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Building the Chromium-based WebView in AOSP is no longer supported. WebView can
now be built entirely from the Chromium source code.
General instructions for building WebView from Chromium:
The prebuilt included in these APKs is built from Chromium
release tag 44.0.2403.114. To match our build settings, set:
GYP_DEFINES="OS=android release_unwind_tables=0 buildtype=Official chrome_build_id='2e7c7a0f-c733-4b9a-9c8e-d3cf0938369b'"
in your environment before running build/gyp_chromium.
Due to WebView API changes in the M release, the Java code in the Chromium 2403
branch is not compatible with M. We'll be working on upstreaming the M-specific
Java changes to Chromium once the final M SDK is released.
For questions about building WebView, please see!forum/android-webview-dev