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Clearsilver JavaJNI wrapper
by David Jeske
Distributed under the Neotonic ClearSilver License
This is a Java Native Interface (JNI) wrapper for the ClearSilver
templating library. The files in this directory build into both
a clearsilver.jar file with Java classes, and a native library
After building clearsilver, just type "make" twice. The first
time you build it builds the depend, and throw some random error,
I don't know why.
You must put the native library into a standard library location
(i.e. like /lib), or make sure that Java can find it by using
the java command line directive:
Then you must put the clearsilver.jar file into your java
See the example for an example of how to import
and use the clearsilver objects.
USING in a servlet
Since the most common usage of Clearsilver is in a servlet,
we've provided some examples of how to use it in the servlet/