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Version: ff4fb0d804ded27440a716fee15542a4289a2e04
License: various
License File: NOTICE
Hyphenation patterns for automatic hyphenation from TeX hyphenation patterns
project at
Local Modifications:
The patterns are taken from the hyph-utf8/tex/generic/hyph-utf8/patterns/txt directory.
Only the following patterns are included from that directory:
* Armenian (hy)
* Assamese (as)
* Basque (eu)
* Belarusian (be)
* Bengali (bn)
* Bulgarian (bg)
* Church Slavonic (cu)
* Croation (hr)
* Danish (da)
* Estonian (et)
* Ethiopic script (und-Ethi)
* French (fr)
* German (de)
* Gujarati (gu)
* Hindi (hi)
* Hungarian (hu)
* Irish (ga)
* Kannada (kn)
* Latin (la)
* Malayalam (ml)
* Marathi (mr)
* Mongolian written in Cyrillic (mn-cyrl)
* Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
* Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
* Oriya (or)
* Portuguese (pt)
* Punjabi (pa)
* Sanskrit (sa)
* Slovenian (sl)
* Spanish (es)
* Tamil (ta)
* Telugu (te)
* Turkmen (tk)
* US English (en-US)
* Welsh (cy)
The Ethiopic script pattern files have been renamed from mul-ethi to und-ethi,
to properly follow BCP 47 naming.
In case hyphenation patterns are licensed under dual licenses,
hyph-{lang}.lic.txt files are edited to keep only the license Android applies
as listed in the corresponding NOTICE files.
For the German (de) patterns, the *.chr.txt has been automatically generated
based on the contents of the pattern files, using the the script
created by Android engineers.
British English (en-GB) patterns are taken from a different part of the
tex-hyphen repository. Please see the file in the 'en-GB'
US English (en-US) patterns have been modified to remove patterns added to
the end of the file that had been incorrectly computed based on the TUGboat
hyphenation exception list. To compensate for that, the TUGboat hyphenation
exception list for US English has been downloaded from
<> and
explicitly added to the end of the hyphenation exception file for US