number, use in place of any supplied.
Version 1.02.30 - 26th January 2009
Add "all" field to reports expanding to all fields of report type.
Enforce device name length and character limitations in libdm.
Replace _dm_snprintf with EMIT_PARAMS macro for creating target lines.
Version 1.02.29 - 10th November 2008
Merge device-mapper into the LVM2 tree.
Split out dm-logging.h from log.h.
Use lvm-types.h.
Add usrsbindir to configure.
Version 1.02.28 - 18th September 2008
Only resume devices in dm_tree_preload_children if size changes.
Extend deptree buffers so the largest possible device numbers fit.
Generate versioned
Underline longer report help text headings.
Version 1.02.27 - 25th June 2008
Align struct memblock in dbg_malloc for sparc.
Add --unquoted and --rows to dmsetup.
Avoid compiler warning about cast in dmsetup.c's OFFSET_OF macro.
Fix inverted no_flush debug message.
Remove --enable-jobs from configure. (Set at runtime instead.)
Bring and list.h into line with the lvm2 versions.
Version 1.02.26 - 6th June 2008
Initialise params buffer to empty string in _emit_segment.
Skip add_dev_node when ioctls disabled.
Make dm_hash_iter safe against deletion.
Accept a NULL pointer to dm_free silently.
Add tables_loaded, readonly and suspended columns to reports.
Add --nameprefixes to dmsetup.
Add field name prefix option to reporting functions.
Calculate string size within dm_pool_grow_object.
Version 1.02.25 - 10th April 2008
Remove redundant if-before-free tests.
Use log_warn for reporting field help text instead of log_print.
Change cluster mirror log type name (s/clustered_/clustered-/)
Version 1.02.24 - 20th December 2007
Fix deptree to pass new name to _resume_node after a rename.
Suppress other node operations if node is deleted.
Add node operation stack debug messages.
Report error when empty device name passed to readahead functions.
Fix minimum readahead debug message.
Version 1.02.23 - 5th December 2007
Update dm-ioctl.h after removal of compat code.
Add readahead support to libdevmapper and dmsetup.
Fix double free in a libdevmapper-event error path.
Fix configure --with-dmeventd-path substitution.
Allow a DM_DEV_DIR environment variable to override /dev in dmsetup.
Create a$LIB_VERSION symlink within the build tree.
Avoid static link failure with some SELinux libraries that require libpthread.
Remove obsolete dmfs code from tree and update INSTALL.
Version 1.02.22 - 21st August 2007
Fix inconsistent licence notices: executables are GPLv2; libraries LGPLv2.1.
Update to use autoconf 2.61, while still supporting 2.57.
Avoid repeated dm_task free on some dm_event_get_registered_device errors.
Introduce log_sys_* macros from LVM2.
Export dm_fclose and dm_create_dir; remove libdm-file.h.
Don't log EROFS mkdir failures in _create_dir_recursive (for LVM2).
Add fclose wrapper dm_fclose that catches write failures (using ferror).
Version 1.02.21 - 13th July 2007
Introduce _LOG_STDERR to send log_warn() messages to stderr not stdout.
Fix dmsetup -o devno string termination. (1.02.20)
Version 1.02.20 - 15th June 2007
Fix default dmsetup report buffering and add --unbuffered.
Add tree-based and dependency fields to dmsetup reports.
Version 1.02.19 - 27th April 2007
Standardise protective include file #defines.
Add regex functions to library.
Avoid trailing separator in reports when there are hidden sort fields.
Fix segfault in 'dmsetup status' without --showkeys against crypt target.
Deal with some more compiler warnings.
Introduce _add_field() and _is_same_field() to libdm-report.c.
Fix some libdevmapper-event and dmeventd memory leaks.
Remove unnecessary memset() return value checks.
Fix a few leaks in reporting error paths. [1.02.15+]
Version 1.02.18 - 13th February 2007
Improve dmeventd messaging protocol: drain pipe and tag messages.
Version 1.02.17 - 29th January 2007
Add recent reporting options to dmsetup man page.
Revise some report fields names.
Add dmsetup 'help' command and update usage text.
Use fixed-size fields in report interface and reorder.
Version 1.02.16 - 25th January 2007
Add some missing close() and fclose() return value checks.
Migrate dmsetup column-based output over to new libdevmapper report framework.
Add descriptions to reporting field definitions.
Add a dso-private variable to dmeventd dso interface.
Add dm_event_handler_[gs]et_timeout functions.
Streamline dm_report_field_* interface.
Add cmdline debug & version options to dmeventd.
Add DM_LIB_VERSION definition to configure.h.
Suppress 'Unrecognised field' error if report field is 'help'.
Add --separator and --sort to dmsetup (unused).
Make alignment flag optional when specifying report fields.
Version 1.02.15 - 17th January 2007
Add basic reporting functions to libdevmapper.
Fix a malloc error path in dmsetup message.
More libdevmapper-event interface changes and fixes.
Rename dm_saprintf() to dm_asprintf().
Report error if NULL pointer is supplied to dm_strdup_aux().
Reinstate dm_event_get_registered_device.
Version 1.02.14 - 11th January 2007
Add dm_saprintf().
Use CFLAGS when linking so mixed sparc builds can supply -m64.
Add dm_tree_use_no_flush_suspend().
Lots of dmevent changes including revised interface.
Export dm_basename().
Cope with a trailing space when comparing tables prior to possible reload.
Fix dmeventd to cope if monitored device disappears.
Version 1.02.13 - 28 Nov 2006
Update dmsetup man page (setgeometry & message).
Fix dmsetup free after getline with debug.
Suppress encryption key in 'dmsetup table' output unless --showkeys supplied.
Version 1.02.12 - 13 Oct 2006
Avoid deptree attempting to suspend a device that's already suspended.
Version 1.02.11 - 12 Oct 2006
Add suspend noflush support.
Add basic dmsetup loop support.
Switch dmsetup to use dm_malloc and dm_free.
Version 1.02.10 - 19 Sep 2006
Add dm_snprintf(), dm_split_words() and dm_split_lvm_name() to libdevmapper.
Reorder mm bounds_check code to reduce window for a dmeventd race.
Version 1.02.09 - 15 Aug 2006
Add --table argument to dmsetup for a one-line table.
Abort if errors are found during cmdline option processing.
Add lockfs indicator to debug output.
Version 1.02.08 - 17 July 2006
Append full patch to check in emails.
Avoid duplicate dmeventd subdir with 'make distclean'.
Update dmsetup man page.
Add --force to dmsetup remove* to load error target.
dmsetup remove_all also performs mknodes.
Don't suppress identical table reloads if permission changes.
Fix corelog segment line.
Suppress some compiler warnings.
Version 1.02.07 - 11 May 2006
Add DM_CORELOG flag to dm_tree_node_add_mirror_target().
Avoid a dmeventd compiler warning.
Version 1.02.06 - 10 May 2006
Move DEFS into configure.h.
Fix leaks in error paths found by coverity.
Remove dmsetup line buffer limitation.
Version 1.02.05 - 19 Apr 2006
Separate install_include target in makefiles.
Separate out DEFS from CFLAGS.
Support pkg-config.
Check for libsepol.
Version 1.02.04 - 14 Apr 2006
Bring dmsetup man page up-to-date.
Use name-based device refs if kernel doesn't support device number refs.
Fix memory leak (struct dm_ioctl) when struct dm_task is reused.
If _create_and_load_v4 fails part way through, revert the creation.
dmeventd thread/fifo fixes.
Add file & line to dm_strdup_aux().
Add setgeometry.
Version 1.02.03 - 7 Feb 2006
Add exported functions to set uid, gid and mode.
Rename _log to dm_log and export.
Add dm_tree_skip_lockfs.
Fix dm_strdup debug definition.
Fix hash function to avoid using a negative array offset.
Don't inline _find in hash.c and tidy signed/unsigned etc.
Fix libdevmapper.h #endif.
Fix dmsetup version driver version.
Add sync, nosync and block_on_error mirror log parameters.
Add hweight32.
Fix dmeventd build.
Version 1.02.02 - 2 Dec 2005
dmeventd added.
Export dm_task_update_nodes.
Use names instead of numbers in messages when ioctls fail.
Version 1.02.01 - 23 Nov 2005
Resume snapshot-origins last.
Drop leading zeros from dm_format_dev.
Suppress attempt to reload identical table.
Additional LVM- prefix matching for transitional period.
Version 1.02.00 - 10 Nov 2005
Added activation functions to library.
Added return macros.
Also suppress error if device doesn't exist with DM_DEVICE_STATUS.
Export dm_set_selinux_context().
Add dm_driver_version().
Added dependency tree functions to library.
Added hash, bitset, pool, dbg_malloc to library.
Added ls --tree to dmsetup.
Added dmsetup --nolockfs support for suspend/reload.
Version 1.01.05 - 26 Sep 2005
Resync list.h with LVM2.
Remember increased buffer size and use for subsequent calls.
On 'buffer full' condition, double buffer size and repeat ioctl.
Fix termination of getopt_long() option array.
Report 'buffer full' condition with v4 ioctl as well as with v1.
Version 1.01.04 - 2 Aug 2005
Fix dmsetup ls -j and status --target with empty table.
Version 1.01.03 - 13 Jun 2005
Use matchpathcon mode parameter.
Fix configure script to re-enable selinux.
Version 1.01.02 - 17 May 2005
Call dm_lib_exit() and dm_lib_release() automatically now.
Add --target <target_type> filter to dmsetup table/status/ls.
Add --exec <command> to dmsetup ls.
Fix dmsetup getopt_long usage.
Version 1.01.01 - 29 Mar 2005
Update dmsetup man page.
Drop-in devmap_name replacement.
Add option to compile without ioctl for testing.
Version 1.01.00 - 17 Jan 2005
Add dm_task_no_open_count() to skip getting open_count.
Version 1.00.21 - 7 Jan 2005
Fix /proc/devices parsing.
Version 1.00.20 - 6 Jan 2005
Attempt to fix /dev/mapper/control transparently if it's wrong.
Configuration-time option for setting uid/gid/mode for /dev/mapper nodes.
Update kernel patches for 2.4.27/2.4.28-pre-4 (includes minor fixes).
Add --noheadings columns option for colon-separated dmsetup output.
Support device referencing by uuid or major/minor.
Warn if kernel data didn't fit in buffer.
Fix a printf.
Version 1.00.19 - 3 July 2004
More autoconf fixes.
Fix a dmsetup newline.
Fix device number handling for 2.6 kernels.
Version 1.00.18 - 20 Jun 2004
Fix a uuid free in libdm-iface.
Fix a targets string size calc in driver.
Add -c to dmsetup for column-based output.
Add target message-passing ioctl.
Version 1.00.17 - 17 Apr 2004
configure --with-owner= --with-group= to avoid -o and -g args to 'install'
Fix library selinux linking.
Version 1.00.16 - 16 Apr 2004
Ignore error setting selinux file context if fs doesn't support it.
Version 1.00.15 - 7 Apr 2004
Fix status overflow check in kernel patches.
Version 1.00.14 - 6 Apr 2004
Fix static selinux build.
Version 1.00.13 - 6 Apr 2004
Add some basic selinux support.
Version 1.00.12 - 6 Apr 2004
Fix dmsetup.static install.
Version 1.00.11 - 5 Apr 2004
configure --enable-static_link does static build in addition to dynamic.
Moved Makefile library targets definition into template.
Version 1.00.10 - 2 Apr 2004
Fix DESTDIR handling.
Static build installs to dmsetup.static.
Basic support for internationalisation.
Minor Makefile tidy-ups/fixes.
Version 1.00.09 - 31 Mar 2004
Update copyright notices to Red Hat.
Move full mknodes functionality from dmsetup into libdevmapper.
Avoid sscanf %as for uClibc compatibility.
Cope if DM_LIST_VERSIONS is not defined.
Add DM_LIST_VERSIONS functionality to kernel patches.
Generate new kernel patches for 2.4.26-rc1.
Version 1.00.08 - 27 Feb 2004
Added 'dmsetup targets'.
Added event_nr support to 'dmsetup wait'.
Updated dmsetup man page.
Allow logging function to be reset to use internal one.
Bring log macros in line with LVM2 ones.
Added 'make install_static_lib' which installs libdevmapper.a.
Made configure/makefiles closer to LVM2 versions.
Fixed DESTDIR for make install/install_static_lib.
Updated README/INSTALL to reflect move to
Updated autoconf files to 2003-06-17.