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* Copyright (C) 2010 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
* met:
* * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above
* copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer
* in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the
* distribution.
* * Neither the name of Google Inc. nor the names of its
* contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from
* this software without specific prior written permission.
#ifndef WebViewImpl_h
#define WebViewImpl_h
#include "BackForwardClientImpl.h"
#include "ChromeClientImpl.h"
#include "ContextMenuClientImpl.h"
#include "DragClientImpl.h"
#include "EditorClientImpl.h"
#include "InspectorClientImpl.h"
#include "NotificationPresenterImpl.h"
#include "PageOverlayList.h"
#include "PageScaleConstraintsSet.h"
#include "PageWidgetDelegate.h"
#include "UserMediaClientImpl.h"
#include "WebInputEvent.h"
#include "WebNavigationPolicy.h"
#include "WebView.h"
#include "core/page/PagePopupDriver.h"
#include "core/platform/graphics/GraphicsLayer.h"
#include "platform/Timer.h"
#include "platform/geometry/IntPoint.h"
#include "platform/geometry/IntRect.h"
#include "public/platform/WebGestureCurveTarget.h"
#include "public/platform/WebLayer.h"
#include "public/platform/WebPoint.h"
#include "public/platform/WebRect.h"
#include "public/platform/WebSize.h"
#include "public/platform/WebString.h"
#include "wtf/OwnPtr.h"
#include "wtf/RefCounted.h"
#include "wtf/Vector.h"
namespace WebCore {
class ChromiumDataObject;
class Color;
class Frame;
class GraphicsLayerFactory;
class HistoryItem;
class HitTestResult;
class KeyboardEvent;
class Page;
class PageGroup;
class PagePopup;
class PagePopupClient;
class PlatformKeyboardEvent;
class PopupContainer;
class PopupMenuClient;
class RenderLayerCompositor;
namespace WebKit {
class AutocompletePopupMenuClient;
class AutofillPopupMenuClient;
class ContextFeaturesClientImpl;
class ContextMenuClientImpl;
class GeolocationClientProxy;
class LinkHighlight;
class MIDIClientProxy;
class PinchViewports;
class PrerendererClientImpl;
class SharedWorkerRepositoryClientImpl;
class SpeechInputClientImpl;
class SpeechRecognitionClientProxy;
class UserMediaClientImpl;
class ValidationMessageClientImpl;
class WebAXObject;
class WebActiveGestureAnimation;
class WebCompositorImpl;
class WebDevToolsAgentClient;
class WebDevToolsAgentPrivate;
class WebDocument;
class WebFrameImpl;
class WebGestureEvent;
class WebHelperPluginImpl;
class WebImage;
class WebKeyboardEvent;
class WebLayerTreeView;
class WebMouseEvent;
class WebMouseWheelEvent;
class WebPagePopupImpl;
class WebPrerendererClient;
class WebSettingsImpl;
class WebTouchEvent;
class FullscreenController;
class WebViewImpl : public WebView
, public RefCounted<WebViewImpl>
, public WebGestureCurveTarget
, public WebCore::PagePopupDriver
, public PageWidgetEventHandler {
static WebViewImpl* create(WebViewClient*);
// WebWidget methods:
virtual void close();
virtual WebSize size();
virtual void willStartLiveResize();
virtual void resize(const WebSize&);
virtual void willEndLiveResize();
virtual void willEnterFullScreen();
virtual void didEnterFullScreen();
virtual void willExitFullScreen();
virtual void didExitFullScreen();
virtual void animate(double);
virtual void layout();
virtual void enterForceCompositingMode(bool enable) OVERRIDE;
virtual void paint(WebCanvas*, const WebRect&, PaintOptions = ReadbackFromCompositorIfAvailable);
virtual bool isTrackingRepaints() const OVERRIDE;
virtual void themeChanged();
virtual void setNeedsRedraw();
virtual bool handleInputEvent(const WebInputEvent&);
virtual void setCursorVisibilityState(bool isVisible);
virtual bool hasTouchEventHandlersAt(const WebPoint&);
virtual void applyScrollAndScale(const WebSize&, float);
virtual void mouseCaptureLost();
virtual void setFocus(bool enable);
virtual bool setComposition(
const WebString& text,
const WebVector<WebCompositionUnderline>& underlines,
int selectionStart,
int selectionEnd);
virtual bool confirmComposition();
virtual bool confirmComposition(ConfirmCompositionBehavior selectionBehavior);
virtual bool confirmComposition(const WebString& text);
virtual bool compositionRange(size_t* location, size_t* length);
virtual WebTextInputInfo textInputInfo();
virtual bool setEditableSelectionOffsets(int start, int end);
virtual bool setCompositionFromExistingText(int compositionStart, int compositionEnd, const WebVector<WebCompositionUnderline>& underlines);
virtual void extendSelectionAndDelete(int before, int after);
virtual bool isSelectionEditable() const;
virtual WebColor backgroundColor() const;
virtual bool selectionBounds(WebRect& anchor, WebRect& focus) const;
virtual bool selectionTextDirection(WebTextDirection& start, WebTextDirection& end) const;
virtual bool isSelectionAnchorFirst() const;
virtual bool caretOrSelectionRange(size_t* location, size_t* length);
virtual void setTextDirection(WebTextDirection direction);
virtual bool isAcceleratedCompositingActive() const;
virtual void willCloseLayerTreeView();
virtual void didAcquirePointerLock();
virtual void didNotAcquirePointerLock();
virtual void didLosePointerLock();
virtual void didChangeWindowResizerRect();
virtual void didExitCompositingMode();
// WebView methods:
virtual void setMainFrame(WebFrame*);
virtual void initializeMainFrame(WebFrameClient*);
virtual void setAutofillClient(WebAutofillClient*);
virtual void setDevToolsAgentClient(WebDevToolsAgentClient*);
virtual void setPermissionClient(WebPermissionClient*);
virtual void setPrerendererClient(WebPrerendererClient*) OVERRIDE;
virtual void setSpellCheckClient(WebSpellCheckClient*);
virtual void setValidationMessageClient(WebValidationMessageClient*) OVERRIDE;
virtual void setPasswordGeneratorClient(WebPasswordGeneratorClient*) OVERRIDE;
virtual void setSharedWorkerRepositoryClient(WebSharedWorkerRepositoryClient*) OVERRIDE;
virtual WebSettings* settings();
virtual WebString pageEncoding() const;
virtual void setPageEncoding(const WebString& encoding);
virtual bool isTransparent() const;
virtual void setIsTransparent(bool value);
virtual void setBaseBackgroundColor(WebColor);
virtual bool tabsToLinks() const;
virtual void setTabsToLinks(bool value);
virtual bool tabKeyCyclesThroughElements() const;
virtual void setTabKeyCyclesThroughElements(bool value);
virtual bool isActive() const;
virtual void setIsActive(bool value);
virtual void setDomainRelaxationForbidden(bool, const WebString& scheme);
virtual void setWindowFeatures(const WebWindowFeatures&);
virtual bool dispatchBeforeUnloadEvent();
virtual void dispatchUnloadEvent();
virtual WebFrame* mainFrame();
virtual WebFrame* findFrameByName(
const WebString& name, WebFrame* relativeToFrame);
virtual WebFrame* focusedFrame();
virtual void setFocusedFrame(WebFrame* frame);
virtual void setInitialFocus(bool reverse);
virtual void clearFocusedNode();
virtual void scrollFocusedNodeIntoView();
virtual void scrollFocusedNodeIntoRect(const WebRect&);
virtual void zoomToFindInPageRect(const WebRect&);
virtual void advanceFocus(bool reverse);
virtual double zoomLevel();
virtual double setZoomLevel(double);
virtual void zoomLimitsChanged(double minimumZoomLevel,
double maximumZoomLevel);
virtual float textZoomFactor();
virtual float setTextZoomFactor(float);
virtual void setInitialPageScaleOverride(float);
virtual bool zoomToMultipleTargetsRect(const WebRect&);
virtual float pageScaleFactor() const;
virtual void setPageScaleFactorPreservingScrollOffset(float);
virtual void setPageScaleFactor(float scaleFactor, const WebPoint& origin);
virtual void setPageScaleFactorLimits(float minPageScale, float maxPageScale);
virtual float minimumPageScaleFactor() const;
virtual float maximumPageScaleFactor() const;
virtual void saveScrollAndScaleState();
virtual void restoreScrollAndScaleState();
virtual void resetScrollAndScaleState();
virtual void setIgnoreViewportTagScaleLimits(bool);
virtual WebSize contentsPreferredMinimumSize();
virtual float deviceScaleFactor() const;
virtual void setDeviceScaleFactor(float);
virtual void setFixedLayoutSize(const WebSize&);
virtual void enableAutoResizeMode(
const WebSize& minSize,
const WebSize& maxSize);
virtual void disableAutoResizeMode();
virtual void performMediaPlayerAction(
const WebMediaPlayerAction& action,
const WebPoint& location);
virtual void performPluginAction(
const WebPluginAction&,
const WebPoint&);
virtual WebHitTestResult hitTestResultAt(const WebPoint&);
virtual void copyImageAt(const WebPoint& point);
virtual void dragSourceEndedAt(
const WebPoint& clientPoint,
const WebPoint& screenPoint,
WebDragOperation operation);
virtual void dragSourceMovedTo(
const WebPoint& clientPoint,
const WebPoint& screenPoint,
WebDragOperation operation);
virtual void dragSourceSystemDragEnded();
virtual WebDragOperation dragTargetDragEnter(
const WebDragData&,
const WebPoint& clientPoint,
const WebPoint& screenPoint,
WebDragOperationsMask operationsAllowed,
int keyModifiers);
virtual WebDragOperation dragTargetDragOver(
const WebPoint& clientPoint,
const WebPoint& screenPoint,
WebDragOperationsMask operationsAllowed,
int keyModifiers);
virtual void dragTargetDragLeave();
virtual void dragTargetDrop(
const WebPoint& clientPoint,
const WebPoint& screenPoint,
int keyModifiers);
virtual void spellingMarkers(WebVector<uint32_t>* markers);
virtual unsigned long createUniqueIdentifierForRequest();
virtual void inspectElementAt(const WebPoint& point);
virtual WebString inspectorSettings() const;
virtual void setInspectorSettings(const WebString& settings);
virtual bool inspectorSetting(const WebString& key, WebString* value) const;
virtual void setInspectorSetting(const WebString& key,
const WebString& value);
virtual void setCompositorDeviceScaleFactorOverride(float);
virtual void setRootLayerScaleTransform(float);
virtual WebDevToolsAgent* devToolsAgent();
virtual WebAXObject accessibilityObject();
virtual void applyAutofillSuggestions(
const WebNode&,
const WebVector<WebString>& names,
const WebVector<WebString>& labels,
const WebVector<WebString>& icons,
const WebVector<int>& itemIDs,
int separatorIndex);
virtual void hidePopups();
virtual void selectAutofillSuggestionAtIndex(unsigned listIndex);
virtual void setSelectionColors(unsigned activeBackgroundColor,
unsigned activeForegroundColor,
unsigned inactiveBackgroundColor,
unsigned inactiveForegroundColor);
virtual void performCustomContextMenuAction(unsigned action);
virtual void showContextMenu();
virtual void addPageOverlay(WebPageOverlay*, int /* zOrder */);
virtual void removePageOverlay(WebPageOverlay*);
virtual void transferActiveWheelFlingAnimation(const WebActiveWheelFlingParameters&);
virtual void setShowPaintRects(bool);
virtual void setShowDebugBorders(bool);
virtual void setShowFPSCounter(bool);
virtual void setContinuousPaintingEnabled(bool);
virtual void setShowScrollBottleneckRects(bool);
// WebViewImpl
void suppressInvalidations(bool enable);
void invalidateRect(const WebCore::IntRect&);
void setIgnoreInputEvents(bool newValue);
WebDevToolsAgentPrivate* devToolsAgentPrivate() { return m_devToolsAgent.get(); }
WebCore::Color baseBackgroundColor() const { return m_baseBackgroundColor; }
PageOverlayList* pageOverlays() const { return m_pageOverlays.get(); }
void setOverlayLayer(WebCore::GraphicsLayer*);
const WebPoint& lastMouseDownPoint() const
return m_lastMouseDownPoint;
WebCore::Frame* focusedWebCoreFrame() const;
// Returns the currently focused Element or null if no element has focus.
WebCore::Element* focusedElement();
static WebViewImpl* fromPage(WebCore::Page*);
WebViewClient* client()
return m_client;
WebAutofillClient* autofillClient()
return m_autofillClient;
WebPermissionClient* permissionClient()
return m_permissionClient;
WebSpellCheckClient* spellCheckClient()
return m_spellCheckClient;
WebPasswordGeneratorClient* passwordGeneratorClient() const
return m_passwordGeneratorClient;
// Returns the page object associated with this view. This may be null when
// the page is shutting down, but will be valid at all other times.
WebCore::Page* page() const
return m_page.get();
// Returns the main frame associated with this view. This may be null when
// the page is shutting down, but will be valid at all other times.
WebFrameImpl* mainFrameImpl();
// Event related methods:
void mouseContextMenu(const WebMouseEvent&);
void mouseDoubleClick(const WebMouseEvent&);
bool detectContentOnTouch(const WebPoint&);
bool startPageScaleAnimation(const WebCore::IntPoint& targetPosition, bool useAnchor, float newScale, double durationInSeconds);
void numberOfWheelEventHandlersChanged(unsigned);
void hasTouchEventHandlers(bool);
// WebGestureCurveTarget implementation for fling.
virtual void scrollBy(const WebFloatSize&);
// Handles context menu events orignated via the the keyboard. These
// include the VK_APPS virtual key and the Shift+F10 combine. Code is
// based on the Webkit function bool WebView::handleContextMenuEvent(WPARAM
// wParam, LPARAM lParam) in webkit\webkit\win\WebView.cpp. The only
// significant change in this function is the code to convert from a
// Keyboard event to the Right Mouse button down event.
bool sendContextMenuEvent(const WebKeyboardEvent&);
// Notifies the WebView that a load has been committed. isNewNavigation
// will be true if a new session history item should be created for that
// load. isNavigationWithinPage will be true if the navigation does
// not take the user away from the current page.
void didCommitLoad(bool isNewNavigation, bool isNavigationWithinPage);
// Indicates two things:
// 1) This view may have a new layout now.
// 2) Calling layout() is a no-op.
// After calling WebWidget::layout(), expect to get this notification
// unless the view did not need a layout.
void layoutUpdated(WebFrameImpl*);
void didChangeContentsSize();
void deviceOrPageScaleFactorChanged();
// Returns true if popup menus should be rendered by the browser, false if
// they should be rendered by WebKit (which is the default).
static bool useExternalPopupMenus();
bool contextMenuAllowed() const
return m_contextMenuAllowed;
bool shouldAutoResize() const
return m_shouldAutoResize;
WebCore::IntSize minAutoSize() const
return m_minAutoSize;
WebCore::IntSize maxAutoSize() const
return m_maxAutoSize;
void updateMainFrameLayoutSize();
void updatePageDefinedViewportConstraints(const WebCore::ViewportDescription&);
// Start a system drag and drop operation.
void startDragging(
const WebDragData& dragData,
WebDragOperationsMask mask,
const WebImage& dragImage,
const WebPoint& dragImageOffset);
void autofillPopupDidHide()
m_autofillPopupShowing = false;
// Returns the provider of desktop notifications.
NotificationPresenterImpl* notificationPresenterImpl();
// Tries to scroll a frame or any parent of a frame. Returns true if the view
// was scrolled.
bool propagateScroll(WebCore::ScrollDirection, WebCore::ScrollGranularity);
// Notification that a popup was opened/closed.
void popupOpened(WebCore::PopupContainer* popupContainer);
void popupClosed(WebCore::PopupContainer* popupContainer);
// PagePopupDriver functions.
virtual WebCore::PagePopup* openPagePopup(WebCore::PagePopupClient*, const WebCore::IntRect& originBoundsInRootView) OVERRIDE;
virtual void closePagePopup(WebCore::PagePopup*) OVERRIDE;
void hideAutofillPopup();
// Creates a Helper Plugin of |pluginType| for |hostDocument|.
WebHelperPluginImpl* createHelperPlugin(const String& pluginType, const WebDocument& hostDocument);
void closeHelperPluginSoon(PassRefPtr<WebHelperPluginImpl>);
// Returns the input event we're currently processing. This is used in some
// cases where the WebCore DOM event doesn't have the information we need.
static const WebInputEvent* currentInputEvent()
return m_currentInputEvent;
WebCore::GraphicsLayer* rootGraphicsLayer();
bool allowsAcceleratedCompositing();
void setRootGraphicsLayer(WebCore::GraphicsLayer*);
void scheduleCompositingLayerSync();
void scrollRootLayerRect(const WebCore::IntSize& scrollDelta, const WebCore::IntRect& clipRect);
WebCore::GraphicsLayerFactory* graphicsLayerFactory() const;
WebCore::RenderLayerCompositor* compositor() const;
void registerForAnimations(WebLayer*);
void scheduleAnimation();
virtual void setVisibilityState(WebPageVisibilityState, bool);
WebCore::PopupContainer* selectPopup() const { return m_selectPopup.get(); }
bool hasOpenedPopup() const { return m_selectPopup || m_pagePopup; }
// Returns true if the event leads to scrolling.
static bool mapKeyCodeForScroll(int keyCode,
WebCore::ScrollDirection* scrollDirection,
WebCore::ScrollGranularity* scrollGranularity);
// Called by a full frame plugin inside this view to inform it that its
// zoom level has been updated. The plugin should only call this function
// if the zoom change was triggered by the browser, it's only needed in case
// a plugin can update its own zoom, say because of its own UI.
void fullFramePluginZoomLevelChanged(double zoomLevel);
void computeScaleAndScrollForBlockRect(const WebPoint& hitPoint, const WebRect& blockRect, float padding, float defaultScaleWhenAlreadyLegible, float& scale, WebPoint& scroll);
WebCore::Node* bestTapNode(const WebCore::PlatformGestureEvent& tapEvent);
void enableTapHighlightAtPoint(const WebCore::PlatformGestureEvent& tapEvent);
void enableTapHighlights(Vector<WebCore::Node*>&);
void computeScaleAndScrollForFocusedNode(WebCore::Node* focusedNode, float& scale, WebCore::IntPoint& scroll, bool& needAnimation);
void animateDoubleTapZoom(const WebCore::IntPoint&);
void enableFakePageScaleAnimationForTesting(bool);
bool fakeDoubleTapAnimationPendingForTesting() const { return m_doubleTapZoomPending; }
WebCore::IntPoint fakePageScaleAnimationTargetPositionForTesting() const { return m_fakePageScaleAnimationTargetPosition; }
float fakePageScaleAnimationPageScaleForTesting() const { return m_fakePageScaleAnimationPageScaleFactor; }
bool fakePageScaleAnimationUseAnchorForTesting() const { return m_fakePageScaleAnimationUseAnchor; }
void enterFullScreenForElement(WebCore::Element*);
void exitFullScreenForElement(WebCore::Element*);
// Exposed for the purpose of overriding device metrics.
void sendResizeEventAndRepaint();
// Exposed for testing purposes.
bool hasHorizontalScrollbar();
bool hasVerticalScrollbar();
// Pointer Lock calls allow a page to capture all mouse events and
// disable the system cursor.
virtual bool requestPointerLock();
virtual void requestPointerUnlock();
virtual bool isPointerLocked();
// Heuristic-based function for determining if we should disable workarounds
// for viewing websites that are not optimized for mobile devices.
bool shouldDisableDesktopWorkarounds();
// Exposed for tests.
unsigned numLinkHighlights() { return m_linkHighlights.size(); }
LinkHighlight* linkHighlight(int i) { return m_linkHighlights[i].get(); }
WebSettingsImpl* settingsImpl();
// Returns the bounding box of the block type node touched by the WebRect.
WebRect computeBlockBounds(const WebRect&, bool ignoreClipping);
WebCore::IntPoint clampOffsetAtScale(const WebCore::IntPoint& offset, float scale);
// Exposed for tests.
WebVector<WebCompositionUnderline> compositionUnderlines() const;
WebLayerTreeView* layerTreeView() const { return m_layerTreeView; };
float legibleScale() const;
void refreshPageScaleFactorAfterLayout();
void setUserAgentPageScaleConstraints(WebCore::PageScaleConstraints newConstraints);
float clampPageScaleFactorToLimits(float) const;
WebCore::IntSize contentsSize() const;
void resetSavedScrollAndScaleState();
void updateMainFrameScrollPosition(const WebCore::IntPoint& scrollPosition, bool programmaticScroll);
friend class WebView; // So WebView::Create can call our constructor
friend class WTF::RefCounted<WebViewImpl>;
friend void setCurrentInputEventForTest(const WebInputEvent*);
enum DragAction {
explicit WebViewImpl(WebViewClient*);
virtual ~WebViewImpl();
WebTextInputType textInputType();
WebString inputModeOfFocusedElement();
// Returns true if the event was actually processed.
bool keyEventDefault(const WebKeyboardEvent&);
// Returns true if the autocomple has consumed the event.
bool autocompleteHandleKeyEvent(const WebKeyboardEvent&);
// Repaints the Autofill popup. Should be called when the suggestions
// have changed. Note that this should only be called when the Autofill
// popup is showing.
void refreshAutofillPopup();
bool confirmComposition(const WebString& text, ConfirmCompositionBehavior);
// Returns true if the view was scrolled.
bool scrollViewWithKeyboard(int keyCode, int modifiers);
void hideSelectPopup();
// Converts |pos| from window coordinates to contents coordinates and gets
// the HitTestResult for it.
WebCore::HitTestResult hitTestResultForWindowPos(const WebCore::IntPoint&);
// Consolidate some common code between starting a drag over a target and
// updating a drag over a target. If we're starting a drag, |isEntering|
// should be true.
WebDragOperation dragTargetDragEnterOrOver(const WebPoint& clientPoint,
const WebPoint& screenPoint,
int keyModifiers);
void configureAutoResizeMode();
void setIsAcceleratedCompositingActive(bool);
void doComposite();
void doPixelReadbackToCanvas(WebCanvas*, const WebCore::IntRect&);
void reallocateRenderer();
void updateLayerTreeViewport();
void updateRootLayerTransform();
void updateLayerTreeDeviceScaleFactor();
// Helper function: Widens the width of |source| by the specified margins
// while keeping it smaller than page width.
WebRect widenRectWithinPageBounds(const WebRect& source, int targetMargin, int minimumMargin);
void pointerLockMouseEvent(const WebInputEvent&);
// PageWidgetEventHandler functions
virtual void handleMouseLeave(WebCore::Frame&, const WebMouseEvent&) OVERRIDE;
virtual void handleMouseDown(WebCore::Frame&, const WebMouseEvent&) OVERRIDE;
virtual void handleMouseUp(WebCore::Frame&, const WebMouseEvent&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool handleMouseWheel(WebCore::Frame&, const WebMouseWheelEvent&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool handleGestureEvent(const WebGestureEvent&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool handleKeyEvent(const WebKeyboardEvent&) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool handleCharEvent(const WebKeyboardEvent&) OVERRIDE;
void closePendingHelperPlugins(WebCore::Timer<WebViewImpl>*);
WebViewClient* m_client; // Can be 0 (e.g. unittests, shared workers, etc.)
WebAutofillClient* m_autofillClient;
WebPermissionClient* m_permissionClient;
WebSpellCheckClient* m_spellCheckClient;
WebPasswordGeneratorClient* m_passwordGeneratorClient;
ChromeClientImpl m_chromeClientImpl;
ContextMenuClientImpl m_contextMenuClientImpl;
DragClientImpl m_dragClientImpl;
EditorClientImpl m_editorClientImpl;
InspectorClientImpl m_inspectorClientImpl;
BackForwardClientImpl m_backForwardClientImpl;
WebSize m_size;
bool m_fixedLayoutSizeLock;
// If true, automatically resize the render view around its content.
bool m_shouldAutoResize;
// The lower bound on the size when auto-resizing.
WebCore::IntSize m_minAutoSize;
// The upper bound on the size when auto-resizing.
WebCore::IntSize m_maxAutoSize;
OwnPtr<WebCore::Page> m_page;
// An object that can be used to manipulate m_page->settings() without linking
// against WebCore. This is lazily allocated the first time GetWebSettings()
// is called.
OwnPtr<WebSettingsImpl> m_webSettings;
// A copy of the web drop data object we received from the browser.
RefPtr<WebCore::ChromiumDataObject> m_currentDragData;
// The point relative to the client area where the mouse was last pressed
// down. This is used by the drag client to determine what was under the
// mouse when the drag was initiated. We need to track this here in
// WebViewImpl since DragClient::startDrag does not pass the position the
// mouse was at when the drag was initiated, only the current point, which
// can be misleading as it is usually not over the element the user actually
// dragged by the time a drag is initiated.
WebPoint m_lastMouseDownPoint;
// Keeps track of the current zoom level. 0 means no zoom, positive numbers
// mean zoom in, negative numbers mean zoom out.
double m_zoomLevel;
double m_minimumZoomLevel;
double m_maximumZoomLevel;
PageScaleConstraintsSet m_pageScaleConstraintsSet;
// Saved page scale state.
float m_savedPageScaleFactor; // 0 means that no page scale factor is saved.
WebCore::IntSize m_savedScrollOffset;
// The scale moved to by the latest double tap zoom, if any.
float m_doubleTapZoomPageScaleFactor;
// Have we sent a double-tap zoom and not yet heard back the scale?
bool m_doubleTapZoomPending;
// Used for testing purposes.
bool m_enableFakePageScaleAnimationForTesting;
WebCore::IntPoint m_fakePageScaleAnimationTargetPosition;
float m_fakePageScaleAnimationPageScaleFactor;
bool m_fakePageScaleAnimationUseAnchor;
bool m_contextMenuAllowed;
bool m_doingDragAndDrop;
bool m_ignoreInputEvents;
float m_compositorDeviceScaleFactorOverride;
float m_rootLayerScale;
// Webkit expects keyPress events to be suppressed if the associated keyDown
// event was handled. Safari implements this behavior by peeking out the
// associated WM_CHAR event if the keydown was handled. We emulate
// this behavior by setting this flag if the keyDown was handled.
bool m_suppressNextKeypressEvent;
// Represents whether or not this object should process incoming IME events.
bool m_imeAcceptEvents;
// The available drag operations (copy, move link...) allowed by the source.
WebDragOperation m_operationsAllowed;
// The current drag operation as negotiated by the source and destination.
// When not equal to DragOperationNone, the drag data can be dropped onto the
// current drop target in this WebView (the drop target can accept the drop).
WebDragOperation m_dragOperation;
// Context-based feature switches.
OwnPtr<ContextFeaturesClientImpl> m_featureSwitchClient;
// Whether an Autofill popup is currently showing.
bool m_autofillPopupShowing;
// The Autofill popup client.
OwnPtr<AutofillPopupMenuClient> m_autofillPopupClient;
// The Autofill popup.
RefPtr<WebCore::PopupContainer> m_autofillPopup;
// The popup associated with a select element.
RefPtr<WebCore::PopupContainer> m_selectPopup;
// The popup associated with an input element.
RefPtr<WebPagePopupImpl> m_pagePopup;
OwnPtr<WebDevToolsAgentPrivate> m_devToolsAgent;
OwnPtr<PageOverlayList> m_pageOverlays;
// Whether the webview is rendering transparently.
bool m_isTransparent;
// Whether the user can press tab to focus links.
bool m_tabsToLinks;
// Inspector settings.
WebString m_inspectorSettings;
typedef HashMap<WTF::String, WTF::String> SettingsMap;
OwnPtr<SettingsMap> m_inspectorSettingsMap;
// The provider of desktop notifications;
NotificationPresenterImpl m_notificationPresenter;
// If set, the (plugin) node which has mouse capture.
RefPtr<WebCore::Node> m_mouseCaptureNode;
WebCore::IntRect m_rootLayerScrollDamage;
WebLayerTreeView* m_layerTreeView;
WebLayer* m_rootLayer;
WebCore::GraphicsLayer* m_rootGraphicsLayer;
OwnPtr<WebCore::GraphicsLayerFactory> m_graphicsLayerFactory;
bool m_isAcceleratedCompositingActive;
bool m_layerTreeViewCommitsDeferred;
bool m_compositorCreationFailed;
// If true, the graphics context is being restored.
bool m_recreatingGraphicsContext;
static const WebInputEvent* m_currentInputEvent;
OwnPtr<PinchViewports> m_pinchViewports;
OwnPtr<SpeechInputClientImpl> m_speechInputClient;
OwnPtr<SpeechRecognitionClientProxy> m_speechRecognitionClient;
OwnPtr<GeolocationClientProxy> m_geolocationClientProxy;
UserMediaClientImpl m_userMediaClientImpl;
OwnPtr<MIDIClientProxy> m_midiClientProxy;
OwnPtr<NavigatorContentUtilsClientImpl> m_navigatorContentUtilsClient;
OwnPtr<WebActiveGestureAnimation> m_gestureAnimation;
WebPoint m_positionOnFlingStart;
WebPoint m_globalPositionOnFlingStart;
int m_flingModifier;
bool m_flingSourceDevice;
Vector<OwnPtr<LinkHighlight> > m_linkHighlights;
OwnPtr<ValidationMessageClientImpl> m_validationMessage;
OwnPtr<FullscreenController> m_fullscreenController;
OwnPtr<SharedWorkerRepositoryClientImpl> m_sharedWorkerRepositoryClient;
bool m_showFPSCounter;
bool m_showPaintRects;
bool m_showDebugBorders;
bool m_continuousPaintingEnabled;
bool m_showScrollBottleneckRects;
WebColor m_baseBackgroundColor;
WebCore::Timer<WebViewImpl> m_helperPluginCloseTimer;
Vector<RefPtr<WebHelperPluginImpl> > m_helperPluginsPendingClose;
inline WebViewImpl* toWebViewImpl(WebView* webView)
// We have no ways to check if the specified WebView is an instance of
// WebViewImpl because WebViewImpl is the only implementation of WebView.
return static_cast<WebViewImpl*>(webView);
} // namespace WebKit