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jMonkeyEngine3 on Android README
This is the source tree for the engine portion of jMonkeyEngine, from a
Subversion snapshot taken on 2012.02.24. It includes the engine/src directory
from their source repository, but not the rest as it is quite large.
The Android makefile does not build the entire library, but only these
which should be enough to use the core parts of the library.
jMonkeyEngine relies on material and shader resources that are intended to be
saved in the Java classpath and picked up by the classloader. On Android, they
are saved in the APK and AssetManager is used to load them in. This works if
you build the APK in something like Eclipse and simply include a source jar,
but that will not work in the build environment. Even if the
resources are included in the static library jar build here, they will be
stripped out when dex compiles the libraries into the APK. If you want to use
this library, you will need to duplicate the resources you need into the assets
directory of your project. As long as the path under assets/ is the same, the
Android-specific asset loader will find them, e.g. if asked to load
"Common/MatDefs/Misc/Unshaded.j3md", it will find it under
THe NOTICES file was generated with this command:
find engine/src -type f | xargs head -n 35 | grep "^[ /=][*=]" > NOTICE