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#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "dynamic_depth/element.h"
#include "dynamic_depth/item.h"
#include "xmpmeta/xml/deserializer.h"
#include "xmpmeta/xml/serializer.h"
namespace dynamic_depth {
// The ItemSemantic of this Image.
enum class ImageItemSemantic { kPrimary = 1, kOriginal = 2 };
* An Image element for a Dynamic Depth device.
class Image : public Element {
// Appends child elements' namespaces' and their respective hrefs to the
// given collection, and any parent nodes' names to prefix_names.
// Key: Name of the namespace.
// Value: Full namespace URL.
// Example: ("Image", "")
void GetNamespaces(
std::unordered_map<string, string>* ns_name_href_map) override;
// Serializes this object.
bool Serialize(
::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Serializer* serializer) const override;
// Creates an original (non-primary) Image from the given fields. Returns null
// if one of the following is true:
// - Mime field is empty.
// - Data field is null or empty.
// - Uri field is empty.
// - The items field is null.
// Param description:
// - Data is NOT base64-encoded. This method takes care of encoding when it
// is passed to the generated Item element.
// - Mime is the mimetype of the image data.
// - Uri is the case-sensitive Item:DataUri of this Image, and must be
// unique amongst all Dynamic Depth elements. This will be the only way
// that metadata parsers will be able to retrieve the image.
// Both data and mime are used to construct a new Container:Item, which will
// be the last one appended to items.
// It is the caller's responsibility to use items to construct a Container,
// and ensure that it is serialized along with this Image element.
static std::unique_ptr<Image> FromData(
const string& data, const string& mime, const string& item_uri,
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Item>>* items);
// Same as above, but more performant because it avoids an extra string copy.
static std::unique_ptr<Image> FromData(
const uint8_t* data, size_t data_size, const string& mime,
const string& item_uri, std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Item>>* items);
// Image instantiator for the primary (container) image.
static std::unique_ptr<Image> FromDataForPrimaryImage(
const string& mime, std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Item>>* items);
// Returns the deserialized Image; null if parsing fails.
static std::unique_ptr<Image> FromDeserializer(
const ::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Deserializer& parent_deserializer);
const string& GetItemUri() const;
ImageItemSemantic GetItemSemantic() const;
// Disallow copying.
Image(const Image&) = delete;
void operator=(const Image&) = delete;
// Extracts image fields.
bool ParseImageFields(
const ::dynamic_depth::xmpmeta::xml::Deserializer& deserializer);
string item_uri_;
ImageItemSemantic item_semantic_;
} // namespace dynamic_depth