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AppEngine supports Python 2.5 and 2.7:
A utility script dev_appserver is in this directory to automatically
download the sdk and call ./google_appengine/ with
arguments for serving at <yourhostname>:8080 (which can then be
accessed from other machines on intranet). See contents of script
for details on what it does (it is very short).
Examples based on project name chromiumos-build-stats.
To start the dev server on <yourhostname>:8080 do this:
%> ./dev_appserver chromiumos-build-stats/app.yaml
To clear DB before starting:
%> ./dev_appserver -c chromiumos-build-stats/app.yaml
To update on (WHEN READY):
%> ./google_appengine/ update chromiumos-build-stats/
See cq_stats/README to learn about how to work with that zapping good app!