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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Support uploading a csv file to a Google Docs spreadsheet."""
from __future__ import print_function
import optparse
import os
from chromite.lib import gdata_lib
from chromite.lib import table
from chromite.lib import operation
from chromite.lib import upgrade_table as utable
from chromite.scripts import merge_package_status as mps
REAL_SS_KEY = '0AsXDKtaHikmcdEp1dVN1SG1yRU1xZEw1Yjhka2dCSUE'
TEST_SS_KEY = '0AsXDKtaHikmcdDlQMjI3ZDdPVGc4Rkl3Yk5OLWxjR1E'
PKGS_WS_NAME = 'Packages'
DEPS_WS_NAME = 'Dependencies'
oper = operation.Operation('upload_package_status')
class Uploader(object):
"""Uploads portage package status data from csv file to Google spreadsheet."""
__slots__ = ('_creds', # gdata_lib.Creds object
'_scomm', # gdata_lib.SpreadsheetComm object
'_ss_row_cache', # dict with key=pkg, val=SpreadsheetRow obj
'_csv_table', # table.Table of csv rows
ID_COL = utable.UpgradeTable.COL_PACKAGE
SS_ID_COL = gdata_lib.PrepColNameForSS(ID_COL)
SOURCE = 'Uploaded from CSV'
def __init__(self, creds, table_obj):
self._creds = creds
self._csv_table = table_obj
self._scomm = None
self._ss_row_cache = None
def _GetSSRowForPackage(self, package):
"""Return the SpreadsheetRow corresponding to Package=|package|."""
if package in self._ss_row_cache:
row = self._ss_row_cache[package]
if isinstance(row, list):
raise LookupError('More than one row in spreadsheet with Package=%s' %
return row
return None
def Upload(self, ss_key, ws_name):
"""Upload |_csv_table| to the given Google Spreadsheet.
The spreadsheet is identified the spreadsheet key |ss_key|.
The worksheet within that spreadsheet is identified by the
worksheet name |ws_name|.
if self._scomm:
self._scomm = gdata_lib.SpreadsheetComm()
self._scomm.Connect(self._creds, ss_key, ws_name,
source='Upload Package Status')
oper.Notice('Caching rows for worksheet %r.' % self._scomm.ws_name)
self._ss_row_cache = self._scomm.GetRowCacheByCol(self.SS_ID_COL)
oper.Notice('Uploading changes to worksheet "%s" of spreadsheet "%s" now.' %
(self._scomm.ws_name, self._scomm.ss_key))
oper.Info('Details by package: S=Same, C=Changed, A=Added, D=Deleted')
rows_unchanged, rows_updated, rows_inserted = self._UploadChangedRows()
rows_deleted, rows_with_owner_deleted = self._DeleteOldRows()
oper.Notice('Final row stats for worksheet "%s"'
': %d changed, %d added, %d deleted, %d same.' %
(self._scomm.ws_name, rows_updated, rows_inserted,
rows_deleted, rows_unchanged))
if rows_with_owner_deleted:
oper.Warning('%d rows with owner entry deleted, see above warnings.' %
oper.Notice('No rows with owner entry were deleted.')
def _UploadChangedRows(self):
"""Upload all rows in table that need to be changed in spreadsheet."""
rows_unchanged, rows_updated, rows_inserted = (0, 0, 0)
# Go over all rows in csv table. Identify existing row by the 'Package'
# column. Either update existing row or create new one.
for csv_row in self._csv_table:
# Seed new row values from csv_row values, with column translation.
new_row = dict((gdata_lib.PrepColNameForSS(key),
csv_row[key]) for key in csv_row)
# Retrieve row values already in spreadsheet, along with row index.
csv_package = csv_row[self.ID_COL]
ss_row = self._GetSSRowForPackage(csv_package)
if ss_row:
changed = [] # Gather changes for log message.
# Check each key/value in new_row to see if it is different from what
# is already in spreadsheet (ss_row). Keep only differences to get
# the row delta.
row_delta = {}
for col in new_row:
if col in ss_row:
ss_val = ss_row[col]
new_val = new_row[col]
if (ss_val or new_val) and ss_val != new_val:
changed.append('%s="%s"->"%s"' % (col, ss_val, new_val))
row_delta[col] = new_val
if row_delta:
rows_updated += 1
oper.Info('C %-30s: %s' % (csv_package, ', '.join(changed)))
rows_unchanged += 1
oper.Info('S %-30s:' % csv_package)
rows_inserted += 1
row_descr_list = []
for col in sorted(new_row.keys()):
if col != self.ID_COL:
row_descr_list.append('%s="%s"' % (col, new_row[col]))
oper.Info('A %-30s: %s' % (csv_package, ', '.join(row_descr_list)))
return (rows_unchanged, rows_updated, rows_inserted)
def _DeleteOldRows(self):
"""Delete all rows from spreadsheet that not found in table."""
oper.Notice('Checking for rows in worksheet that should be deleted now.')
rows_deleted, rows_with_owner_deleted = (0, 0)
# Also need to delete rows in spreadsheet that are not in csv table.
ss_rows = self._scomm.GetRows()
for ss_row in ss_rows:
ss_package = gdata_lib.ScrubValFromSS(ss_row[self.SS_ID_COL])
# See whether this row is in csv table.
csv_rows = self._csv_table.GetRowsByValue({self.ID_COL: ss_package})
if not csv_rows:
# Row needs to be deleted from spreadsheet.
owner_val = None
owner_notes_val = None
row_descr_list = []
for col in sorted(ss_row.keys()):
if col == 'owner':
owner_val = ss_row[col]
if col == 'ownernotes':
owner_notes_val = ss_row[col]
# Don't include ID_COL value in description, it is in prefix already.
if col != self.SS_ID_COL:
val = ss_row[col]
row_descr_list.append('%s="%s"' % (col, val))
oper.Info('D %-30s: %s' % (ss_package, ', '.join(row_descr_list)))
if owner_val or owner_notes_val:
rows_with_owner_deleted += 1
oper.Notice('WARNING: Deleting spreadsheet row with owner entry:\n' +
' %-30s: Owner=%s, Owner Notes=%s' %
(ss_package, owner_val, owner_notes_val))
rows_deleted += 1
return (rows_deleted, rows_with_owner_deleted)
def LoadTable(table_file):
"""Load csv |table_file| into a table. Return table."""
oper.Notice('Loading csv table from "%s".' % (table_file))
csv_table = table.Table.LoadFromCSV(table_file)
return csv_table
def PrepareCreds(cred_file, token_file, email, password):
"""Return a Creds object from given credentials.
If |email| is given, the Creds object will contain that |email|
and either the given |password| or one entered at a prompt.
Otherwise, if |token_file| is given then the Creds object will have
the auth_token from that file.
Otherwise, if |cred_file| is given then the Creds object will have
the email/password from that file.
creds = gdata_lib.Creds()
if email:
creds.SetCreds(email, password)
elif token_file and os.path.exists(token_file):
elif cred_file and os.path.exists(cred_file):
return creds
def main(argv):
"""Main function."""
usage = 'Usage: %prog [options] csv_file'
parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option('--auth-token-file', dest='token_file', type='string',
action='store', default=None,
help='File for reading/writing Docs auth token.')
parser.add_option('--cred-file', dest='cred_file', type='string',
action='store', default=None,
help='File for reading/writing Docs login email/password.')
parser.add_option('--email', dest='email', type='string',
action='store', default=None,
help='Email for Google Doc user')
parser.add_option('--password', dest='password', type='string',
action='store', default=None,
help='Password for Google Doc user')
parser.add_option('--ss-key', dest='ss_key', type='string',
action='store', default=None,
help='Key of spreadsheet to upload to')
parser.add_option('--test-spreadsheet', dest='test_ss',
action='store_true', default=False,
help='Upload to the testing spreadsheet.')
parser.add_option('--verbose', dest='verbose',
action='store_true', default=False,
help='Show details about packages.')
(options, args) = parser.parse_args(argv)
oper.verbose = options.verbose
if len(args) < 1:
oper.Die('One csv_file is required.')
# If email or password provided, the other is required. If neither is
# provided, then either token_file or cred_file must be provided and
# be a real file.
if or options.password:
if not ( and options.password):
oper.Die('The email/password options must be used together.')
elif not ((options.cred_file and os.path.exists(options.cred_file)) or
(options.token_file and os.path.exists(options.token_file))):
oper.Die('Without email/password, cred-file or auth-token-file'
'must exist.')
# --ss-key and --test-spreadsheet are mutually exclusive.
if options.ss_key and options.test_ss:
oper.Die('Cannot specify --ss-key and --test-spreadsheet together.')
# Prepare credentials for spreadsheet access.
creds = PrepareCreds(options.cred_file, options.token_file,, options.password)
# Load the given csv file.
csv_table = LoadTable(args[0])
# Prepare table for upload.
# Prepare the Google Doc client for uploading.
uploader = Uploader(creds, csv_table)
ss_key = options.ss_key
if not ss_key:
if options.test_ss:
ss_key = TEST_SS_KEY # For testing with backup spreadsheet
ss_key = REAL_SS_KEY
for ws_name in ws_names:
uploader.Upload(ss_key, ws_name=ws_name)
# If cred_file given and new credentials were used then write
# credentials out to that location.
if options.cred_file:
# If token_file path given and new auth token was used then
# write auth_token out to that location.
if options.token_file: