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The *.ent files in this directory provide common functionality to the
project.xml file of various projects. There are different kinds,
e.g. "-sources" from share-sources.ent
* -sources: Defines sources used by a project.
* -view: Defines project's sources that are displayed in the Projects tab.
* -actions: Defines a set of actions of the project available from NetBeans.
* -bindings: Defines the targets invoked by the corresponding actions.
Note that -sources and -view files come in pairs: A project will have an
entity reference for each, so that it uses and displays the sources.
Similarly, -actions and -bindings are paired.
These kinds are not paired:
build-folder.ent: Defines the location of the folder where compiled classes,
resources, etc. are placed.
java-data-native.ent, java-data-no-native.ent: These define information about
the location of classes and sources of native and non-native projects, where
"native" is suggestive of "native code", that is, non-Java source code.