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dhcpcd-4 - DHCP client daemon
Copyright 2006-2008 Roy Marples <>
Edit config.h to match your building requirements.
Then just make; make install
man dhcpcd for command line options
If you're cross compiling you may need to set the below knobs to avoid
automatic tests.
OS=BSD | Linux
If you're building for an MMU-less system where fork() does not work, you
should add -DTHERE_IS_NO_FORK to your CPPFLAGS.
This also puts the --no-background flag on and stops the --background flag
from working.
You can change the default dir with these knobs.
For example, to satisfy FHS compliance you would do this:-
We now default to using -std=c99. For 64-bit linux, this always works, but
for 32-bit linux it requires either gnu99 or a patch to asm/types.h.
Most distros patch linux headers so this should work fine.
linux-2.6.24 finally ships with a working 32-bit header.
If your linux headers are older, or your distro hasn't patched them you can
set CSTD=gnu99 to work around this.
Not all the hooks in dhcpcd-hooks are installed by default.
By default we install 01-test, 10-mtu, 20-resolv.conf and 30-hostname.
To add more simply add them in the HOOKSCRIPTS variable.
make HOOKSCRIPTS=50-ntp install
If you require compatibility with dhcpcd-3 and older style variables,
you can install 50-dhcpcd-compat into the directory $LIBEXECDIR/dhcpcd-hooks
We don't install this by default.
You should also add -DCMDLINE_COMPAT to your CPPFLAGS if you need to be fully
commandline compatible with prior versions.
dhcpcd-3 enabled DUID support by default - this has changed in dhcpcd-4.
You can enable it via the --duid, -D command line option or by using the
duid directive in dhcpcd.conf.
If CMDLINE_COMPAT is defined the we renable DUID support by default IF
the dhcpcd.duid file exits. This keeps the clients working as they were,
which is good.
dhcpcd no longer sends a default ClientID for ethernet interfaces.
This is so we can re-use the address the kernel DHCP client found.
To retain the old behaviour of sending a default ClientID based on the
hardware address for interface, simply add the keyword clientid to dhcpcd.conf.
If CMDLINE_COMPAT is defined, we renable the sending of ClientID by default
AND adding clientid to dhcpcd.conf causes it NOT to be sent.
dhcpcd-4 is NOT fully commandline compatible with dhcpcd-2 and older and
changes the meaning of some options.
We no longer supply a ChangeLog.
However, you're more than welcome to read the commit log at