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//== SubEngine.h - Interface of the subengine of CoreEngine --------*- C++ -*-//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines the interface of a subengine of the CoreEngine.
#include "clang/Analysis/ProgramPoint.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/SVals.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/Store.h"
namespace clang {
class CFGBlock;
class CFGElement;
class LocationContext;
class Stmt;
namespace ento {
struct NodeBuilderContext;
class AnalysisManager;
class ExplodedNodeSet;
class ExplodedNode;
class ProgramState;
class ProgramStateManager;
class BlockCounter;
class BranchNodeBuilder;
class IndirectGotoNodeBuilder;
class SwitchNodeBuilder;
class EndOfFunctionNodeBuilder;
class NodeBuilderWithSinks;
class MemRegion;
class SubEngine {
virtual void anchor();
virtual ~SubEngine() {}
virtual ProgramStateRef getInitialState(const LocationContext *InitLoc) = 0;
virtual AnalysisManager &getAnalysisManager() = 0;
virtual ProgramStateManager &getStateManager() = 0;
/// Called by CoreEngine. Used to generate new successor
/// nodes by processing the 'effects' of a block-level statement.
virtual void processCFGElement(const CFGElement E, ExplodedNode* Pred,
unsigned StmtIdx, NodeBuilderContext *Ctx)=0;
/// Called by CoreEngine when it starts processing a CFGBlock. The
/// SubEngine is expected to populate dstNodes with new nodes representing
/// updated analysis state, or generate no nodes at all if it doesn't.
virtual void processCFGBlockEntrance(const BlockEdge &L,
NodeBuilderWithSinks &nodeBuilder) = 0;
/// Called by CoreEngine. Used to generate successor
/// nodes by processing the 'effects' of a branch condition.
virtual void processBranch(const Stmt *Condition, const Stmt *Term,
NodeBuilderContext& BuilderCtx,
ExplodedNode *Pred,
ExplodedNodeSet &Dst,
const CFGBlock *DstT,
const CFGBlock *DstF) = 0;
/// Called by CoreEngine. Used to generate successor
/// nodes by processing the 'effects' of a computed goto jump.
virtual void processIndirectGoto(IndirectGotoNodeBuilder& builder) = 0;
/// Called by CoreEngine. Used to generate successor
/// nodes by processing the 'effects' of a switch statement.
virtual void processSwitch(SwitchNodeBuilder& builder) = 0;
/// Called by CoreEngine. Used to generate end-of-path
/// nodes when the control reaches the end of a function.
virtual void processEndOfFunction(NodeBuilderContext& BC) = 0;
// Generate the entry node of the callee.
virtual void processCallEnter(CallEnter CE, ExplodedNode *Pred) = 0;
// Generate the first post callsite node.
virtual void processCallExit(ExplodedNode *Pred) = 0;
/// Called by ConstraintManager. Used to call checker-specific
/// logic for handling assumptions on symbolic values.
virtual ProgramStateRef processAssume(ProgramStateRef state,
SVal cond, bool assumption) = 0;
/// wantsRegionChangeUpdate - Called by ProgramStateManager to determine if a
/// region change should trigger a processRegionChanges update.
virtual bool wantsRegionChangeUpdate(ProgramStateRef state) = 0;
/// processRegionChanges - Called by ProgramStateManager whenever a change is
/// made to the store. Used to update checkers that track region values.
virtual ProgramStateRef
processRegionChanges(ProgramStateRef state,
const StoreManager::InvalidatedSymbols *invalidated,
ArrayRef<const MemRegion *> ExplicitRegions,
ArrayRef<const MemRegion *> Regions,
const CallEvent *Call) = 0;
inline ProgramStateRef
processRegionChange(ProgramStateRef state,
const MemRegion* MR) {
return processRegionChanges(state, 0, MR, MR, 0);
/// printState - Called by ProgramStateManager to print checker-specific data.
virtual void printState(raw_ostream &Out, ProgramStateRef State,
const char *NL, const char *Sep) = 0;
/// Called by CoreEngine when the analysis worklist is either empty or the
// maximum number of analysis steps have been reached.
virtual void processEndWorklist(bool hasWorkRemaining) = 0;
} // end GR namespace
} // end clang namespace