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* Clearsilver README
For more information, see the website:
This package includes Clearsilver, the CGI kit and HTML templating
system. For information about building and installing, see the
included INSTALL file. This package also includes tools which
help you use Clearsilver, as well as a few examples.
*** Clearsilver
* Clearsilver - This is our html template system and cgi kit.
There are too many great things about clearsilver to list them all
here, but here are some of the salient points:
* get the html out of your code
* loops, conditionals, macros, and stuff
* cgi kit unifies query variable and cookie handling
* super-easy to go from static mockup to dynamic page
* run multiple front-ends on the same application code
* super-fast C-library
* unifies Query variable and cookie handling
* language neutral (C,C++,Python,Ruby,Perl,Java,C#)
* nice iterative page debugging/development features
* generate static-data-driven page content without using any code
* did I mention super-fast?
Supported language information:
*** Tools
This is our transparent translation system. It's based on how we did
translation at Yahoo!. You leave all the english strings right in the
clearsilver templates. trans parses the html and extracts your
language strings into a translation database. You can then translate
the strings using any means. (it includes tools for dump and loading
per-language files for shipping to translators). Occasionally trans
isn't smart enough to find your language strings, in this case you can
manually extract them into static language string files and trans will
automatically pick them up. When it comes time to ship, trans
generates language-independent templates, and a set of language files
from your database.
*** Examples
* static.cgi
This is a standalone binary which handles Clearsilver rendering of
static content. This is a great way to play with clearsilver syntax
before you start writing dynamic CGIs with it. This is also a great
way to do webpage mockups with much more power than server side
includes. See the INSTALL file for information about configuring
this for use with apache.