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#include "arch/arch.h"
#include "os/os.h"
#include "options.h"
#include "stat.h"
#include "gettime.h"
#include "lib/ieee754.h"
#include "td_error.h"
* What type of allocation to use for io buffers
enum fio_memtype {
MEM_MALLOC = 0, /* ordinary malloc */
MEM_SHM, /* use shared memory segments */
MEM_SHMHUGE, /* use shared memory segments with huge pages */
MEM_MMAP, /* use anonynomous mmap */
MEM_MMAPHUGE, /* memory mapped huge file */
#define ERROR_STR_MAX 128
#define BSSPLIT_MAX 64
struct bssplit {
uint32_t bs;
uint32_t perc;
#define NR_OPTS_SZ (FIO_MAX_OPTS / (8 * sizeof(uint64_t)))
#define OPT_MAGIC 0x4f50544e
struct thread_options {
int magic;
uint64_t set_options[NR_OPTS_SZ];
char *description;
char *name;
char *directory;
char *filename;
char *filename_format;
char *opendir;
char *ioengine;
char *mmapfile;
enum td_ddir td_ddir;
unsigned int rw_seq;
unsigned int kb_base;
unsigned int unit_base;
unsigned int ddir_seq_nr;
long long ddir_seq_add;
unsigned int iodepth;
unsigned int iodepth_low;
unsigned int iodepth_batch;
unsigned int iodepth_batch_complete;
unsigned long long size;
unsigned long long io_limit;
unsigned int size_percent;
unsigned int fill_device;
unsigned int file_append;
unsigned long long file_size_low;
unsigned long long file_size_high;
unsigned long long start_offset;
unsigned int bs[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int ba[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int min_bs[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int max_bs[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
struct bssplit *bssplit[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int bssplit_nr[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
int *ignore_error[ERROR_TYPE_CNT];
unsigned int ignore_error_nr[ERROR_TYPE_CNT];
unsigned int error_dump;
unsigned int nr_files;
unsigned int open_files;
enum file_lock_mode file_lock_mode;
unsigned int odirect;
unsigned int oatomic;
unsigned int invalidate_cache;
unsigned int create_serialize;
unsigned int create_fsync;
unsigned int create_on_open;
unsigned int create_only;
unsigned int end_fsync;
unsigned int pre_read;
unsigned int sync_io;
unsigned int verify;
unsigned int do_verify;
unsigned int verifysort;
unsigned int verifysort_nr;
unsigned int verify_interval;
unsigned int verify_offset;
char verify_pattern[MAX_PATTERN_SIZE];
unsigned int verify_pattern_bytes;
unsigned int verify_fatal;
unsigned int verify_dump;
unsigned int verify_async;
unsigned long long verify_backlog;
unsigned int verify_batch;
unsigned int experimental_verify;
unsigned int verify_state;
unsigned int verify_state_save;
unsigned int use_thread;
unsigned int unlink;
unsigned int do_disk_util;
unsigned int override_sync;
unsigned int rand_repeatable;
unsigned int allrand_repeatable;
unsigned long long rand_seed;
unsigned int dep_use_os_rand;
unsigned int log_avg_msec;
unsigned int log_offset;
unsigned int log_gz;
unsigned int log_gz_store;
unsigned int norandommap;
unsigned int softrandommap;
unsigned int bs_unaligned;
unsigned int fsync_on_close;
unsigned int bs_is_seq_rand;
unsigned int verify_only;
unsigned int random_distribution;
fio_fp64_t zipf_theta;
fio_fp64_t pareto_h;
unsigned int random_generator;
unsigned int perc_rand[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int hugepage_size;
unsigned int rw_min_bs;
unsigned int thinktime;
unsigned int thinktime_spin;
unsigned int thinktime_blocks;
unsigned int fsync_blocks;
unsigned int fdatasync_blocks;
unsigned int barrier_blocks;
unsigned long long start_delay;
unsigned long long start_delay_high;
unsigned long long timeout;
unsigned long long ramp_time;
unsigned int overwrite;
unsigned int bw_avg_time;
unsigned int iops_avg_time;
unsigned int loops;
unsigned long long zone_range;
unsigned long long zone_size;
unsigned long long zone_skip;
unsigned long long lockmem;
enum fio_memtype mem_type;
unsigned int mem_align;
unsigned int max_latency;
unsigned int stonewall;
unsigned int new_group;
unsigned int numjobs;
os_cpu_mask_t cpumask;
os_cpu_mask_t verify_cpumask;
unsigned int cpus_allowed_policy;
char *numa_cpunodes;
unsigned short numa_mem_mode;
unsigned int numa_mem_prefer_node;
char *numa_memnodes;
unsigned int iolog;
unsigned int rwmixcycle;
unsigned int rwmix[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int nice;
unsigned int ioprio;
unsigned int ioprio_class;
unsigned int file_service_type;
unsigned int group_reporting;
unsigned int fadvise_hint;
enum fio_fallocate_mode fallocate_mode;
unsigned int zero_buffers;
unsigned int refill_buffers;
unsigned int scramble_buffers;
char buffer_pattern[MAX_PATTERN_SIZE];
unsigned int buffer_pattern_bytes;
unsigned int compress_percentage;
unsigned int compress_chunk;
unsigned int dedupe_percentage;
unsigned int time_based;
unsigned int disable_lat;
unsigned int disable_clat;
unsigned int disable_slat;
unsigned int disable_bw;
unsigned int unified_rw_rep;
unsigned int gtod_reduce;
unsigned int gtod_cpu;
enum fio_cs clocksource;
unsigned int no_stall;
unsigned int trim_percentage;
unsigned int trim_batch;
unsigned int trim_zero;
unsigned long long trim_backlog;
unsigned int clat_percentiles;
unsigned int percentile_precision; /* digits after decimal for percentiles */
fio_fp64_t percentile_list[FIO_IO_U_LIST_MAX_LEN];
char *read_iolog_file;
char *write_iolog_file;
char *bw_log_file;
char *lat_log_file;
char *iops_log_file;
char *replay_redirect;
* Pre-run and post-run shell
char *exec_prerun;
char *exec_postrun;
unsigned int rate[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int ratemin[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int ratecycle;
unsigned int rate_iops[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
unsigned int rate_iops_min[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
char *ioscheduler;
* I/O Error handling
enum error_type continue_on_error;
* Benchmark profile type
char *profile;
* blkio cgroup support
char *cgroup;
unsigned int cgroup_weight;
unsigned int cgroup_nodelete;
unsigned int uid;
unsigned int gid;
int flow_id;
int flow;
int flow_watermark;
unsigned int flow_sleep;
unsigned long long offset_increment;
unsigned long long number_ios;
unsigned int sync_file_range;
unsigned long long latency_target;
unsigned long long latency_window;
fio_fp64_t latency_percentile;
#define FIO_TOP_STR_MAX 256
struct thread_options_pack {
uint64_t set_options[NR_OPTS_SZ];
uint8_t description[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t name[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t directory[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t filename[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t filename_format[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t opendir[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t ioengine[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t mmapfile[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint32_t td_ddir;
uint32_t rw_seq;
uint32_t kb_base;
uint32_t unit_base;
uint32_t ddir_seq_nr;
uint64_t ddir_seq_add;
uint32_t iodepth;
uint32_t iodepth_low;
uint32_t iodepth_batch;
uint32_t iodepth_batch_complete;
uint64_t size;
uint64_t io_limit;
uint32_t size_percent;
uint32_t fill_device;
uint32_t file_append;
uint64_t file_size_low;
uint64_t file_size_high;
uint64_t start_offset;
uint32_t bs[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t ba[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t min_bs[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t max_bs[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
struct bssplit bssplit[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT][BSSPLIT_MAX];
uint32_t bssplit_nr[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t ignore_error[ERROR_TYPE_CNT][ERROR_STR_MAX];
uint32_t ignore_error_nr[ERROR_TYPE_CNT];
uint32_t error_dump;
uint32_t nr_files;
uint32_t open_files;
uint32_t file_lock_mode;
uint32_t odirect;
uint32_t oatomic;
uint32_t invalidate_cache;
uint32_t create_serialize;
uint32_t create_fsync;
uint32_t create_on_open;
uint32_t create_only;
uint32_t end_fsync;
uint32_t pre_read;
uint32_t sync_io;
uint32_t verify;
uint32_t do_verify;
uint32_t verifysort;
uint32_t verifysort_nr;
uint32_t verify_interval;
uint32_t verify_offset;
uint8_t verify_pattern[MAX_PATTERN_SIZE];
uint32_t verify_pattern_bytes;
uint32_t verify_fatal;
uint32_t verify_dump;
uint32_t verify_async;
uint64_t verify_backlog;
uint32_t verify_batch;
uint32_t experimental_verify;
uint32_t verify_state;
uint32_t verify_state_save;
uint32_t use_thread;
uint32_t unlink;
uint32_t do_disk_util;
uint32_t override_sync;
uint32_t rand_repeatable;
uint32_t allrand_repeatable;
uint64_t rand_seed;
uint32_t dep_use_os_rand;
uint32_t log_avg_msec;
uint32_t log_offset;
uint32_t log_gz;
uint32_t log_gz_store;
uint32_t norandommap;
uint32_t softrandommap;
uint32_t bs_unaligned;
uint32_t fsync_on_close;
uint32_t bs_is_seq_rand;
uint32_t random_distribution;
uint32_t pad;
fio_fp64_t zipf_theta;
fio_fp64_t pareto_h;
uint32_t random_generator;
uint32_t perc_rand[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t hugepage_size;
uint32_t rw_min_bs;
uint32_t thinktime;
uint32_t thinktime_spin;
uint32_t thinktime_blocks;
uint32_t fsync_blocks;
uint32_t fdatasync_blocks;
uint32_t barrier_blocks;
uint64_t start_delay;
uint64_t start_delay_high;
uint64_t timeout;
uint64_t ramp_time;
uint32_t overwrite;
uint32_t bw_avg_time;
uint32_t iops_avg_time;
uint32_t loops;
uint64_t zone_range;
uint64_t zone_size;
uint64_t zone_skip;
uint64_t lockmem;
uint32_t mem_type;
uint32_t mem_align;
uint32_t max_latency;
uint32_t stonewall;
uint32_t new_group;
uint32_t numjobs;
uint8_t cpumask[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t verify_cpumask[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint32_t cpus_allowed_policy;
uint32_t iolog;
uint32_t rwmixcycle;
uint32_t rwmix[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t nice;
uint32_t ioprio;
uint32_t ioprio_class;
uint32_t file_service_type;
uint32_t group_reporting;
uint32_t fadvise_hint;
uint32_t fallocate_mode;
uint32_t zero_buffers;
uint32_t refill_buffers;
uint32_t scramble_buffers;
uint8_t buffer_pattern[MAX_PATTERN_SIZE];
uint32_t buffer_pattern_bytes;
uint32_t compress_percentage;
uint32_t compress_chunk;
uint32_t dedupe_percentage;
uint32_t time_based;
uint32_t disable_lat;
uint32_t disable_clat;
uint32_t disable_slat;
uint32_t disable_bw;
uint32_t unified_rw_rep;
uint32_t gtod_reduce;
uint32_t gtod_cpu;
uint32_t clocksource;
uint32_t no_stall;
uint32_t trim_percentage;
uint32_t trim_batch;
uint32_t trim_zero;
uint64_t trim_backlog;
uint32_t clat_percentiles;
uint32_t percentile_precision;
uint32_t pad2;
fio_fp64_t percentile_list[FIO_IO_U_LIST_MAX_LEN];
uint8_t read_iolog_file[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t write_iolog_file[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t bw_log_file[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t lat_log_file[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t iops_log_file[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t replay_redirect[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
* Pre-run and post-run shell
uint8_t exec_prerun[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint8_t exec_postrun[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint32_t rate[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t ratemin[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t ratecycle;
uint32_t rate_iops[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint32_t rate_iops_min[DDIR_RWDIR_CNT];
uint8_t ioscheduler[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
* I/O Error handling
uint32_t continue_on_error;
* Benchmark profile type
uint8_t profile[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
* blkio cgroup support
uint8_t cgroup[FIO_TOP_STR_MAX];
uint32_t cgroup_weight;
uint32_t cgroup_nodelete;
uint32_t uid;
uint32_t gid;
int32_t flow_id;
int32_t flow;
int32_t flow_watermark;
uint32_t flow_sleep;
uint64_t offset_increment;
uint64_t number_ios;
uint32_t sync_file_range;
uint64_t latency_target;
uint64_t latency_window;
uint32_t pad3;
fio_fp64_t latency_percentile;
} __attribute__((packed));
extern void convert_thread_options_to_cpu(struct thread_options *o, struct thread_options_pack *top);
extern void convert_thread_options_to_net(struct thread_options_pack *top, struct thread_options *);
extern int fio_test_cconv(struct thread_options *);
extern void options_default_fill(struct thread_options *o);