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# GNU Makefile for DOS-libpcap. djgpp version.
# Use this makefile from the libpcap root directory.
# E.g. like this:
# c:\net\pcap> make -f msdos/
# Note: you should do a "set LFN=y" before running this makefile.
VPATH = missing msdos bpf/net
PREREQUISITES = scanner.c grammar.c tokdefs.h version.h msdos/
include ./msdos/
DRIVER_DIR = ./msdos/pm_drvr
CFLAGS += -Dyylval=pcap_lval # -DBDEBUG -DNDEBUG
SOURCES = grammar.c scanner.c bpf/net/bpf_filter.c bpf_image.c bpf_dump.c \
etherent.c gencode.c nametoaddr.c pcap-common.c pcap-dos.c optimize.c \
savefile.c pcap.c sf-pcap.c sf-pcapng.c \
msdos/pktdrvr.c msdos/ndis2.c # missing/snprintf.c
OBJECTS = $(addprefix $(OBJ_DIR)/, $(notdir $(SOURCES:.c=.o)))
TEMPBIN = tmp.bin
ifeq ($(USE_32BIT_DRIVERS),1)
PM_OBJECTS = $(addprefix $(OBJ_DIR)/, \
printk.o pci.o pci-scan.o bios32.o dma.o irq.o intwrap.o \
lock.o kmalloc.o quirks.o timer.o net_init.o)
# Static link of drivers
ifeq ($(USE_32BIT_MODULES),0)
PM_OBJECTS += $(addprefix $(OBJ_DIR)/, \
accton.o 8390.o 3c503.o 3c509.o 3c59x.o 3c515.o \
3c575_cb.o 3c90x.o ne.o wd.o cs89x0.o rtl8139.o)
TARGETS = msdos/bin2c.exe libpcap.a filtertest.exe findalldevstest.exe \
nonblocktest.exe opentest.exe
all: $(TARGETS)
@echo 'Welcome to libpcap/djgpp with samples.'
ifeq ($(USE_32BIT_DRIVERS),1)
$(MAKE) -f -C $(DRIVER_DIR) $(notdir $@)
libpcap.a: version.h $(OBJECTS) $(PM_OBJECTS)
rm -f $@
ar rs $@ $^
filtertest.exe: tests/filtertest.c libpcap.a
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -Din_addr_t=u_long -o $@ $^ $(WATT32_ROOT)/lib/libwatt.a
findalldevstest.exe: tests/findalldevstest.c libpcap.a
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $^ $(WATT32_ROOT)/lib/libwatt.a
nonblocktest.exe: tests/nonblocktest.c libpcap.a
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $^ $(WATT32_ROOT)/lib/libwatt.a
opentest.exe: tests/opentest.c libpcap.a
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $^ $(WATT32_ROOT)/lib/libwatt.a
msdos/ msdos/bin2c.exe msdos/pkt_rx1.S
$(ASM) -o $(TEMPBIN) -lmsdos/pkt_rx1.lst msdos/pkt_rx1.S
./msdos/bin2c $(TEMPBIN) > $@
rm -f $(TEMPBIN)
grammar.c tokdefs.h: grammar.y
rm -f grammar.c tokdefs.h
$(YACC) --name-prefix=pcap_ --yacc --defines grammar.y
mv -f grammar.c
mv -f tokdefs.h
version.h: ./VERSION
@echo '/* Generated from VERSION. Do not edit */' > $@
sed -e 's/.*/static char pcap_version_string[] = "libpcap (&)";/' ./VERSION >> $@
scanner.c: scanner.l
$(LEX) -Ppcap_ -7 -t $^ > $@
msdos/bin2c.exe: msdos/bin2c.c
$(CC) $*.c -o $*.exe
rm -f $(OBJECTS) msdos/pkt_rx1.lst Makefile.bak $(PREREQUISITES)
# $(MAKE) -f -C $(DRIVER_DIR) clean
vclean: clean
rm -f $(TARGETS)
-rmdir $(OBJ_DIR)
# Manually generated dependencies
msdos/pktdrvr.c: msdos/
scanner.c: scanner.l
grammar.c tokdefs.h: grammar.y
grammar.h: grammar.y
scanner.l: pcap-int.h pcap-namedb.h gencode.h grammar.h
grammar.y: pcap-int.h gencode.h pcap-namedb.h
# Generate dependencies.
REPLACE = sed -e 's/\(.*\)\.o: /\n$$(OBJ_DIR)\/\1.o: /'