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#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/port.h"
namespace dynamic_depth {
namespace xmpmeta {
// Contains the data for a section in a JPEG file.
// A JPEG file contains many sections in addition to image data.
struct Section {
// Constructors.
Section() = default;
explicit Section(const string& buffer);
// Returns true if the section's marker matches an APP1 marker.
bool IsMarkerApp1();
int marker;
bool is_image_section;
string data;
struct ParseOptions {
// If set to true, keeps only the EXIF and XMP sections (with
// marker kApp1) and ignores others. Otherwise, keeps everything including
// image data.
bool read_meta_only = false;
// If section_header is set, this boolean controls whether only the 1st
// section matching the section_header will be returned. If not set
// (the default), all the sections that math the section header will be
// returned.
bool section_header_return_first = false;
// A filter that keeps all the sections whose data starts with the
// given string. Ignored if empty.
string section_header;
// Parses the JPEG image file.
std::vector<Section> Parse(const ParseOptions& options,
std::istream* input_stream);
// Writes JPEG data sections to a file.
void WriteSections(const std::vector<Section>& sections,
std::ostream* output_stream);
} // namespace xmpmeta
} // namespace dynamic_depth