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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
class PrefService;
namespace base {
class ListValue;
namespace about_flags {
class FlagsStorage;
// Enumeration of OSs.
// This is exposed only for testing.
enum { kOsMac = 1 << 0, kOsWin = 1 << 1, kOsLinux = 1 << 2 , kOsCrOS = 1 << 3,
kOsAndroid = 1 << 4, kOsCrOSOwnerOnly = 1 << 5 };
// Experiment is used internally by about_flags to describe an experiment (and
// for testing).
// This is exposed only for testing.
struct Experiment {
enum Type {
// An experiment with a single value. This is typically what you want.
// The experiment has multiple values only one of which is ever enabled.
// The first of the values should correspond to a deactivated state for this
// lab (i.e. no command line option). For MULTI_VALUE experiments the
// command_line of the Experiment is not used. If the experiment is enabled
// the command line of the selected Choice is enabled.
// The experiment has three possible values: Default, Enabled and Disabled.
// This should be used for experiments that may have their own logic to
// decide if the feature should be on when not explicitly specified via
// about flags - for example via FieldTrials.
// Used for MULTI_VALUE types to describe one of the possible values the user
// can select.
struct Choice {
// ID of the message containing the choice name.
int description_id;
// Command line switch and value to enabled for this choice.
const char* command_line_switch;
// Simple switches that have no value should use "" for command_line_value.
const char* command_line_value;
// The internal name of the experiment. This is never shown to the user.
// It _is_ however stored in the prefs file, so you shouldn't change the
// name of existing flags.
const char* internal_name;
// String id of the message containing the experiment's name.
int visible_name_id;
// String id of the message containing the experiment's description.
int visible_description_id;
// The platforms the experiment is available on
// Needs to be more than a compile-time #ifdef because of profile sync.
unsigned supported_platforms; // bitmask
// Type of experiment.
Type type;
// The commandline switch and value that are added when this flag is active.
// This is different from |internal_name| so that the commandline flag can be
// renamed without breaking the prefs file.
// This is used if type is SINGLE_VALUE or ENABLE_DISABLE_VALUE.
const char* command_line_switch;
// Simple switches that have no value should use "" for command_line_value.
const char* command_line_value;
// For ENABLE_DISABLE_VALUE, the command line switch and value to explictly
// disable the feature.
const char* disable_command_line_switch;
const char* disable_command_line_value;
// This is used if type is MULTI_VALUE.
const Choice* choices;
// Number of |choices|.
// This is used if type is MULTI_VALUE.
int num_choices;
// Returns the name used in prefs for the choice at the specified |index|.
std::string NameForChoice(int index) const;
// Returns the human readable description for the choice at |index|.
base::string16 DescriptionForChoice(int index) const;
// A flag controlling the behavior of the |ConvertFlagsToSwitches| function -
// whether it should add the sentinel switches around flags.
enum SentinelsMode { kNoSentinels, kAddSentinels };
// Reads the Labs |prefs| (called "Labs" for historical reasons) and adds the
// commandline flags belonging to the active experiments to |command_line|.
void ConvertFlagsToSwitches(FlagsStorage* flags_storage,
base::CommandLine* command_line,
SentinelsMode sentinels);
// Compares a set of switches of the two provided command line objects and
// returns true if they are the same and false otherwise.
bool AreSwitchesIdenticalToCurrentCommandLine(
const base::CommandLine& new_cmdline,
const base::CommandLine& active_cmdline);
// Differentiate between generic flags available on a per session base and flags
// that influence the whole machine and can be said by the admin only. This flag
// is relevant for ChromeOS for now only and dictates whether entries marked
// with the |kOsCrOSOwnerOnly| label should be enabled in the UI or not.
enum FlagAccess { kGeneralAccessFlagsOnly, kOwnerAccessToFlags };
// Get the list of experiments. Experiments that are available on the current
// platform are appended to |supported_experiments|; all other experiments are
// appended to |unsupported_experiments|.
void GetFlagsExperimentsData(FlagsStorage* flags_storage,
FlagAccess access,
base::ListValue* supported_experiments,
base::ListValue* unsupported_experiments);
// Returns true if one of the experiment flags has been flipped since startup.
bool IsRestartNeededToCommitChanges();
// Enables or disables the experiment with id |internal_name|.
void SetExperimentEnabled(FlagsStorage* flags_storage,
const std::string& internal_name,
bool enable);
// Removes all switches that were added to a command line by a previous call to
// |ConvertFlagsToSwitches()|.
void RemoveFlagsSwitches(
std::map<std::string, base::CommandLine::StringType>* switch_list);
// Reset all flags to the default state by clearing all flags.
void ResetAllFlags(FlagsStorage* flags_storage);
// Returns the value for the current platform. This is one of the values defined
// by the OS enum above.
// This is exposed only for testing.
int GetCurrentPlatform();
// Sends UMA stats about experimental flag usage. This should be called once per
// startup.
void RecordUMAStatistics(FlagsStorage* flags_storage);
namespace testing {
// Clears internal global state, for unit tests.
void ClearState();
// Sets the list of experiments. Pass in NULL to use the default set. This does
// NOT take ownership of the supplied Experiments.
void SetExperiments(const Experiment* e, size_t count);
// Returns the current set of experiments.
const Experiment* GetExperiments(size_t* count);
// Separator used for multi values. Multi values are represented in prefs as
// name-of-experiment + kMultiSeparator + selected_index.
extern const char kMultiSeparator[];
} // namespace testing
} // namespace about_flags