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# XXX ltrace misses long double and long long support
typedef ldouble = double;
typedef llong = long;
# This should generally work, I'm not aware of any arch, where the
# parameter passing of complex arguments differs from that for
# structure of two floats.
typedef double_complex = struct(double, double);
typedef float_complex = struct(float, float);
typedef ldouble_complex = struct(ldouble, ldouble);
double sin(double);
float sinf(float);
ldouble sinl(ldouble);
double cos(double);
float cosf(float);
ldouble cosl(ldouble);
void sincos(double, +double*, double*);
void sincosf(float, +float*, float*);
void sincosl(ldouble, +ldouble*, ldouble*);
double tan(double);
float tanf(float);
ldouble tanl(ldouble);
double asin(double);
float asinf(float);
ldouble asinl(ldouble);
double acos(double);
float acosf(float);
ldouble acosl(ldouble);
double atan(double);
float atanf(float);
ldouble atanl(ldouble);
double atan2(double, double);
float atan2f(float, float);
ldouble atan2l(ldouble, ldouble);
double sinh(double);
float sinhf(float);
ldouble sinhl(ldouble);
double cosh(double);
float coshf(float);
ldouble coshl(ldouble);
double tanh(double);
float tanhf(float);
ldouble tanhl(ldouble);
double asinh(double);
float asinhf(float);
ldouble asinhl(ldouble);
double acosh(double);
float acoshf(float);
ldouble acoshl(ldouble);
double atanh(double);
float atanhf(float);
ldouble atanhl(ldouble);
double_complex csin(double_complex);
float_complex csinf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex csinl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex ccos(double_complex);
float_complex ccosf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex ccosl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex ctan(double_complex);
float_complex ctanf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex ctanl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex casin(double_complex);
float_complex casinf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex casinl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex cacos(double_complex);
float_complex cacosf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex cacosl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex catan(double_complex);
float_complex catanf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex catanl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex csinh(double_complex);
float_complex csinhf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex csinhl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex ccosh(double_complex);
float_complex ccoshf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex ccoshl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex ctanh(double_complex);
float_complex ctanhf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex ctanhl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex casinh(double_complex);
float_complex casinhf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex casinhl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex cacosh(double_complex);
float_complex cacoshf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex cacoshl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex catanh(double_complex);
float_complex catanhf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex catanhl(ldouble_complex);
double creal(double_complex);
float crealf(float_complex);
ldouble creall(ldouble_complex);
double cimag(double_complex);
float cimagf(float_complex);
ldouble cimagl(ldouble_complex);
double round(double);
float roundf(float);
ldouble roundl(ldouble);
long lround(double);
long lroundf(float);
long lroundl(ldouble);
llong llround(double);
llong llroundf(float);
llong llroundl(ldouble);
double trunc(double);
float truncf(float);
ldouble truncl(ldouble);
double floor(double);
float floorf(float);
ldouble floorl(ldouble);
double ceil(double);
float ceilf(float);
ldouble ceill(ldouble);
double pow(double, double);
float powf(float, float);
ldouble powl(ldouble, ldouble);
double_complex cpow(double_complex, double_complex);
float_complex cpowf(float_complex, float_complex);
ldouble_complex cpowl(ldouble_complex, ldouble_complex);
double pow10(double);
float pow10f(float);
ldouble pow10l(ldouble);
double sqrt(double);
float sqrtf(float);
ldouble sqrtl(ldouble);
double_complex csqrt(double_complex);
float_complex csqrtf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex csqrtl(ldouble_complex);
double cbrt(double);
float cbrtf(float);
ldouble cbrtl(ldouble);
double log(double);
float logf(float);
ldouble logl(ldouble);
double log10(double);
float log10f(float);
ldouble log10l(ldouble);
double log2(double);
float log2f(float);
ldouble log2l(ldouble);
double logb(double);
float logbf(float);
ldouble logbl(ldouble);
int ilogb(double);
int ilogbf(float);
int ilogbl(ldouble);
double log1p(double);
float log1pf(float);
ldouble log1pl(ldouble);
double_complex clog(double_complex);
float_complex clogf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex clogl(ldouble_complex);
double_complex clog10(double_complex);
float_complex clog10f(float_complex);
ldouble_complex clog10l(ldouble_complex);
double gamma(double);
float gammaf(float);
ldouble gammal(ldouble);
double lgamma(double);
float lgammaf(float);
ldouble lgammal(ldouble);
double lgamma_r(double, +int*);
float lgammaf_r(float, +int*);
ldouble lgammal_r(ldouble, +int*);
double tgamma(double);
float tgammaf(float);
ldouble tgammal(ldouble);
double j0(double);
float j0f(float);
ldouble j0l(ldouble);
double j1(double);
float j1f(float);
ldouble j1l(ldouble);
double jn(int, double);
float jnf(int, float);
ldouble jnl(int, ldouble);
double y0(double);
float y0f(float);
ldouble y0l(ldouble);
double y1(double);
float y1f(float);
ldouble y1l(ldouble);
double yn(int, double);
float ynf(int, float);
ldouble ynl(int, ldouble);
double fdim(double, double);
float fdimf(float, float);
ldouble fdiml(ldouble, ldouble);
double remainder(double, double);
float remainderf(float, float);
ldouble remainderl(ldouble, ldouble);
double drem(double, double);
float dremf(float, float);
ldouble dreml(ldouble, ldouble);
double nearbyint(double);
float nearbyintf(float);
ldouble nearbyintl(ldouble);
double rint(double);
float rintf(float);
ldouble rintl(ldouble);
long lrint(double);
long lrintf(float);
long lrintl(ldouble);
llong llrint(double);
llong llrintf(float);
llong llrintl(ldouble);
double exp(double);
float expf(float);
ldouble expl(ldouble);
double exp10(double);
float exp10f(float);
ldouble exp10l(ldouble);
double exp2(double);
float exp2f(float);
ldouble exp2l(ldouble);
double expm1(double);
float expm1f(float);
ldouble expm1l(ldouble);
double frexp(double, +int *);
float frexpf(float, +int *);
ldouble frexpl(ldouble, +int *);
double ldexp(double, int);
float ldexpf(float, int);
ldouble ldexpl(ldouble, int);
double_complex cexp(double_complex);
float_complex cexpf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex cexpl(ldouble_complex);
double significand(double);
float significandf(float);
ldouble significandl(ldouble);
int finite(double);
int finitef(float);
int finitel(ldouble);
int isinf(double);
int isinff(float);
int isinfl(ldouble);
int isnan(double);
int isnanf(float);
int isnanl(ldouble);
double nan(string);
float nanf(string);
ldouble nanl(string);
double fabs(double);
float fabsf(float);
ldouble fabsl(ldouble);
double cabs(double_complex);
float cabsf(float_complex);
ldouble cabsl(ldouble_complex);
double modf(double, +double *);
float modff(float, +float *);
ldouble modfl(ldouble, +ldouble *);
double fmod(double, double);
float fmodf(float, float);
ldouble fmodl(ldouble, ldouble);
double remquo(double, double, +int *);
float remquof(float, float, +int *);
ldouble remquol(ldouble, ldouble, +int *);
double erf(double);
float erff(float);
ldouble erfl(ldouble);
double erfc(double);
float erfcf(float);
ldouble erfcl(ldouble);
double fmax(double, double);
float fmaxf(float, float);
ldouble fmaxl(ldouble, ldouble);
double fmin(double, double);
float fminf(float, float);
ldouble fminl(ldouble, ldouble);
double carg(double_complex);
float cargf(float_complex);
ldouble cargl(ldouble_complex);
double hypot(double, double);
float hypotf(float, float);
ldouble hypotl(ldouble, ldouble);
double scalb(double, double);
float scalbf(float, double);
ldouble scalbl(ldouble, double);
double scalbn(double, int);
float scalbnf(float, int);
ldouble scalbnl(ldouble, int);
double scalbln(double, long);
float scalblnf(float, long);
ldouble scalblnl(ldouble, long);
double fma(double, double, double);
float fmaf(float, float, float);
ldouble fmal(ldouble, ldouble, ldouble);
double_complex cproj(double_complex);
float_complex cprojf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex cprojl(ldouble_complex);
double copysign(double, double);
float copysignf(float, float);
ldouble copysignl(ldouble, ldouble);
double nextafter(double, double);
float nextafterf(float, float);
ldouble nextafterl(ldouble, ldouble);
double nexttoward(double, ldouble);
float nexttowardf(float, ldouble);
ldouble nexttowardl(ldouble, ldouble);
double_complex conj(double_complex);
float_complex conjf(float_complex);
ldouble_complex conjl(ldouble_complex);
; 15: 000000000003c000 15 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __finitel@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 44: 0000000000027be0 286 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __clog10@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 50: 00000000000068d0 85 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 feholdexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 56: 0000000000028900 10 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __signbit@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 61: 0000000000006ae0 53 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 feenableexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 65: 0000000000006760 29 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fegetexceptflag@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 68: 0000000000006a60 52 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 feupdateenv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 75: 0000000000006840 25 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fetestexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 89: 0000000000025500 80 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __fpclassify@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 99: 0000000000033370 310 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __clog10f@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 104: 000000000003b600 307 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __clog10l@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 127: 0000000000028560 29 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __finite@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 134: 0000000000006870 66 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fesetround@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 136: 0000000000006780 99 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 feraiseexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 146: 0000000000006aa0 49 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fedisableexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 155: 0000000000006730 40 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 feclearexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 175: 0000000000006860 14 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fegetround@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 199: 0000000000006b20 16 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fegetexcept@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 213: 00000000000067f0 71 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fesetexceptflag@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 229: 00000000000068c0 9 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fegetenv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 249: 0000000000006930 303 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 fesetenv@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 256: 00000000000308c0 56 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __fpclassifyf@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 261: 0000000000039020 94 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __fpclassifyl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 263: 0000000000033a80 8 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __signbitf@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 267: 000000000003c2f0 29 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __signbitl@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 318: 0000000000006720 3 FUNC WEAK DEFAULT 13 matherr@@GLIBC_2.2.5
; 328: 00000000000337f0 18 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 13 __finitef@@GLIBC_2.2.5