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package yourpkgname
import com.github.shyiko.ktlint.core.LintError
import com.github.shyiko.ktlint.test.lint
import org.assertj.core.api.Assertions.assertThat
import org.jetbrains.spek.api.Spek
import org.jetbrains.spek.api.dsl.describe
class NoVarRuleTest : Spek({
describe("no-var rule") {
// whenever KTLINT_DEBUG env variable is set to "ast" or -DktlintDebug=ast is used
// com.github.shyiko.ktlint.test.(lint|format) will print AST (along with other debug info) to the stderr.
// this can be extremely helpful while writing and testing rules.
// uncomment the line below to take a quick look at it
// System.setProperty("ktlintDebug", "ast")
val rule = NoVarRule()
it("should prohibit usage of var") {
assertThat(rule.lint("""fun fn() { var v = "var" }"""))
.isEqualTo(listOf(LintError(1, 12, "no-var", "Unexpected var, use val instead")))