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#!/bin/bash -e
# Pulls down the version of Glide specified by tag/branch, merges it with
# the existing local version of Glide, and removes unneeded tests, source
# directories, scripts, and build files.
# Usage: ./ [glide_brach_name|glide_tag_name|glide_commit]
# WARNING: This script will rm -rf files in the directory in
# which it is run!
ANDROID_BRANCH_NAME=$(repo info . | sed -n 's/Current revision: \(.*\)/\1/p')
# Validate that we were given something to checkout from Glide's remote.
if [ $# -ne 1 ]
echo "Usage: ./ [glide_brach_name|glide_tag_name|glide_commit]"
exit 1
# We may have already added bump's remote.
if ! git remote | grep bump > /dev/null;
git remote add bump
# Validate that the thing we were given to checkout exists and fetch it if it
# does.
git fetch bump ${GLIDE_BRANCH} || exit 1
# Remove the existing disk cache source so it doesn't conflict with Glide's
# submodule.
rm -rf third_party/disklrucache
# Switch to the branch in Android we want to update, sync and merge.
git checkout ${ANDROID_BRANCH_NAME}
repo sync .
# FETCH_HEAD defined by the fetch of the tag/branch above
git merge FETCH_HEAD || true
# Remove source/build directories we don't care about.
git rm -rf samples || true
git rm -rf integration || true
git rm -rf static || true
git rm -rf glide || true
git rm -rf .idea || true
# Remove test directories we don't care about.
git rm -rf library/src/androidTest || true
git rm -rf third_party/gif_decoder/src/androidTest || true
git rm -rf third_party/gif_encoder/src/androidTest || true
# Special case disklrucache because it's a submodule that we can't keep with
# repo.
git submodule deinit third_party/disklrucache
git rm -rf third_party/disklrucache
rm -rf third_party/disklrucache
# Clone outside of the normal path to avoid conflicts with the submodule.
# Remove tests we don't care about.
rm -rf $REMOTE_DISK_PATH/src/test
# Remove git related things to avoid re-adding a submodule.
rm -rf $REMOTE_DISK_PATH/.git
rm -rf $REMOTE_DISK_PATH/.gitmodule
# Copy the safe source only code back into the appropriate path.
mv $REMOTE_DISK_PATH third_party/disklrucache
git add third_party/disklrucache
# Remove build/static analysis related files we don't care about.
find . -name "*gradle*" | xargs -r git rm -rf
find . -name "*checkstyle*.xml" | xargs -r git rm -rf
find . -name "*pmd*.xml" | xargs -r git rm -rf
find . -name "*findbugs*.xml" | xargs -r git rm -rf
find . -name "*.iml" | xargs -r git rm -rf
# FETCH_HEAD defined by the fetch of the tag/branch above
GIT_SHA=$(git rev-parse FETCH_HEAD)
echo "Merged bump ${GLIDE_BRANCH} at revision ${GIT_SHA}"
echo "Now fix any merge conflicts, commit, and run: git push goog ${ANDROID_BRANCH_NAME}"