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# Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""cros payload: Show information about an update payload."""
from __future__ import print_function
import itertools
import os
import sys
import textwrap
from chromite.cbuildbot import constants
from chromite.cli import command
# Needed for the import below.
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.join(constants.SOURCE_ROOT, 'src', 'platform'))
def DisplayValue(key, value):
"""Print out a key, value pair with values left-aligned."""
if value != None:
print('%-*s %s' % (24, key + ':', value))
raise ValueError('Cannot display an empty value.')
def DisplayHexData(data, indent=0):
"""Print out binary data as a hex values."""
for off in range(0, len(data), 16):
chunk = data[off:off + 16]
print(' ' * indent +
' '.join('%.2x' % ord(c) for c in chunk) +
' ' * (16 - len(chunk)) +
' | ' +
''.join(c if 32 <= ord(c) and ord(c) < 127 else '.' for c in chunk))
class PayloadCommand(command.CliCommand):
"""Show basic information about an update payload.
This command parses an update payload and displays information from
its header and manifest.
EPILOG = """
cros payload show chromeos_6716.0.0_daisy_canary-channel_full_snow-mp-v3.bin
def __init__(self, options):
# TODO(alliewood)(chromium:454629) update once update_payload is moved
# into chromite. google.protobuf may not be available outside the chroot.
from import update_payload
self._update_payload = update_payload
super(PayloadCommand, self).__init__(options)
self.payload = None
def AddParser(cls, parser):
super(PayloadCommand, cls).AddParser(parser)
'action', choices=['show'],
help='Show information about an update payload.')
'payload_file', type=file,
help='The payload file that you want information from.')
parser.add_argument('--list_ops', default=False, action='store_true',
help='List the install operations and their extents.')
parser.add_argument('--stats', default=False, action='store_true',
help='Show information about overall input/output.')
parser.add_argument('--signatures', default=False, action='store_true',
help='Show signatures stored in the payload.')
def _DisplayHeader(self):
"""Show information from the payload header."""
header = self.payload.header
DisplayValue('Payload version', header.version)
DisplayValue('Manifest length', header.manifest_len)
def _DisplayManifest(self):
"""Show information from the payload manifest."""
manifest = self.payload.manifest
if self.payload.header.version == MAJOR_PAYLOAD_VERSION_BRILLO:
DisplayValue('Number of partitions', len(manifest.partitions))
for partition in manifest.partitions:
DisplayValue(' Number of "%s" ops' % partition.partition_name,
DisplayValue('Number of operations', len(manifest.install_operations))
DisplayValue('Number of kernel ops',
DisplayValue('Block size', manifest.block_size)
DisplayValue('Minor version', manifest.minor_version)
def _DisplaySignatures(self):
"""Show information about the signatures from the manifest."""
header = self.payload.header
if header.metadata_signature_len:
offset = header.size + header.manifest_len
DisplayValue('Metadata signatures blob',
'file_offset=%d (%d bytes)' %
(offset, header.metadata_signature_len))
signatures_blob = self.payload.ReadDataBlob(
self._DisplaySignaturesBlob('Metadata', signatures_blob)
print('No metadata signatures stored in the payload')
manifest = self.payload.manifest
if manifest.HasField('signatures_offset'):
signature_msg = 'blob_offset=%d' % manifest.signatures_offset
if manifest.signatures_size:
signature_msg += ' (%d bytes)' % manifest.signatures_size
DisplayValue('Payload signatures blob', signature_msg)
signatures_blob = self.payload.ReadDataBlob(manifest.signatures_offset,
self._DisplaySignaturesBlob('Payload', signatures_blob)
print('No payload signatures stored in the payload')
def _DisplaySignaturesBlob(signature_name, signatures_blob):
from import update_metadata_pb2
signatures = update_metadata_pb2.Signatures()
print('%s signatures: (%d entries)' %
(signature_name, len(signatures.signatures)))
for signature in signatures.signatures:
print(' version=%s, hex_data: (%d bytes)' %
(signature.version if signature.HasField('version') else None,
DisplayHexData(, indent=4)
def _DisplayOps(self, name, operations):
"""Show information about the install operations from the manifest.
The list shown includes operation type, data offset, data length, source
extents, source length, destination extents, and destinations length.
name: The name you want displayed above the operation table.
operations: The install_operations object that you want to display
information about.
def _DisplayExtents(extents, name):
num_blocks = sum([ext.num_blocks for ext in extents])
ext_str = ' '.join(
'(%s,%s)' % (ext.start_block, ext.num_blocks) for ext in extents)
# Make extent list wrap around at 80 chars.
ext_str = '\n '.join(textwrap.wrap(ext_str, 74))
extent_plural = 's' if len(extents) > 1 else ''
block_plural = 's' if num_blocks > 1 else ''
print(' %s: %d extent%s (%d block%s)' %
(name, len(extents), extent_plural, num_blocks, block_plural))
print(' %s' % ext_str)
op_dict = self._update_payload.common.OpType.NAMES
print('%s:' % name)
for op, op_count in itertools.izip(operations, itertools.count()):
print(' %d: %s' % (op_count, op_dict[op.type]))
if op.HasField('data_offset'):
print(' Data offset: %s' % op.data_offset)
if op.HasField('data_length'):
print(' Data length: %s' % op.data_length)
if len(op.src_extents):
_DisplayExtents(op.src_extents, 'Source')
if len(op.dst_extents):
_DisplayExtents(op.dst_extents, 'Destination')
def _GetStats(self, manifest):
"""Returns various statistics about a payload file.
Returns a dictionary containing the number of blocks read during payload
application, the number of blocks written, and the number of seeks done
when writing during operation application.
read_blocks = 0
written_blocks = 0
num_write_seeks = 0
if self.payload.header.version == MAJOR_PAYLOAD_VERSION_BRILLO:
partitions_operations = [part.operations for part in manifest.partitions]
partitions_operations = [manifest.install_operations,
for operations in partitions_operations:
last_ext = None
for curr_op in operations:
read_blocks += sum([ext.num_blocks for ext in curr_op.src_extents])
written_blocks += sum([ext.num_blocks for ext in curr_op.dst_extents])
for curr_ext in curr_op.dst_extents:
# See if the extent is contiguous with the last extent seen.
if last_ext and (curr_ext.start_block !=
last_ext.start_block + last_ext.num_blocks):
num_write_seeks += 1
last_ext = curr_ext
if manifest.minor_version == 1:
# Rootfs and kernel are written during the filesystem copy in version 1.
written_blocks += manifest.old_rootfs_info.size / manifest.block_size
written_blocks += manifest.old_kernel_info.size / manifest.block_size
# Old and new rootfs and kernel are read once during verification
read_blocks += manifest.old_rootfs_info.size / manifest.block_size
read_blocks += manifest.old_kernel_info.size / manifest.block_size
read_blocks += manifest.new_rootfs_info.size / manifest.block_size
read_blocks += manifest.new_kernel_info.size / manifest.block_size
stats = {'read_blocks': read_blocks,
'written_blocks': written_blocks,
'num_write_seeks': num_write_seeks}
return stats
def _DisplayStats(self, manifest):
stats = self._GetStats(manifest)
DisplayValue('Blocks read', stats['read_blocks'])
DisplayValue('Blocks written', stats['written_blocks'])
DisplayValue('Seeks when writing', stats['num_write_seeks'])
def Run(self):
"""Parse the update payload and display information from it."""
self.payload = self._update_payload.Payload(self.options.payload_file)
if self.options.signatures:
if self.options.stats:
if self.options.list_ops:
if self.payload.header.version == MAJOR_PAYLOAD_VERSION_BRILLO:
for partition in self.payload.manifest.partitions:
self._DisplayOps('%s install operations' % partition.partition_name,
self._DisplayOps('Install operations',
self._DisplayOps('Kernel install operations',