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#include <vector>
#include "image_io/base/data_range.h"
#include "image_io/jpeg/jpeg_segment_info.h"
#include "image_io/jpeg/jpeg_xmp_info.h"
namespace photos_editing_formats {
namespace image_io {
/// A class to represent interesting depth and image information in a JPEG file,
/// and where it is located so that it can be efficiently extracted.
class JpegInfo {
JpegInfo() { JpegXmpInfo::InitializeVector(&xmp_info_vector_); }
JpegInfo(const JpegInfo&) = default;
JpegInfo& operator=(const JpegInfo&) = default;
/// @return The vector of data ranges indicating the locations of the images.
const std::vector<DataRange>& GetImageRanges() const { return image_ranges_; }
/// @return The vector of interesting segment info structures.
const std::vector<JpegSegmentInfo>& GetSegmentInfos() const {
return segment_infos_;
/// @param image_index The image containing the sought after segment info.
/// @param type The type of segment info to get.
/// @return The segment info, or one that is invalid if not found.
JpegSegmentInfo GetSegmentInfo(size_t image_index,
const std::string& type) const {
for (const auto& segment_info : GetSegmentInfos()) {
if (segment_info.GetImageIndex() == image_index &&
segment_info.GetType() == type) {
return segment_info;
return JpegSegmentInfo(0, DataRange(), "");
/// @return True if there is Apple depth information.
bool HasAppleDepth() const { return apple_depth_image_range_.IsValid(); }
/// @return True if there is Apple matte information.
bool HasAppleMatte() const { return apple_matte_image_range_.IsValid(); }
/// @return True if there is GDepth type depth information.
bool HasGDepth() const {
return HasImage(JpegXmpInfo::kGDepthInfoType);
/// @return True if there is GImage information.
bool HasGImage() const {
return HasImage(JpegXmpInfo::kGImageInfoType);
/// @return True if there is either Apple or GDepth information.
bool HasDepth() const { return HasAppleDepth() || HasGDepth(); }
/// @return True if there is an extratable image present.
bool HasExtractableImage() const {
return HasAppleDepth() || HasAppleMatte() || HasGDepth() || HasGImage();
/// @param xmp_info_type The type of xmp image information desired.
/// @return True if there is information of the given type.
bool HasImage(JpegXmpInfo::Type xmp_info_type) const {
return !GetSegmentDataRanges(xmp_info_type).empty();
/// @return The DataRange where the Apple depth information is located.
const DataRange& GetAppleDepthImageRange() const {
return apple_depth_image_range_;
/// @return The DataRange where the Apple matte information is located.
const DataRange& GetAppleMatteImageRange() const {
return apple_matte_image_range_;
/// @param type The type of Xmp data to get the mime type of.
/// @return The mime type for the Xmp data of the given type.
std::string GetMimeType(JpegXmpInfo::Type type) const {
return xmp_info_vector_[type].GetMimeType();
/// @param type The type of Xmp data to get the segment data ranges of.
/// @return The segment data ranges containing the Xmp data of the given type.
const std::vector<DataRange>& GetSegmentDataRanges(
JpegXmpInfo::Type type) const {
return xmp_info_vector_[type].GetSegmentDataRanges();
/// Adds a DataRange to the vector of image DataRanges.
/// @param image_range The data range of an image.
void AddImageRange(const DataRange& image_range) {
/// Adds a JpegSegmentInfo to the vector of JpegSegmentInfos.
/// @param jpeg_segment_info The info structure to add.
void AddSegmentInfo(const JpegSegmentInfo& segment_info) {
/// @param data_range The DataRange where Apple depth information is located.
void SetAppleDepthImageRange(const DataRange& data_range) {
apple_depth_image_range_ = data_range;
/// @param data_range The DataRange where Apple matte information is located.
void SetAppleMatteImageRange(const DataRange& data_range) {
apple_matte_image_range_ = data_range;
/// @param type The type of Xmp data to set the mime type of.
/// @param mime_type The mime type of the Xmp data.
void SetMimeType(JpegXmpInfo::Type type, const std::string& mime_type) {
/// @param type The type of Xmp data to set segment data ranges of.
/// @param segment_data_ranges The segment that contain the Xmp data.
void SetSegmentDataRanges(JpegXmpInfo::Type type,
const std::vector<DataRange>& segment_data_ranges) {
/// The DataRanges of all images.
std::vector<DataRange> image_ranges_;
/// Interesting segment information. Currently information about APP0/JFIF,
/// APP1/EXIF and APP2/MPF segments are saved here.
std::vector<JpegSegmentInfo> segment_infos_;
/// The DataRange of the Apple depth information.
DataRange apple_depth_image_range_;
/// The DataRange of the Apple depth information.
DataRange apple_matte_image_range_;
/// A vector holding information about the Xmp segments containing GDepth and
/// GImage data.
std::vector<JpegXmpInfo> xmp_info_vector_;
} // namespace image_io
} // namespace photos_editing_formats