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#import "PrinterSurfaceData.h"
#import <JavaNativeFoundation/JavaNativeFoundation.h>
//#define DEBUG 1
#if defined DEBUG
#define PRINT(msg) {fprintf(stderr, "%s\n", msg);}
#define PRINT(msg) {}
static LockFunc PrintSD_Lock;
static UnlockFunc PrintSD_Unlock;
static GetRasInfoFunc PrintSD_GetRasInfo;
static ReleaseFunc PrintSD_ReleaseRasInfo;
static void flush(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo);
static void PrintSD_startCGContext(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo, SDRenderType renderType)
PRINT(" PrintSD_startCGContext")
if (qsdo->cgRef != NULL)
flush(env, qsdo);
SetUpCGContext(env, qsdo, renderType);
static void PrintSD_finishCGContext(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo)
PRINT(" PrintSD_finishCGContext")
if (qsdo->cgRef != NULL)
CompleteCGContext(env, qsdo);
static void PrintSD_dispose(JNIEnv *env, SurfaceDataOps *sdo)
PRINT(" PrintSD_dispose")
QuartzSDOps *qsdo = (QuartzSDOps *)sdo;
(*env)->DeleteGlobalRef(env, qsdo->javaGraphicsStatesObjects);
if (qsdo->graphicsStateInfo.batchedLines != NULL)
qsdo->graphicsStateInfo.batchedLines = NULL;
qsdo->BeginSurface = NULL;
qsdo->FinishSurface = NULL;
JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_sun_lwawt_macosx_CPrinterSurfaceData_initOps(JNIEnv *env, jobject jthis, jlong nsRef, jobject jGraphicsState, jobjectArray jGraphicsStateObject, jint width, jint height)
PrintSDOps *psdo = (PrintSDOps*)SurfaceData_InitOps(env, jthis, sizeof(PrintSDOps));
psdo->nsRef = (NSGraphicsContext*)jlong_to_ptr(nsRef);
psdo->width = width;
psdo->height = height;
QuartzSDOps *qsdo = (QuartzSDOps*)psdo;
qsdo->BeginSurface = PrintSD_startCGContext;
qsdo->FinishSurface = PrintSD_finishCGContext;
qsdo->cgRef = [psdo->nsRef graphicsPort];
qsdo->javaGraphicsStates = (jint*)((*env)->GetDirectBufferAddress(env, jGraphicsState));
qsdo->javaGraphicsStatesObjects = (*env)->NewGlobalRef(env, jGraphicsStateObject);
qsdo->graphicsStateInfo.batchedLines = NULL;
qsdo->graphicsStateInfo.batchedLinesCount = 0;
SurfaceDataOps *sdo = (SurfaceDataOps*)qsdo;
sdo->Lock = PrintSD_Lock;
sdo->Unlock = PrintSD_Unlock;
sdo->GetRasInfo = PrintSD_GetRasInfo;
sdo->Release = PrintSD_ReleaseRasInfo;
sdo->Setup = NULL;
sdo->Dispose = PrintSD_dispose;
static jint PrintSD_Lock(JNIEnv *env, SurfaceDataOps *sdo, SurfaceDataRasInfo *pRasInfo, jint lockflags)
PRINT(" PrintSD_Lock")
jint status = SD_FAILURE;
//QuartzSDOps *qsdo = (QuartzSDOps*)sdo;
//PrintSD_startCGContext(env, qsdo, SD_Image);
status = SD_SUCCESS;
return status;
static void PrintSD_Unlock(JNIEnv *env, SurfaceDataOps *sdo, SurfaceDataRasInfo *pRasInfo)
PRINT(" PrintSD_Unlock")
//QuartzSDOps *qsdo = (QuartzSDOps*)sdo;
//PrintSD_finishCGContext(env, qsdo);
static void PrintSD_GetRasInfo(JNIEnv *env, SurfaceDataOps *sdo, SurfaceDataRasInfo *pRasInfo)
PRINT(" PrintSD_GetRasInfo")
PrintSDOps *psdo = (PrintSDOps*)sdo;
pRasInfo->pixelStride = 4; // ARGB
pRasInfo->scanStride = psdo->width * pRasInfo->pixelStride;
pRasInfo->rasBase = NULL; //psdo->dataForSun2D;
static void PrintSD_ReleaseRasInfo(JNIEnv *env, SurfaceDataOps *sdo, SurfaceDataRasInfo *pRasInfo)
PRINT(" PrintSD_ReleaseRasInfo")
pRasInfo->pixelStride = 0;
pRasInfo->scanStride = 0;
pRasInfo->rasBase = NULL;
static void dataProvider_FreeSun2DPixels(void *info, const void *data, size_t size)
// CGBitmapFreeData(info);
JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_sun_lwawt_macosx_CPrinterSurfaceData__1flush
(JNIEnv *env, jobject jsurfacedata)
flush(env, (QuartzSDOps*)SurfaceData_GetOps(env, jsurfacedata));
static void flush(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo)