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libusb 1.0.9
This release has taken much too long to finish, but this also means that it
has a long list of bugs fixes and many other improvements.
Perhaps the most exciting improvement is the addition of the backend for
Microsoft Windows, which closes ticket #1.
A very special thanks goes to Pete Batard, Michael Plante, Tim Roberts,
Orin Eman, Graeme Gill, and everyone else in the community who help work
on the Windows support!
Because Windows is a peculiar beast you may encounter some bugs when using
this first release with the Windows backend. In that case, please get in
touch with the libusb community so that we can help resolve them. File a
ticket at or let us know via email or on IRC.
Visit for all contact details.
Another exciting improvement is the new OpenBSD backend, which also works
on NetBSD systems.
All known downstream bugs and all known severe bugs reported directly to have been fixed in this release, so please report new ones!
This release would not have been what it is without help, code, reports,
and advice from friends like these:
Alan Ott, Alan Stern, Brian Shirley, Dave Camarillo, Graeme Gill,
Hans de Goede, Hector Martin, James Hanko, Konrad Rzepecki,
Ludovic Rousseau, Martin Pieuchot, Mike Frysinger, Orin Eman,
Pekka Nikander, Pete Batard, Sean McBride, Sebastian Pipping,
Stephan Meyer, Thomas Röfer, Trygve Laugstøl, Vitali Lovich, Xiaofan Chen