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//===-- ---------------------------------------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file is shared between AddressSanitizer and ThreadSanitizer
// run-time libraries.
// Windows-specific implementation of symbolizer parts.
#include "sanitizer_platform.h"
#include <windows.h>
#include <dbghelp.h>
#pragma comment(lib, "dbghelp.lib")
#include "sanitizer_symbolizer.h"
namespace __sanitizer {
class WinSymbolizer : public Symbolizer {
WinSymbolizer() : initialized_(false) {}
SymbolizedStack *SymbolizePC(uptr addr) override {
SymbolizedStack *frame = SymbolizedStack::New(addr);
BlockingMutexLock l(&dbghelp_mu_);
// See
char buffer[sizeof(SYMBOL_INFO) + MAX_SYM_NAME * sizeof(CHAR)];
symbol->SizeOfStruct = sizeof(SYMBOL_INFO);
symbol->MaxNameLen = MAX_SYM_NAME;
DWORD64 offset = 0;
BOOL got_objname = SymFromAddr(GetCurrentProcess(),
(DWORD64)addr, &offset, symbol);
if (!got_objname)
return frame;
DWORD unused;
IMAGEHLP_LINE64 line_info;
line_info.SizeOfStruct = sizeof(IMAGEHLP_LINE64);
BOOL got_fileline = SymGetLineFromAddr64(GetCurrentProcess(), (DWORD64)addr,
&unused, &line_info);
frame->info.function = internal_strdup(symbol->Name);
frame->info.function_offset = (uptr)offset;
if (got_fileline) {
frame->info.file = internal_strdup(line_info.FileName);
frame->info.line = line_info.LineNumber;
internal_memset(&mod_info, 0, sizeof(mod_info));
mod_info.SizeOfStruct = sizeof(mod_info);
if (SymGetModuleInfo64(GetCurrentProcess(), addr, &mod_info))
frame->info.FillAddressAndModuleInfo(addr, mod_info.ImageName,
addr - (uptr)mod_info.BaseOfImage);
return frame;
bool CanReturnFileLineInfo() override {
return true;
const char *Demangle(const char *name) override {
static char demangle_buffer[1000];
if (name[0] == '\01' &&
UnDecorateSymbolName(name + 1, demangle_buffer, sizeof(demangle_buffer),
return demangle_buffer;
return name;
// FIXME: Implement GetModuleNameAndOffsetForPC().
void InitializeIfNeeded() {
if (initialized_)
if (!TrySymInitialize()) {
// OK, maybe the client app has called SymInitialize already.
// That's a bit unfortunate for us as all the DbgHelp functions are
// single-threaded and we can't coordinate with the app.
// FIXME: Can we stop the other threads at this point?
// Anyways, we have to reconfigure stuff to make sure that SymInitialize
// has all the appropriate options set.
// Cross our fingers and reinitialize DbgHelp.
Report("*** WARNING: Failed to initialize DbgHelp! ***\n");
Report("*** Most likely this means that the app is already ***\n");
Report("*** using DbgHelp, possibly with incompatible flags. ***\n");
Report("*** Due to technical reasons, symbolization might crash ***\n");
Report("*** or produce wrong results. ***\n");
initialized_ = true;
// When an executable is run from a location different from the one where it
// was originally built, we may not see the nearby PDB files.
// To work around this, let's append the directory of the main module
// to the symbol search path. All the failures below are not fatal.
const size_t kSymPathSize = 2048;
static wchar_t path_buffer[kSymPathSize + 1 + MAX_PATH];
if (!SymGetSearchPathW(GetCurrentProcess(), path_buffer, kSymPathSize)) {
Report("*** WARNING: Failed to SymGetSearchPathW ***\n");
size_t sz = wcslen(path_buffer);
if (sz) {
CHECK_EQ(0, wcscat_s(path_buffer, L";"));
DWORD res = GetModuleFileNameW(NULL, path_buffer + sz, MAX_PATH);
if (res == 0 || res == MAX_PATH) {
Report("*** WARNING: Failed to getting the EXE directory ***\n");
// Write the zero character in place of the last backslash to get the
// directory of the main module at the end of path_buffer.
wchar_t *last_bslash = wcsrchr(path_buffer + sz, L'\\');
CHECK_NE(last_bslash, 0);
*last_bslash = L'\0';
if (!SymSetSearchPathW(GetCurrentProcess(), path_buffer)) {
Report("*** WARNING: Failed to SymSetSearchPathW\n");
bool TrySymInitialize() {
return SymInitialize(GetCurrentProcess(), 0, TRUE);
// FIXME: We don't call SymCleanup() on exit yet - should we?
// All DbgHelp functions are single threaded, so we should use a mutex to
// serialize accesses.
BlockingMutex dbghelp_mu_;
bool initialized_;
Symbolizer *Symbolizer::PlatformInit() {
static bool called_once = false;
CHECK(!called_once && "Shouldn't create more than one symbolizer");
called_once = true;
return new(symbolizer_allocator_) WinSymbolizer();
} // namespace __sanitizer
#endif // _WIN32