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- Switched to MobiDevelop's RoboVM fork (
- Addition of Intel Multi-OS Engine backend for deploying to iOS
- Updated iOS native build scripts to iOS 9.3 and TVOS 9.2
- API Addition: GestureDetector#pinchStop() called when no longer pinching
- API Addition: API added to Graphics
- API Addition:, grab the GL version and implementation type.
- API Change: Lwjgl3WindowListener -> filesDropped(String[] files) adds drag'n drop support for the lwjgl3 backend
- Added isComplete() to ParticleEffect to make it easier to know when all the emitters are done, behaves the same as in the 2D API.
- API Change: renamed Lwjgl3WindowListener.windowIsClosing() to closeRequested() to better communicate its intent.
- Add IndexData.updateIndices method to increase performance when used with IndexBufferObjectSubData.
- Added FlushablePool
- Added ShapeCache see
- API Change: moved shape builder logic out of MeshBuilder, see:
- API Change: Table reset now calls clearChildren, not clear.
- Fixed crashes in when isPlaying is called. Errors are now logged only rather than crashing the app.
- Added emulation of ScreenUtils for GWT
- Improved performance of glReadPixels() on GWT. New method is 20-30 times faster
- Fixed crash on Mac when using LWJGL2, custom cursors and embedding the game in an AWT window
- Fixed getDisplayModes(Monitor monitor) returning wrong data on LWJGL2 backend
- Fixed Gdx.input.getCurrentEventTime() not being set on LWJGL3, fixes GestureDetector and flick scroll not working
- Fixed not being able to select non-latin characters in TextFields
- Bullet: added CustomActionInterface, see
- Add window size limits option to LWJGL3 app and window configurations
- Added TextureArray wrapper see
- Fixed bug in AndroidGL20.cpp which cast a pointer to a 32-bit int. Crash on 64-bit ARM, but only for a specific code path and address...
- Fixed multiple controllers registering on same index with LWJGL3, see
- Fixed the FreeTypeFontGenerator texture bleeding, see
- API Change: Override GwtApplication#createApplicationListener() to create your ApplicationListener
on GWT, overriding GwtApplication#getApplicationListener() isn't needed anymore, see
- Fixed ARM64 and x86_64 binaries for Android
- API Change: Lwjgl3ApplicationConfiguration#setBackbufferConfig -> setBackBufferConfig
- Fixed HexagonalTiledMapRenderer, see
- Added support for locking the screen orientation in GWT, see
- Added Gdx-Kiwi and gdx-lml to extensions, see
- Added Gyroscope support in Input, implemented for Android, see
- Fixed touch mapping on iOS, see
- Added orientation to Box2D Transform class, see
- Added system cursors to GWT, fix 'Ibeam' system cursor not working on LWJGL3.
- Added experimental AndroidApplicationConfiguration#useGL30 and IOSApplicationConfiguration#useGL30 for testing OpenGL ES 3.0 support on mobile devices, do not use in production.
- Fix broken kerning for FreeType fonts, see
- Added ARM64 and x86_64 binaries for Android
- API Addition: FreeTypeFontParameter has an additional field for tweaking hinting, see
- API Change: Rewrote FreeType shadow rendering (much better).
- Added spaceX/Y to FreeType fonts.
- Higher quality FreeType font rendering.
- Hiero updated to v5, now with FreeType support and other new features!
- GlyphLayout now allocates much, much less memory when processing long text that wraps.
- Added LWJGL 3 backend, see for more info.
- Added Graphics#getBackBufferWidth and Graphics#getBackBufferHeight for HDPI handling
- API Change: Added HdpiUtils. Instead of calling GL20#glViewport and GL20#glScissor yourself
please use HdpiUtils instead. It will ensure that you handle HDPI monitors correctly when
using those OpenGL functions. On HDPI monitors, the size reported by
getWidth/getHeight is in logical coordinates as dictated by the operating system, usually half
the HDPI resolution. The OpenGL drawing surface works in backbuffer coordinates at the full
HDPI resolution. If you pass logical coordinates to glViewport and glScissor, you only
affect a quarter of the real backbuffer size. Use HdpiUtils instead, it will do the right thing, while letting you continue to work in logical (aka returned by coordinates.
- API Change: Graphis#getDesktopDisplayMode() has been renamed to Graphics#getDisplayMode() and
returns the current display mode of the monitor the window is shown on (primary monitor on
all backends except LWJGL3, which supports real multi-monitor setups).
- API Change: Graphics#getDisplayModes() return the display modes of the monitor the monitor
the window is shown on (primary monitor on all backends except LWJGL3 which supports real
multi-monitor setups).
- API Change: Graphics#setDisplayMode(DisplayMode) has been renamed to
Graphics#setFullscreenMode(). If the window is in windowed mode, it will be switched
to fullscreen mode on the monitor from which the DisplayMode stems from.
- API Change: Graphics#setDisplayMode(int, int, boolean) has been renamed to
Graphics#setWindowedMode(int, int). This will NOT allow you to switch to fullscreen anymore,
use Graphics#setFullscreenMode() instead. If the window is in fullscreen mode, it will be
switched to windowed mode on the monitor the window was in fullscreen mode on.
- API Addition: Graphics#Monitor, represents a monitor connected to the machine the app is
running on. A monitor is defined by a name and it's position relative to other connected
monitors. All backends except the LWJGL3 backend will report only the primary monitor
- API Addition: Graphics#getPrimaryMonitor() returns the primary monitor you usually want
to work with.
- API Addition: Graphics#getMonitor() returns the monitor your app's window is shown on,
which may not be the primary monitor in >= 2 monitor systems. All backends except the
LWJGL3 backend will report only the primary monitor.
- API Addition: Graphics#getMonitors() returns all monitors connected to the system. All
backends except the LWJGL3 backend will only report the primary monitor.
- API Addition: Graphics#getDisplayMode(Monitor) returns the display mode of the monitor
the app's window is shown on. All backends except the LWJGL3 backend will report the
primary monitor display mode instead of the actual monitor's display mode. Not a problem
as all other backends run on systems with only a single monitor so far (primary monitor).
- Added option to include credentials on cross-origin http requests (used only for GWT backend).
- Added option to specify crossorigin attribute when loading images with AssetDownloader (GWT), see #3216.
- API Change: removed Sound#setPriority, this was only implemented for the Android backend. However, Android itself never honored priority settings.
- API Change: cursor API has been cleaned up. To create a custom cursor, call Graphics#newCursor(), to set the custom cursor call Graphics#setCursor(), to set a system cursor call Graphics#setSystemCursor(). The Cursor#setSystemCursor method has been removed as that was not the
right place. Note that cursors only work on the LWJGL, LWJGL3 and GWT backends. Note that system cursors only fully work on LWJGL3 as the other two backends lack a means to set a specific system cursor. These backends fall back to displaying an arrow cursor when setting any system cursor.
- API Addition: Added Lwjgl3WindowListener, allows you to hook into per-window iconficiation, focus and close events. Also allows you to prevent closing the window when a close event arrives.
- Added AndroidAudio#newMusic(FileDescriptor) to allow loading music from a file descriptor, see #2970
- Added GLOnlyTextureData, which is now the default for FrameBuffer and FrameBufferCubemap, see #3539
- Added rotationChanged() for Actor class, called when rotation changes, see
- Fixed crash on MacOS when enumerating connected gamepads.
- ParticleEmitter no longer says it's complete when it's set to continuous, see #3516
- Improved JSON parsing and object mapping error messages.
- Updated FreeType from version 2.5.5 to 2.6.2.
- Fixed corrupt FreeType rendering for some font sizes.
- API Change: FreeTypeFontParameter has new fields for rendering borders and shadows.
- FreeTypeFontParameter can render much better fonts at small sizes using gamma settings.
- BitmapFont can now render missing (tofu) glyph for glyphs not in the font.
- FreeTypeFontGenerator depreacted methods removed.
- Fixed BitmapFont color tags changing glyph spacing versus not using color tags. BitmapFont#getGlyphs has a new paramter. See #3455.
- Skin's TintedDrawable now works with TiledDrawable. #3627
- Updated jnigen to Java Parser 2.3.0 (
- FreeType fonts no longer look terrible at small size. This is a big deal!
- Updated to RoboVM 1.12.0, includes tvOS support!
- Fixes AtlasTmxMapLoader region name loading to tileset name instead of filename
- Changes TiledMapPacker output, region names are tileset names, adjusts gid, defaults to one atlas per map
- API Change: members of Renderable and MeshPart are changed, see
- Added Vector#setToRandomDirection(), see #3222
- Updated to stb_image v2.08
- Added Node#copy(), used when creating a ModelInstance from a Model to allow using custom nodes
- Add ModelCache, see
- Updated bullet to v2.83.6
- Updated to RoboVM 1.9, for free life-time license read
- Gdx.input.setCursorImage removed, replaced with and see
- Fixed an issue with UTF8 decoding in GWT emulation of InputStreamReader
- Updated to RoboVM 1.8 for iOS 9 support.
- Objects from animated tiles in TMX maps are now supported.
- Made possible to use any actor for tooltips.
- Improved cross-platform reflection api for annotations.
- NinePatch#scale now also scales middle patch size.
- GLFrameBuffer is now abstract, renamed setupTexture to createColorTexture, added disposeColorTexture
- Added LwjglApplicationConfiguration#gles30Context*Version, see
- Added OpenGL error checking to GLProfiler, see
- Updated to RoboVM 1.6
- TextField cursor and selection size changed.
- FreeTypeFontGenerator setting to improve shadows and borders.
- ScrollPane scrolls smoothly when the scrolled area is much larger than the scrollbars.
- TexturePacker sorts page regions by name.
- GlyphLayout text wrapping changed to not trim whitespace.
- Fixed BitmapFont computing space width incorrectly when padding is used and no space glyph is in the font.
- Fixed TextArea cursor and selection drawing positions.
- Fixed ActorGestureListener pan and zoom when the actor is rotated or scaled.
- Fixed TextField for non-pixel display.
- Allow ellipsis string to be set on Label.
- AssetManager gets hook for handling loading failure.
- TextField now fires a ChangeEvent when the text change. Can be cancelled too!
- Added tooltips to scene2d.ui.
- Updated to RoboVM 1.5
- Updated to RoboVM 1.4
- API Change: TiledMapImageLayer now uses floats instead of ints for positioning
- API Change: Added GLFrameBuffer and FrameBufferCubemap: Framebuffer now extends GLFramebuffer, see #2933
- Added optional hostname argument to Net.newServerSocket method to allow specific ip bindings for server applications made with gdx.
- Changed the way iOS native libs are handled. Removed updateRoboVMXML and copyNatives task from ios/build.gradle. Instead natives are now packaged in jars, within the META-INF/robovm/ios folder. Additionally, a robovm.xml file is stored there that gets merged with the project's robovm.xml file by RoboVM.
- API Change: GlyphLayout xAdvances now have an additional entry at the beginning. This was required to implement tighter text bounds. #3034
- API Change: Label#getTextBounds changed to getGlyphLayout. This exposes all the runs, not just the width and height.
- In the 2D ParticleEditor, all chart points can be dragged at once by holding ctrl. They can be dragged proportionally by holding ctrl-shift.
- Added Merge button to the 2D ParticleEditor, for merging a loaded particle effect file with the currently open particle effect.
- Added ability to retrieve method annotations to reflection api
- Added PixmapPacker.updateTextureRegions() method.
- Added ability to pack "anonymous" pixmaps into PixmapPacker, which will appear in the generated texture but not a generated or updated TextureAtlas
- Added PixmapPacker.packDirectToTexture() methods.
- API Change: PixmapPacker.generateTextureAtlas(...) now returns an atlas which can be updated with subsequent calls to PixmapPacker.updateTextureAtlas(...)
- API Change: FreeTypeFontGenerator.generateFont(...) now works with a user-provided PixmapPacker.
- Added DirectionalLightsAttribute, PointLightsAttribute and SpotLightsAttribute, removed Environment#directionalLights/pointLights/spotLights, added Environment#remove, lights are now just like any other attribute. See also
- API Change: BitmapFont metrics now respect padding. #3074
- Update bullet wrapper to v2.83
- Added AnimatedTiledMapTile.getFrameTiles() method
- API Change: Refactored Window.
- Added VertexBufferObjectWithVAO, see
- API Change: Removed Mesh.create(...), use MeshBuilder instead
- API Change: BitmapFontData, BitmapFont, and BitmapFontCache have been refactored.
- FreeTypeFontGenerator can now render glyphs on the fly.
- Attribute now implements Comparable, custom attributes might need to be updated, see:
- API Change: Removed (previously deprecated) GLTexture#createTextureData/createGLHandle, Ray#getEndPoint(float), Color#tmp, Node#parent/children, VertexAttribute#Color(), Usage#Color, ModelBuilder#createFromMesh, BoundingBox#getCenter()/updateCorners()/getCorners(), Matrix4.tmp
- Added iOS ARM-64 bit support for Bullet physics
- 3D Animation, NodeAnimation keyframes are separated into translation, rotation and scaling
- Added capability to enable color markup from inside skin json file.
- Exposed method ControllerManager#clearListeners on Controllers class
- Net#openURI now returns a boolean to indicate whether the uri was actually opened.
- DefaultShader now always combines material and environment attributes
- Added ShapeRenderer constructor to pass a custom shader program to ImmediateModeRenderer20.
- API Change: Group#toString now returns actor hierarchy. Group#print is gone.
- Added SpotLight class, see
- Added support for resolving file handles using classpaths (ClasspathFileHandleResolver)
- Added support for image layers in Tiled maps (TiledMapImageLayer)
- Added support for loading texture objects from TMX Maps (TextureMapObject)
- Added support for border and shadow with FreeTypeFontGenerator - see
- Now unknown markup colors are silently ignored and considered as normal text.
- Updated freetype from version 2.4.10 to 2.5.5
- Added 3rd party extensions to setup application, see
- Updated to RoboVM 1.0.0-beta-04
- Updated to GWT 2.6.1, sadly GWT 2.7.0 isn't production ready yet.
- API Change: TextField#setRightAlign -> TextField#setAlignment
- I18NBundle is now compatible with Android 2.2
- Fixed GWT reflection includes for 3D particles
- 3D ParticleEffectLoader registered by default
- Added HttpRequestBuilder, see
- Added LwjglApplicationConfiguration.useHDPI for Mac OS X with retina displays. Allows you to get "real" pixel coordinates for mouse and display coordinates.
- Updated RoboVM to 1.0.0-beta-03
- Fixed issue #2433 with color markup and alpha animation.
- Fixed natives loading for LWJGL on Mac OS X
- Gradle updated to 2.2
- Android Gradle tooling updated to 1.0.0
- API Change: Switched from Timer to AnimationScheduler for driving main loop on GWT. Removed fps field from GwtApplicationConfiguration to instead let the browser choose the most optimal rate.
- API Change: Added pause and resume handling on GWT backend. When the browser supports the page visibility api, pause and resume will be called when the tab or window loses and gains visibility.
- API Change: Added concept of target actor, separate from the actor the action is added to. This allows an action to be added to one actor but affect another. This is useful to create a sequence of actions that affect many different actors. Previously this would require adding actions to each actor and using delays to get them to play in the correct order.
- Added 64-bit support for iOS sim and device
- Deprecated Node#children and Node#parent, added inheritTransform flag and methods to add/get/remove children
- API Change: By default keyframes are no longer copied from Model to ModelInstance but shared instead, can be changed using the `ModelInstance.defaultShareKeyframes` flag or `shareKeyframes` constructor argument.
- JSON minimal format now makes commas optional: newline can be used in place of any comma.
- JSON minimal format is now more lenient with unquoted strings: spaces and more are allowed.
- API Change: Added support for KTX/ZKTX file format,
- Update stb_image from v1.33 to v1.48, see
- Bullet Wrapper: added Gimpact, see
- API Addition: Added MeshPartBuilder#addMesh(...), can be used to more easily combine meshes/models
- Update to LWJGL 2.9.2, fixes fullscreen mode on "retina" displays
- Fixes to RoboVM backend which would crash if accelerometer is used.
- API Addition: IOSInput now uses CMCoreMotion for accelerometer and magnetometer
- API Addition: Added getter for UITextField on IOS for keyboard customization
- API Addition: Added ability to save PixmapPackers to atlas files. See PixmapPackerIO.
- API Addition: Added HttpRequestHeader and HttpResponseHeader with constants for HTTP headers.
- API Addition: HttpRequest is now poolable.
- New PNG encoder that supports compression, more efficient vertical flipping, and minimal allocation when encoding multiple PNGs.
- API Change: Label#setEllipse -> Label#setEllipsis.
- API Change: BatchTiledMapRenderer *SpriteBatch fields and methods renamed to *Batch
- API Change: ScrollPane#scrollToCenter -> ScrollPane#scrollTo; see optional boolean arguments centerHorizontal and centerVertical (scrollToCenter centered vertically only).
- API Change: Changed Input#getTextInput to accept both text and hint, removed Input#getPlaceholderTextInput.
- Bug Fix: Fixed potential NPE with immersive mode in the Android fragment backend.
- iOS backend now supports sound ids, thanks Tomski!
- Update to the Gradle Integration plugin nightly build if you are on Eclipse 4.4.x!
- Update Intellij IDEA to 13.1.5+, because Gradle!
- Updated to Gradle 2.1 and Android build tools 20, default Android version to 20. You need to install the latest Android build tools via the SDK manager
- API Change: deprecation of bounding box methods, see
- Added non-continuous rendering to iOS backend, thanks Dominik!
- Setup now uses Gradle 2.1 with default Android API level 20, build tools 20.0.0
- Non-continuous renderering implemented for iOS
- Added color markup support for scene2d label and window title.
- API Change: removed default constructor of DecalBatch, removed DefaultGroupStrategy
- Updated to latests RoboVM release, 1.0.0-alpha-04, please update your RoboVM plugins/installations
- Reduced I18NBundle loading times on Android and bypassed unclosed stream on iOS.
- Removed the gdx-ai extension from the libGDX repository. Now it lives in its own repository under the libGDX umbrella, see
- API Addition: Added randomSign and randomTriangular methods to MathUtils.
- API Addition: Decal has now a getter for the Color.
- API Addition: now I18NBundle can be set so that no exception is thrown when the key can not be found.
- API Addition: added annotation support in reflection layer, thanks code-disaster!
- API Addition: shapes like Rect, Circle etc. now implement Shape2D interface so you can put them all into a single collection
- API Addition: bitmap fonts can now be loaded from an atlas via AssetManager/BitmapFontLoader, see
- API Change: updated to RoboVM 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT for now until the next alpha is released.
- API Change: Table now uses padding from its background drawable by default.
- Drawables now know their names, making debugging easier.
- API Change: Table fill now respects the widget's minimum size.
- Texture packer, fixed image size written to atlas file.
- API Change: Cell no longer uses primitive wrappers in public API and boxing is minimized.
- API Addition: TextureAttribute now supports uv transform (texture regions).
- API Change: Added parameters to Elastic Interpolation.
- API Change: Removed Actor#setCenterPosition, added setPosition(x,y,align).
- API Change: JsonReader, forward slash added to characters an unquoted strings cannot start with.
- API Change: Stage#cancelTouchFocus(EventListener,Actor) changed to cancelTouchFocusExcept.
- API Change: Json/JsonWriter.setQuoteLongValues() quotes Long, BigDecimal and BigInteger types to prevent truncation in languages like JavaScript and PHP.
- API change: Viewport refactoring.
- Fixed GWT issues
- Added Input.isKeyJustPressed.
- API Addition: multiple recipients are now supported by MessageDispatcher, see
- API Change: State#onMessage now takes the message receiver as argument.
- API Addition: added StackStateMachine to the gdx-ai extension.
- API change: ShapeRenderer: rect methods accept scale, more methods can work under both line and fill types, auto shape type changing.
- API change: Built-in ShapeRenderer debugging for Stage, see
- Files#getLocalStoragePath now returns the actual path instead of the empty string synonym on desktop (LWJGL and JGLFW).
- Fixed and improved xorshift128+ PRNG implementation.
- Added support for Tiled's animated tiles, and varying frame duration tile animations.
- Fixed an issue with time granularity in MessageDispatcher.
- Updated to Android API level 19 and build tools 19.1.0 which will require the latest Eclipse ADT 23.02, see for how things are broken this time...
- Updated to RoboVM 0.0.14 and RoboVM Gradle plugin version 0.0.10
- API Addition: added FreeTypeFontLoader so you can transparently load BitmapFonts generated through gdx-freetype via AssetManager, see
- Preferences put methods now return "this" for chaining
- Fixed issue 2048 where MessageDispatcher was dispatching delayed messages immediately.
- API Addition: 3d particle system and accompanying editor, contributed by lordjone, see
- API Addition: extended shape classes like Circle, Ellipse etc. with hashcode/equals and other helper methods, see
- minor API change (will not increase minor revision number): fixed a bug in handling of atlasPrefixes,
- Bullet: btManifoldPoint member getters/setters changed from btVector3 to Vector3, also it is no longer pooled, instead static instances are used for callback methods
- Added Intersector#intersectRayRay to detect if two 2D rays intersect, see
- Bullet: ClosestRayResultCallback, AllHitsRayResultCallback, LocalConvexResult, ClosestConvexResultCallback and subclasses now use getter/setters taking a Vector3 instead of btVector3, see
- 2d particle system supports pre-multiplied alpha.
- Bullet: btIDebugDrawer/DebugDrawer now use pooled Vector3 instances instead of btVector3, see
- API Addition: Some OpenGL profiling utilities have been added, see
- API Addition: A FreeTypeFontGeneratorLoader has been added to the gdx-freetype extension
- API change: Animation#frameDuration and #animationDuration are now hidden behind a getter/setter and dynamic
- API Addition: Vector#setZero
- API Addition: gdx-ai, extension for AI algorithms. Currently supports FSMs, see
- API change: TableLayout has been forked and integrated into libgdx more tightly, see
- API Addition: added equals/hashCode methods to Rectangle, may break old code (very, very unlikely)
- API Addition: scene2D Actors now have a setCenterPosition method, see
- Updated to RoboVM 0.0.13 and RoboVM Gradle plugin 0.0.9
- Big improvements to setup-ui and build times in Intellij IDEA
- Setup now uses android build tools version: 19.1.0
- BitmapFontCache now supports in-string colored text through a simple markup language, see
- Added i18n localization/internationalization support, thanks davebaol, see
- Possibility to override density on desktop to simulate mobile devices, see
- Progressive JPEG support through JPGD (
- Mavenized JGLFW backend
- Box2D: Added MotorJoint and ghost vertices on EdgeShape
- Updated GWT Box2D to latest version
- Updated native Box2D to latest version 2.3.1, no API changes
- API change: Matrix4.set(x,y,z, translation) changed, z axis is no more flipped
- API addition: Matrix4.avg(Matrix4[],float[]) that lets weighted averaging multiple matrices, Quaternion.slerp(Quaternion[],float[]) that lets weighted slerping multiple Quaternions
- fixed the long standing issue of the alpha=1 not actually being fully opaque, thanks kalle!
- down to 25 issues on the tracker, 8 bugs, 17 enhancement requests :)
- updated to RoboVM 0.12 (and so should you!)
- fixed GC issues on iOS with regards to touch (thanks Niklas!), see
- updated gwt gradle plugin to 0.4, android build tools to 0.10, gradle version to 1.11
- Tiled maps are now always y-up
- Tiled maps now support drawing offsets for tiles
- FileHandle#list is now supported in GWT!
- FileHandle#list now supports FileFilters
- Controllers now reinitialize on the desktop when switching between windowed/fullscreen
- added a Texture unpacker that will extract all images from a texture atlas, see
- updates to gdx-setup
- CustomCollisionDispatcher in bullet, see
- Box2D is no longer in the core, it has been moved to an extension. See
- Merged gdx-openal project into gdx-backend-lwjgl
- Now LoadedCallback in AssetLoaderParameters is always called after loading an asset from AssetManager, even if the asset is already loaded
- Added Payload as a new parameter to Source.dragStop, see
- You can now load PolygonRegions via AssetLoader, see
- implemented software keyboard support in RoboVM iOS backend
- Fixed an issue where key event timestamp is not set by the android backend.
- scene2d.ui, added to TextArea the preferred number of rows used to calculate the preferred height.
- scene2d.actions, fixed infinite recursion for event listener's handle(event).
- Various Quaternion changes.
- scene2d.ui, fixed a drawing issue with knobBefore when there's no knob (typical progress bar).
- Various MeshBuilder fixes and additions.
- Math package: added cumulative distribution.
- Fixed Music isPlaying() on iOS when is paused.
- Added support for C-style comments to JsonReader (mainly used for json skin files).
- Support for resource removal from Skin objects.
- Added fling gesture to generate fling in scrollpane.
- Vector classes now have mulAdd method for adding pre-multiplied values
- Vector implementations no longer use squared value for margin comparisons, see: isZero(float margin), isUnit(float margin).
- Vector2 now has isUnit and isZero methods (copied from Vector3)
- Removed deprecated methods from Vector classes.
- Added new headless backend for server applications
- Support 'scaledSize' as a json skin data value for BitmapFont
- Added setAlpha(float a) method to Sprite class
- Added Input.Keys.toString(int keycode) and Input.Keys.valueOf(String keyname) methods
- Added Immersive Mode support to Android backend
- Added userObject to Actor in scene2d, allowing for custom data storage
- Altered Android's hide status bar behavior
- Changed the way wakelocks are implemented. You no longer need any special permissions for the libgdx wakelock
- BitmapFontCache setColor changes to match SpriteBatch and friends.
- Changed ParticleEffect: the method now takes a Writer instead of a File
- TexturePacker2 renamed to TexturePacker, added grid and scaling settings.
- Added support for custom prefrences on the desktop backends.
- Fixed double resume calls on iOS.
- Android Music no longer throws exceptions if MediaPlayer is null.
- PolygonSpriteBatch implements Batch.
- New scene2d actions: EventAction, CountdownEventAction.
- Adds cancelHttpRequest() method to Net interface
- Updated GWT/HTML5 Backend to GWT 2.6.0
- Minimal Android version is 2.2, see
- Updated to LWJGL 2.9.1
- Can now embed your libgdx app as a fragment, more info on the wiki
- scene2d.ui, renamed Actor methods translate, rotate, scale, size to moveBy, rotateBy, scaleBy, sizeBy. May have conflicts with Actions static import, eg you'll need to use "Actions.moveBy"
- scene2d.ui, Table background is now drawn usign the table's transform
- scene2d.ui, added Container which is similar to a Table with one cell, but more lightweight
- Added texture filters and mip map generation to BitMapFontLoader and FreeTypeFontGenerator
- scene2d.ui, VerticalGroup and HorizontalGroup got pad, fill and an API similar to Table/Container
- Removed OpenGL ES 1.0, 1.1 support; see
- Added OpenGL ES 3 support
- Updated Android backend, demos, tests to 4.4
- Added Viewport, changed Stage to have a Viewport instead of a Camera (API change, see ).
- Changed play mode constants of Animation class to enumeration, see
- Updated to RoboVM 0.0.11 and RoboVM Gradle plugin 0.0.6, see
- Updated to Swig 3.0 for Bullet, disabled SIMD on Mac OS X as alignements are broken in Bullet, see
- TextureData can only be Custom or Pixmap; compressed image files are considered custom
- added setCursorImage method to Input interface to support custom mouse cursors on the desktop
- removed Xamarin backend, see
- added Select class for selecting kth ordered statistic from arrays (see Array.selectRanked() method)
- refactored Box2D to use badlogic Arrays instead of java.util.ArrayLists
- MipMapGenerator methods now don't take disposePixmap argument anymore
- added GLTexture, base class for all textures, encapsulates target (2d, cubemap, ...)
- added CubeMap, 6 sided texture
- changed TextureData#consumeCompressedData, takes target now
- added RoboVM backend jar and native libs (libObjectAL, libgdx, in ios/ folder of distribution)
- added RoboVM backend to build
- changed Bullet wrapper API, see
- changed MusicLoader and SoundLoader to be asynchronous loaders
- changed behaviour of Net#sendHttpRequest() so HttpResponseListener#handleHttpResponse() callback is executed in worker thread instead of main thread
- added Bresenham2, for drawing lines on an integer 2D grid
- added GridPoint2 and GridPoint3, representing integer points in a 2D or 3D grid
- added attribute location caching for VertexData/Mesh. Hand vertex attribs to a ShaderProgram, get back int[], pass that to Mesh
- added Android x86 builds, removed, it's now build as part of gdx-core for Android
- changed method signature on Box2D World#getBodies and World#getJoints, pass in an Array to fill
- removed glGetShaderSource from GL20, use ShaderProgram#getVertexShaderSource/getFragmentShaderSource instead
- added reflection api
- added AsynchExecutor, execute tasks asynchronously. Used for GWT mainly.
- removed FileHandle#file(), has no business in there.
- removed box2deditor
- removed custom typedarrays in gwt backend
- added classpath files support for gwt backend (limited)
- moved AndroidWallpaperListener to Android Backend
- added new VertexAttribute Usage flags, bone weight, tangent, binormal. previously encoded as Usage.Generic. Also
added field "unit" to VertexAttribute, used by texture coordinates and bone weights to specify index/unit.
- setup-ui template for iOS disables pngcrush, also updated wiki iOS article
- add Pixmap#fillTriangle via jni gdx2d_fill_triangle() to fill a triangle based on its vertices.
- add asynchronous download with continuous progress feedback to GWT asset preloader, see
- add capability to add/exclude package/classes GWT Reflection system, see
- add updated gdx-tiled-preprocessor, generate one single TextureAtlas for all the specified Tiled maps, see
- maps API, add new AtlasTiledMapLoader for loading maps produced by the tiled preprocessor tool
- ImageProcessor, TexturePacker2 now accepts BufferedImage objects as input
- TexturePacker2 now avoids duplicated aliases
- Updated to LWJGL 2.9.0
- refactored JSON API, see
- Updated Box2D to the latest trunk. Body#applyXXX methods now take an additional boolean parameter.
- TmxMapLoader has a flag in Parameters that lets you specify whether to generate mipmaps
- Animation#isAnimationFinished was fixed to behave as per javadocs (ignores looping)
- remove GLU interface and implementations. Use Matrix4 et al instead. see
- new maps API, see
- removed static public tmp Vector2 instances, manage such temporary vars yourself, see
- changed Scene2D Group#clear(), see
- changed the build system, natives are now fetched from the build server, see
- freetype extension supported on iOS, see
- changed ShapeRenderer API, see
- changed Actions.add to addAction, changed parameter order, and added removeAction, addListener, removeListener
- Box2d joints now allow for user data
- Changes to Intersector, Circle, Rectangle and BoundingBox for consistency in #overlap, #intersect and #contains methods, see
- Removed LwjglApplicationConfiguration CPU sync. Added foreground and background target framerate.
- scene2d, no longer use getters/setters internally for Actor x, y, width, height, scalex, scaley and rotation.
- Array, detect nested iterator usage and throw exception.
- Added getVolume to Music class and Android, IOS and GWT backends
- 1381, fixed JSON parsing of longs. In addition to Float, it now parses Long if no decimal point is found.
- Changed Array constructors that took an array to have offset and count
- scene2d, Actor parentToLocalCoordinates and localToParentCoordinates refactoring, see
- scene2d, Action#setActor no longer calls reset if the Action has no pool. This allows non-pooled actions to be add and removed from actors, restarted, and reused.
- ScrollBar#setForceOverscroll renamed to setForceScroll, as it affects more than just overscroll.
- ArrayMap#addAll renamed to putAll to match the other maps.
- Added ObjectSet and IntSet.
- Added completion listener to Music.
- Added Music#setPan.
- Sound#play and Sound#loop on Android now return -1 on failure, to match other backends.
- DelegateAction subclasses need to implement delegate() instead of act().
- Added pause and resume methods to Sound.
- Changed AssetErrorListener#error to have AssetDescriptor to enable access to parameters of failed asset.
- Changed SelectBoxStyle to have ScrollPaneStyle and ListStyle for fully customizing the drop down list.
- AssetLoader now takes a FileHandle that is the resolved file name. The AssetLoader no longer has to resolve the file name, so we can prevent it from being resolved twice.
- Rewrote EarClippingTriangulator to not allocate (no more Vector2s).
- Added ParticleEffectLoader to make AssetManager load ParticleEffects
- Added GeometryUtils, more Intersector functions, DelaunayTriangulator, ConvexHull.
- Added getBoundingBox to ParticleEffect
- EarClippingTriangulator changed to return triangle indices.
- PolygonSpriteBatch and friends refactored to use triangle indices.
- Added add(T, float), remove(int), remove(T) and clear() methods to BinaryHeap
- Bitmap Font changes:
- FreeTypeFontGenerator allows you to specify the PixmapPacker now, to create an atlas with many different fonts (see FreeTypePackTest)
- BitmapFont, BitmapFontCache and FreeTypeFontGenerator now support fonts with multiple texture pages. (see BitmapFontTest and FreeTypePackTest)
- BitmapFontData.imagePath and getImagePath() is depreacted, use imagePaths[] and getImagePath(int) instead
- Added two BitmapFont constructors for convenience; no need to specify flip boolean
- Added getCache() to BitmapFont, for expert users who wish to use the BitmapFontCache (see BitmapFontTest)
- FreeTypeFontGenerator now includes setMaxTextureSize and getMaxTextureSize to cap the generated glyph atlas size (default 1024)
- added render-hooks beginRender() and endRender() to BatchTiledMapRenderer
- Added panStop to GestureListener interface.
- ScissorStack#calculateScissors changed to take viewport, enabling it to work with glViewport.
- Added Bits#getAndClear, Bits#getAndSet and Bits#containsAll
- Added setX and setY to TextureAtlas.AtlasSprite so it matches expected behavior
- see
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