Mark as recovery_available: true

Libraries that are direct or indirect dependencies of modules installed
to recovery partition (e.g. toybox) are marked as recovery_available:
true. This allows a recovery variant of the lib is created when it is
depended by other recovery or recovery_available modules.

Bug: 67916654
Bug: 64960723
Test: m -j
Change-Id: I566e42105bd7274d83b6c891fa33c9e8a6a41b65
diff --git a/Android.bp b/Android.bp
index 0dd1e94..e7d9ea0 100644
--- a/Android.bp
+++ b/Android.bp
@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@
 cc_library_static {
     name: "libjemalloc",
+    recovery_available: true,
     defaults: ["jemalloc_defaults"],