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/* ===-- stdio.h - stub SDK header for compiler-rt --------------------------===
* The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
* This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
* Source Licenses. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
* ===-----------------------------------------------------------------------===
* This is a stub SDK header file. This file is not part of the interface of
* this library nor an official version of the appropriate SDK header. It is
* intended only to stub the features of this header required by compiler-rt.
* ===-----------------------------------------------------------------------===
#ifndef __STDIO_H__
#define __STDIO_H__
typedef __SIZE_TYPE__ size_t;
struct _IO_FILE;
typedef struct _IO_FILE FILE;
extern struct _IO_FILE *stdin;
extern struct _IO_FILE *stdout;
extern struct _IO_FILE *stderr;
#define SEEK_SET 0 /* set file offset to offset */
#define SEEK_CUR 1 /* set file offset to current plus offset */
#define SEEK_END 2 /* set file offset to EOF plus offset */
extern int fclose(FILE *);
extern int fflush(FILE *);
extern FILE *fopen(const char * restrict, const char * restrict);
extern FILE *fdopen(int, const char * restrict);
extern int fprintf(FILE * restrict, const char * restrict, ...);
extern int fputc(int, FILE *);
extern size_t fwrite(const void * restrict, size_t, size_t, FILE * restrict);
extern size_t fread(void * restrict, size_t, size_t, FILE * restrict);
extern long ftell(FILE *);
extern int fseek(FILE *, long, int);
#endif /* __STDIO_H__ */