Suppress unstable OpenSSLServerSocketImplTest[ENGINE]

ENGINE is an experimental OpenSSLServerSocket implementation that is
disabled by default. It appears to be unstable (causing test failures)
on x86 based Android devices. Since the ENGINE implementation is unused
on Android, this CL disables that particular part of the test until the
implementation is more stable.

No further investigation of the exact underlying bug in the experimental
ENGINE implementation has been made.

Test: Confirmed on an unaffected device that the test runner now only
      runs OpenSSLServerSocketImplTest for the DEFAULT implementation.
Bug: 37271061

(cherry picked from commit d16a91958c3b31719169fb659b1107cad1832cb4)

Change-Id: I210f8c6da400a621bb5eaa9f7a2eee4b64242d31
(cherry picked from commit 80995cf41b2b971c68c2324d202bdc1589d5207e)
diff --git a/openjdk/src/test/java/org/conscrypt/ b/openjdk/src/test/java/org/conscrypt/
index c581247..841c5fc 100644
--- a/openjdk/src/test/java/org/conscrypt/
+++ b/openjdk/src/test/java/org/conscrypt/
@@ -76,7 +76,11 @@
     @Parameters(name = "{0}")
     public static Iterable<SocketType> data() {
-        return Arrays.asList(SocketType.DEFAULT, SocketType.ENGINE);
+        // Android-changed: Temporarily (2017 Q2) disable ENGINE tests. http://b/37271061#comment9
+        // This experimental (unused by default) implementation is unstable and causing test
+        // failures on Android.
+        // return Arrays.asList(SocketType.DEFAULT, SocketType.ENGINE);
+        return Arrays.asList(SocketType.DEFAULT);
     @Parameter public SocketType socketType;