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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
// RUN: cp %s %t
// RUN: not %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -fixit -x objective-c %t
// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -pedantic -Werror -x objective-c %t
// RUN: grep arrayWithObjects %t
typedef unsigned char BOOL;
@interface NSNumber @end
@interface NSNumber (NSNumberCreation)
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithChar:(char)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedChar:(unsigned char)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithShort:(short)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedShort:(unsigned short)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithInt:(int)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedInt:(unsigned int)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithLong:(long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedLong:(unsigned long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithLongLong:(long long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithUnsignedLongLong:(unsigned long long)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithFloat:(float)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithDouble:(double)value;
+ (NSNumber *)numberWithBool:(BOOL)value;
@interface NSArray
@interface NSArray (NSArrayCreation)
+ (id)arrayWithObjects:(const id [])objects count:(unsigned long)cnt;
@interface NSDictionary
+ (id)dictionaryWithObjects:(const id [])objects forKeys:(const id [])keys count:(unsigned long)cnt;
void fixes() {
id arr = @[
17, // expected-error{{numeric literal must be prefixed by '@' in a collection}}
'a', // expected-error{{character literal must be prefixed by '@'}}
"blah" // expected-error{{string literal must be prefixed by '@'}}