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2019-11-26 Mark Wielaard <>
* (BUILD_STATIC): Add needed libraries for libdw and
2019-11-25 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* debuginfod.cxx (groom): Add a sqlite3_db_release_memory()
at the end of periodic grooming to try to shrink the process.
2019-11-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* debuginfod.cxx (test_webapi_sleep): Removed.
(handler_cb): Don't check test_webapi_sleep and sleep.
(main): Don't set test_webapi_sleep.
2019-11-24 Mark Wielaard <>
* debuginfod.cxx (add_metric): New function.
(scan_source_file_path): Record metrics for
found_executable_total, found_debuginfo_total and
(scan_source_rpm_path): Likewise.
2019-11-07 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* debuginfod.cxx: Add /metrics endpoint. Add numerous
calls to new functions inc_metric/set_metric to populate
threadsafe map containing stats. Add http content-type
response headers throughout.
(thread_main_*): Simplify counter/timer flow.
(main): Reorder web service shutdown to leave http running
as long as possible.
* debuginfod.8: Document it, add security caution.
2019-11-06 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* debuginfod.cxx: Add new -L (symlink-following) mode.
* debuginfod.8: Document it.
2019-11-04 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* debuginfo-client.c (debuginfod_set_progressfn): New function
for progress/interrupt callback.
(debuginfod_clean_cache, debuginfod_query_server): Call it.
* debuginfo.h: Declare it.
* debuginfod_set_progressfn.3, *_find_debuginfo.3: Document it.
* Install it.
* Export it all under ELFUTILS_0.178 symversion.
* debuginfod-find.c: Add -v option to activate progress cb.
* debuginfod-find.1: Document it.
* debuginfod.cxx: Add $DEBUGINFOD_TEST_WEBAPI_SLEEP env var
to insert sleep in webapi callbacks, to help manual testing.
2019-10-28 Frank Ch. Eigler <>
* debuginfod.cxx: New file: debuginfod server.
* debuginfod.8: New file: man page.
* Build it.
2019-10-28 Aaron Merey <>
* debuginfod-client.c: New file: debuginfod client library.
* debuginfod.h: New file: header for same.
* New file: govern its solib exports.
* debuginfod-find.c: New file: command line frontend.
* debuginfod-find.1, debuginfod_find_source.3,
debuginfod_find_executable.3, debuginfod_find_debuginfo.3:
New man pages.