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This project is a fork of a subset of the WindowBuilder Eclipse
Specifically, it contains the subset of WindowBuilder related to the
propertysheet, intended for reuse in AOSP by the ADT plugin.
The fork was modified as follows:
* Started with revision 424 from the trunk:
* Extracted the property package from org.eclipse.wb.core:
and then everything it transitively references. This turns out to
be a lot. I then started pruning out references to code we don't
need, such as support for editing Java constructs such as enums, or
dealing with a Java code model, etc. This means some of the files
have been edited to remove methods and fields. For example, the
property category code was modified to no longer support the
persistent storage of categories.
* The WindowBuilder code depended on a number of Apache Commons
libraries such as collections, lang, etc. Since ADT already uses
Guava, which provides a lot of the same functionality, I replaced
all the Commons calls with Guava calls in order to avoid having to
make ADT depend on (and load at runtime) the Commons libraries.
* Finally, the propertysheet code was made into a library instead of a
plugin, such that it can be loaded into the ADT plugin. This meant
mostly rewriting the DesignerPlugin class. It has kept its name
(since a lot of code references it for logging, resource loading
etc), but it is no longer an actual plugin. Instead it has init and
dispose methods for use by the AdtPlugin, and for logging it
delegates to the ADT plugin, etc.
* Icons were moved into the DesignerPlugin package such that the
resource loading code could use a relative path, since with an
absolute path it would be looking in the embedding plugin's
* To be consistent with the ADT codebase, I converted the files from
\r\n to \n newlines. Other than that, all formatting was left
* Removed unused resources such as unreferences colors from
IColorConstants, unneeded messages from ModelMessages, and so on.
* Note also that this Eclipse project is using a modified version of
the standard ADT Eclipse compiler settings: methods overriding other
methods and interfaces *without* using an @Override annotation are
ignored, since they were not using @Override annotations in the
WindowBuilder source base.
* I also modified the propertysheet in a few ways to add features
needed by ADT. These are all bracketed in the codebase with
Specifically, I made the property table able to expand all and
collapse all. Properties have sorting priorities, and have separate
name and title attributes (and tooltips show the property name
rather than the title.) Text property editors allow field completion
by providing IContentProposalProvider (and optionally
ILabelProvider) instances via their getAdapter method. And the
property table will color values differently based on whether the
property is modified. (This allows us to draw default attributes
differently). Finally, the propertysheet now supports "expand by
default" (and for certain categories to be excluded, such as
We should keep an eye on the propertysheet code in WindowBuilder and
migrate bug fixes and feature enhancements. To do that, first check
out revision 424 from
That's the same baseline that this fork was based on.
You can limit the checkout to just the org.eclipse.wb.core tree.
Then check out the newest revision of WindowBuilder in a separate
Now diff the two trees. Look for diffs in the packages related to the
propertysheet; this is going to be the packages that are present in
this library. If any of the diffs are related to the propertysheet or
supporting code, apply them to this library, and then update this
document to contain the new baseline revision (use 'svnversion .' to
get the number). Note that the diffs may need some rewriting if they
reference Apache Commons code.
Note that the class which is the main
window in WindowBuilder is not used in our implementation; we instead
have the PropertySheetPage class in ADT, so changes in that class
should be checked to see whether they apply to our property sheet page
(which uses the PropertyTable in a similar way, but obviously is based
around our own UI model rather than the WindowBuilder ObjectInfo