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Please execute the following first:
prompt> ln -s Makefile.ARCH
where ARCH is one of ALPHA, HPPA, LINUX, SGI64, SUN4, SUN4SOL2, or
your own version (which should be trivial to do for other architectures).
Make sure to set these variables appropriately in your Makefile.ARCH:
CBDIR is the directory where you unpacked the tar file
BLLIB is your Legacy BLAS library
Then type:
prompt> make help
which will give you a detailed listing of targets to make.
./testing/xscblat2 < testing/sin2
./testing/xdcblat2 < testing/din2
./testing/xccblat2 < testing/cin2
./testing/xzcblat2 < testing/zin2
./testing/xscblat3 < testing/sin3
./testing/xdcblat3 < testing/din3
./testing/xccblat3 < testing/cin3
./testing/xzcblat3 < testing/zin3
This package contains C interface to Legacy BLAS.
If you want to know how to use makefile, type 'make help.'
Written by Keita Teranishi (5/20/98)
This release updates an inconsistency between the BLAST document and
the interface. According to the document, the enumerated types for
the C interface to the BLAS are not typedef'ed.
It also updates the Level 2 and 3 testers which check for correct
exiting of routines when called with bad arguments. This is done by
overriding the Legacy BLAS library's implementation of xerbla(). If
this cannot be done ( for instance one cannot override some calls
to xerbla() in Sun's Performance library), then correct error
exiting cannot be checked.
Updated by Jeff Horner (3/15/99)
Updated by R. Clint Whaley (2/23/03):
Fixed the i?amax error that I reported three years ago: standard dictates
IAMAX return vals in range 0 <= iamax < N, but reference was mistakenly
returning like F77: 0 < iamax <= N.