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#This script is used at
#Run "firefox target/site/linkcheck.html" after completion to review html report
set -e
uname -a
mvn --version
curl -I
mvn clean site -Dcheckstyle.ant.skip=true -DskipTests -DskipITs -Dpmd.skip=true -Dfindbugs.skip=true -Dcobertura.skip=true -Dcheckstyle.skip=true
echo "------------ grep of linkcheck.html--BEGIN"
# "grep ... | cat" is required command is running in "set -e" mode and grep could return exit code 1 if nothing is matching
grep externalLink target/site/linkcheck.html | cat
echo "------------ grep of linkcheck.html--END"
RESULT=$(grep externalLink target/site/linkcheck.html | grep -v 'Read timed out' | wc -l)
echo 'Exit code:'$RESULT
if [[ $RESULT != 0 ]]; then false; fi