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// Copyright 2006-2013 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This module contains the architecture-specific code. This make the rest of
// the code less dependent on differences between different processor
// architecture.
// The classes have the same definition for all architectures. The
// implementation for a particular architecture is put in cpu_<arch>.cc.
// The build system then uses the implementation for the target architecture.
#ifndef V8_CPU_H_
#define V8_CPU_H_
#include "src/allocation.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// CPU
// Query information about the processor.
// This class also has static methods for the architecture specific functions.
// Add methods here to cope with differences between the supported
// architectures. For each architecture the file cpu_<arch>.cc contains the
// implementation of these static functions.
// x86 CPUID information
const char* vendor() const { return vendor_; }
int stepping() const { return stepping_; }
int model() const { return model_; }
int ext_model() const { return ext_model_; }
int family() const { return family_; }
int ext_family() const { return ext_family_; }
int type() const { return type_; }
// arm implementer/part information
int implementer() const { return implementer_; }
static const int ARM = 0x41;
static const int NVIDIA = 0x4e;
static const int QUALCOMM = 0x51;
int architecture() const { return architecture_; }
int part() const { return part_; }
static const int ARM_CORTEX_A5 = 0xc05;
static const int ARM_CORTEX_A7 = 0xc07;
static const int ARM_CORTEX_A8 = 0xc08;
static const int ARM_CORTEX_A9 = 0xc09;
static const int ARM_CORTEX_A12 = 0xc0c;
static const int ARM_CORTEX_A15 = 0xc0f;
// General features
bool has_fpu() const { return has_fpu_; }
// x86 features
bool has_cmov() const { return has_cmov_; }
bool has_sahf() const { return has_sahf_; }
bool has_mmx() const { return has_mmx_; }
bool has_sse() const { return has_sse_; }
bool has_sse2() const { return has_sse2_; }
bool has_sse3() const { return has_sse3_; }
bool has_ssse3() const { return has_ssse3_; }
bool has_sse41() const { return has_sse41_; }
bool has_sse42() const { return has_sse42_; }
// arm features
bool has_idiva() const { return has_idiva_; }
bool has_neon() const { return has_neon_; }
bool has_thumb2() const { return has_thumb2_; }
bool has_vfp() const { return has_vfp_; }
bool has_vfp3() const { return has_vfp3_; }
bool has_vfp3_d32() const { return has_vfp3_d32_; }
// Flush instruction cache.
static void FlushICache(void* start, size_t size);
char vendor_[13];
int stepping_;
int model_;
int ext_model_;
int family_;
int ext_family_;
int type_;
int implementer_;
int architecture_;
int part_;
bool has_fpu_;
bool has_cmov_;
bool has_sahf_;
bool has_mmx_;
bool has_sse_;
bool has_sse2_;
bool has_sse3_;
bool has_ssse3_;
bool has_sse41_;
bool has_sse42_;
bool has_idiva_;
bool has_neon_;
bool has_thumb2_;
bool has_vfp_;
bool has_vfp3_;
bool has_vfp3_d32_;
} } // namespace v8::internal
#endif // V8_CPU_H_