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#pragma once
#include <stdbool.h>
* Buffer abstract data type
struct strbuf {
char *bytes;
unsigned size;
unsigned used;
void strbuf_init(struct strbuf *buf);
void strbuf_release(struct strbuf *buf);
void strbuf_clear(struct strbuf *buf);
/* Destroy buffer and return a copy as a C string */
char *strbuf_steal(struct strbuf *buf);
* Return a C string owned by the buffer invalidated if the buffer is
* changed).
const char *strbuf_str(struct strbuf *buf);
bool strbuf_pushchar(struct strbuf *buf, char ch);
unsigned strbuf_pushchars(struct strbuf *buf, const char *str);
void strbuf_popchar(struct strbuf *buf);
void strbuf_popchars(struct strbuf *buf, unsigned n);