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VaX#n8 (real name unknown) wrote shared_src/fsys_ext2fs.c.
Heiko Schroeder rewrote shared_src/stage1.S to be more readable.
The following authors assigned copyright on their work to the Free
Software Foundation:
Erich Stefan Boleyn originally designed and implemented GRUB.
Gordon Matzigkeit adopted GRUB into the GNU Project. He fixed several
bugs, added symbolic link support to shared_src/fsys_ext2fs.c, and
began the implementation of /sbin/grub. He was an official maintainer.
Yoshinori K. Okuji contributed many bugfixes and new features, such as
working LBA support, /sbin/grub support for configuration files, the
script /sbin/grub-install, the utility /bin/mbchk, the new engine for
builtin commands, disk swapping support, keyboard configuration support,
network support, online help support, command-line history support,
hidden menu support, the new Linux loader, serial terminal support,
single-line editing support, the utility /sbin/grub-md5-crypt, the new
GRUB manual, and several new commands. He is the current official
Peter Astrand added support for a color menu.
Pavel Roskin contributed many bugfixes and new features, such as FreeBSD
support for the grub shell, and configure process cleanups.
Klaus Reichl wrote stage2/fsys_minix.c.
Per Lundberg added graphics support to the Multiboot Specification.
Jochen Hoenicke rewrote stage2/fsys_fat.c and wrote
stage2/fsys_reiserfs.c and stage2/md5.c.
Christoph Plattner added support for Net Boot Image Proposal.
Frank Mehnert added support for hercules console.
Kristoffer Branemyr added VSTa filesystem support.
Serguei Tzukanov added JFS and XFS support.
Jason Thomas added Linux DAC960 support and support for hiding/unhiding
logical partitions, and did a significant bugfix for the terminal stuff.
Tilmann Bubeck added support for vt100-incompatible terminals.
KB Sriram added a better detection of FAT filesystem and fixed a
network device completion.
Eric Kvaalen fixed a lot of problems in the GRUB manual.
Leonid Lisovskiy added El Torito support.