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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace Clearsilver {
// opaque types
public unsafe struct HDF {};
public unsafe struct NEOERR {};
public unsafe class Hdf {
[DllImport("libneo", EntryPoint="hdf_init")]
private static extern unsafe NEOERR* hdf_init(HDF **foo);
// NEOERR* hdf_set_value (HDF *hdf, char *name, char *value)
private static unsafe extern NEOERR* hdf_set_value(HDF *hdf,
string name,
string value);
// char* hdf_get_value (HDF *hdf, char *name, char *defval)
[return: MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPStr)]
private static unsafe extern string hdf_get_value(HDF *hdf,
string name,
string defval);
// NEOERR* hdf_dump (HDF *hdf, char *prefix);
[DllImport("libneo", EntryPoint="hdf_dump")]
private static extern void hdf_dump(
HDF *hdf,
string prefix);
// HDF* hdf_get_obj (HDF *hdf, char *name)
[DllImport("libneo", EntryPoint="hdf_get_obj")]
private static extern HDF* hdf_get_obj(
HDF *hdf,
string name);
// -----------------------------------------------------------
public HDF *hdf_root;
public Hdf() {
fixed (HDF **hdf_ptr = &hdf_root) {
// Console.WriteLine((int)hdf_root);
public void setValue(string name,string value) {
public string getValue(string name,string defvalue) {
return hdf_get_value(hdf_root,name,defvalue);
public void test() {
// hdf_read_file(hdf_root,"test.hdf");
// Console.WriteLine("b ", hdf_get_value(hdf_root,"b","5"));
// HDF *n = hdf_get_obj(hdf_root,"b");
// Console.WriteLine("object name {0}",
// Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi((IntPtr)n->name));
unsafe struct CSPARSE {};
public class CSTContext {
unsafe CSPARSE *csp;
unsafe public CSTContext(Hdf hdf) {
fixed (CSPARSE **csp_ptr = &csp) {
cs_init(csp_ptr, hdf.hdf_root);
extern static unsafe NEOERR *cs_init (CSPARSE **parse, HDF *hdf);
public unsafe void parseFile(string filename) {
extern static unsafe NEOERR *cs_parse_file (CSPARSE *parse,
string path);
// [DllImport("libneo")]
// extern static unsafe NEOERR *cs_parse_string (CSPARSE *parse,
// char *buf,
// size_t blen);
// NEOERR *cs_render (CSPARSE *parse, void *ctx, CSOUTFUNC cb);
// typedef NEOERR* (*CSOUTFUNC)(void *ctx, char *more_str_bytes);
extern static unsafe NEOERR *cs_render (CSPARSE *parse,
void *ctx,
private unsafe delegate NEOERR* CSOUTFUNC(void* ctx, sbyte* more_bytes);
private class OutputBuilder {
private string output = "";
public unsafe NEOERR* handleOutput(void* ctx, sbyte* more_bytes) {
// add the more_bytes to the current string buffer
output += new String(more_bytes);
// Console.WriteLine("handleOutput called");
return null;
public string result() {
return output;
public unsafe string render() {
OutputBuilder ob = new OutputBuilder();
cs_render(csp,null,new CSOUTFUNC(ob.handleOutput));
return ob.result();
extern static unsafe void cs_destroy (CSPARSE **parse);
} // namespace Clearsilver