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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify -std=c++11 %s
int align_illegal alignas(3); //expected-error {{requested alignment is not a power of 2}}
char align_big alignas(int);
int align_small alignas(1); // FIXME: this should be rejected
int align_multiple alignas(1) alignas(8) alignas(1);
struct align_member {
int member alignas(8);
template <unsigned A> struct alignas(A) align_class_template {};
// FIXME: these should not error
template <typename... T> alignas(T...) struct align_class_temp_pack_type {}; // expected-error{{pack expansions in alignment specifiers are not supported yet}}
template <unsigned... A> alignas(A...) struct align_class_temp_pack_expr {}; // expected-error{{pack expansions in alignment specifiers are not supported yet}}
typedef char align_typedef alignas(8);
template<typename T> using align_alias_template = align_typedef;
static_assert(alignof(align_big) == alignof(int), "k's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_small) == 1, "j's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_multiple) == 8, "l's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_member) == 8, "quuux's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(sizeof(align_member) == 8, "quuux's size is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_typedef) == 8, "typedef's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_class_template<8>) == 8, "template's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_class_template<16>) == 16, "template's alignment is wrong");
// FIXME: enable these tests
// static_assert(alignof(align_class_temp_pack_type<short, int, long>) == alignof(long), "template's alignment is wrong");
// static_assert(alignof(align_class_temp_pack_expr<8, 16, 32>) == 32, "template's alignment is wrong");
static_assert(alignof(align_alias_template<int>) == 8, "alias template's alignment is wrong");